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3801Western Bluebirds successfully nested in the southern San Joaquin Valley 2013

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  • Ken and Brenda Kyle
    Jul 30 3:29 PM
      Western Bluebirds nesting on the Kern River Golf Course have successfully nested and the four nestlings have fledged. The last nestling fledged on 7/29/13. The Kern River Golf Course is a public golf course east of Bakersfield. This golf course is across from Lake Ming. We observed the nest from the public road that is next to the fence. The nest tree is across the street from the east end of Lake Ming. The tree is next to the fence.

      The ground elevation at the site of the nest tree is 523 feet. To the best of our knowledge, these may be the first Western Bluebirds to have nested in the southern San Joaquin Valley.

      Apparently, this was their second brood this season. On Sunday, 6/23/13, we first saw two juvenile Western Bluebirds with one adult
      female and one adult male Western Bluebird.

      Before leaving that day, we noticed the adult female Western Bluebird go into a nest hole. We also saw her go into this nest hole for the next three days and stay for about 20 minutes. On June 30, 2013 there were four juveniles from the first brood with the adults near the nest hole.

      On July 11,12,and 13, 2013 at least one of the juveniles from the first brood was helping the adults feed the nestlings from the second brood. After July 13, we did not see the juveniles from the first brood.

      Of the second brood, two fledged on 7/26/13 which would have been the 20th day since we believe they hatched. One fledged on 7/28/13, and the last one fledged on 7/29/13.

      We have placed a few photos of these Western Bluebirds into the
      kerncobirding photo section. We placed the photos into the album labeled 01 Birds.

      Ken and Brenda Kyle