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3803Fall 2013 Galileo Hill/Silver Saddle Birding Status

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  • Bob Barnes
    Aug 21, 2013
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      Communication with Silver Saddle staff on site as of yesterday
      afternoon, Tuesday, August 20, 2013.

      Staff were once again VERY PLEASED with birders during the spring
      2013 birding period at Silver Saddle/Galileo Hill. They told me they
      were VERY APPRECIATIVE of visiting birders taking care of the
      concerns of Silver Saddle staff and members. They said they had ZERO
      complaints from staff and members last spring regarding birders and
      birding. Once again, they welcome birders to Silver Saddle/Galileo
      Hill for late summer into early fall 2013 western migrant and vagrant
      birding season free of charge within the following guidelines which
      were followed so well this past Spring 2013.

      Everything remains the same as this past Spring 2013. As a refresher PLEASE...

      Please read Galileo Hill/Silver Saddle Ranch & Club 2013 Spring
      Birding Status, Expectations, & Requirements...

      Continuing as during this past spring 2013 migration birding period...
      * birders check in at office all days to sign release form
      * early birders who arrive before office staff are present may
      bird the grounds, then check in when office opens
      * park in main hotel/restaurant parking lot in spaces next to pond
      * birding grounds any weekday is OK (bungalow and hotel
      exceptions noted below - ask about restrictions the day/days of your
      * no formal or large groups of birders on weekends and long
      weekend holidays
      * "a birder or a few birders here and there on the weekend is ok"
      * birders stay out of the hotel/motel courtyard
      * birders stay away from the bungalows
      * birders - do NOT interfere with guests/members in any way
      * restaurant open to the public for 5pm-8pm Saturday buffet
      dinner; 8am-10am Sunday buffet breakfast
      * motel open only to members and sales guests
      * during any visit be sure to ask desk staff if there are any
      special restrictions the day of your visit
      Some birders come to Galileo Hill/Silver Saddle based on ABA's "A
      Birder's Guide to Southern California" which does not include the
      above guidelines. When birding Galileo please pass on to them the
      information above so there is a less likely chance of an inadvertent
      action which might lead to closure to birders (e.g.: check-in rule). Thank you.

      Happy & Productive Spring Birding,

      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern County, California
      24/7 Cellular Phone Number:760-382-1260

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