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382812/18 Kern River County Park & Bakersfield CBC

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  • Bob Barnes
    Dec 20, 2013


      NOTE: Local DSL service interruptions beyond my control, including several times while writing and trying to send out this short email, have contributed to this somewhat tardy post.

      The Bakersfield Christmas Bird Count, compiled by John C. Wilson, was held this past Wednesday, December 18, 2013.  Based on the after count dinner compilation 134 species were reported.

      The territory I covered was the Lake Ming area of Kern River County Park with 72 species tallied there 5:50am-1:45pm (before checkibg other areas for "missing" bird species. In addition to quite productive general birding, highlights in the Lake Ming area for me were 24 Common Goldeneye, 28 Hooded Mergansers, 1 Red-breasted Merganser, and 76 American White Pelicans (all on Lake Ming). My complete list of 72 species and individual numbers for the Lake Ming territory may be viewed via:
      The biggest miss for me in my territory was Orange-crowned Warbler.

      Other highlights I recall from the after count dinner compilation were:

      • a Ross's Goose at Hart Park;
      • a pair of Blue-winged Teal at the Kern Sanitation Authority pond bordering the frontage road on the south side of CA Hwy 158 just west of Oswell Ave;
      • 600 Canvasback at the Bakersfield Water Treatment Plant ponds at the south end of Mt. Vernon Ave;
      • a Common Ground-Dove along Comanche Dr. between CA Hwy 58 and Breckenridge Rd;
      • three Townsend's Warblers including one accessible individual at Hart Park in the vicinity of Mirror Dr. 

      Although no unexpected to highly unexpected rarities were reported from my viewpoint, the day proved to be quite pleasant - 49F-61F, overcast, and birdy throughout.

      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern County, California

      Cell: 760-382-1260