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38048/21/13: Sierra Way in Weldon

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  • Bob Barnes
    Aug 21, 2013
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      A decision was made to bird 1.25 miles of Sierra Way in the South
      Fork Kern River Valley in the southern Sierra Nevada of Kern County
      this morning from CA Hwy 178 north to the north end of the road cut
      just beyond the bridge over the South Fork Kern River riverbed (now
      dry) to try and "beef up" the existing sixteen species entered
      previously for location for this August 15-21 eBird week in all past
      years. Much of this route borders Audubon-California Kern River
      Preserve acreage.

      Sometimes birding highlights for many are not confined to rarities.
      My highlight today was looking up and seeing a flock of eighteen
      birds drop from the sky to land on the utility wires between two
      telephone wires. The initial thought when this flock was still well
      up in the air was that they were Red-winged Blackbirds flying in to a
      regularly used perching area for that latter species. But, as they
      were descending, binocular assistance showed them all to be Western
      Kingbirds. Clearly this was not a family group. All but surely, these
      kingbirds were southeast bound fall migrants all travelling together.
      On the wires, they were all faced toward Sierra Way which added to
      the spectacle for me. The word which fits this experience for me, and
      which should probably not be used often, is sublime. Yes, that's it.
      It was a sublime experience.

      Two Summer Tanagers and three Blue Grosbeaks were among the 37
      species tallied during the 5:02am-7:42am, 2.5 mile walk this morning.

      For those interested in perusal of the complete list of 37 species,
      numbers of individuals for each species, and notes for some species,
      the link is:

      One does not have to be registered with eBird to view data such as
      that included in the preceding linked list.

      Happy & Productive Fall Birding,

      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern County, California
      24/7 Cellular Phone Number:760-382-1260

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