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2657Re: unknown bird, please help ID (Lark Bunting!)

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  • dan_cooper_90042
    Oct 1, 2009
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      Hi Denise,

      Appears to be a Lark Bunting. A few have been reported around the state the past couple weeks, but (obviously) this is a great find in Kern Co. (Good thing you had a camera - I wasn't thinking "sparrow" from your description!)

      I assume you guys still put out birdseed? It might stick around, though most of our birds on the coast here are one-day (or one-minute) wonders...

      Dan Cooper
      Los Angeles

      --- In kerncobirding@yahoogroups.com, "eremico" <eremico@...> wrote:
      > Attached is photo (sorry for quality) of bird I saw this morning on my walk thru the neighborhood. It's in Denise Album. I initially saw if before dawn, without binocs. It was on the ground. It had a long, broad wing bar. Head appeared darker than rest of body. When it flew, it had white tip tail (all rectrices, as in a Eastern Kingbird). When I went back to spot with binocs, I saw it briefly and photographed it. Breast was spotted/streaky. Broad, long wing bar. It was kinda streaky, light brownish/golden on back. Face had a pattern (a couple of streaks, don't know exactly). I was more interested on getting a photo. It flew off with the click of the camera. It was about the size of a Sage Trasher or a bit smaller. There was also a SATH in the vicinity. It called when flying ("trip").
      > Thanks,
      > Denise
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