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  • Ali Sheehey
    Sep 27, 2013
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      Hi All,
      Since this is such and interesting paper and knowing how many birders are interested in nature in general, I thought I would share.
      As many of you know I live in Kern County and have been studying and publicizing the biodiversity about the area on my website for years.
      I read this paper on the newly discovered genetic differences in legless lizards making for five species in the state of California.
      One can only find all All five species in KERN COUNTY!
      This is so very amazing to me, but not unexpected in this overwhelmingly biologically diverse county.
      Here are the common names of all five species.
      Northern California legless lizard, southern California legless lizard, Temblor legless lizard, Bakersfield legless lizard, and southern Sierra legless lizard.
      Ali Sheehey
      P.O. Box 153
      Weldon, CA 93283