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2490Flammulated Owl, No. Saw-whet Owl, Spotted Owl on Breckenridge Mtn.

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  • macbirder1
    May 3, 2009
      Birders: An intrepid group of field-trippers braved howling winds and chilly (44-degree) temperatures on top of Breckenridge Mountain to locate the big three high-country owls of the county: FLAMMULATED OWL, NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWL, AND SPOTTED OWL. Gary File and I were joined by Nick and Mary Freeman and Ernie Flores as trip leaders for the night. It had rained long and hard the night before, and the owling trips had to turn back and were nearly shut out. It is good to know our owls are back atop the mountain, including the Spotted pair which were not found last year.
      After returning home, this morning, I was able to confirm nesting of CASSIN'S KINGBIRDS on the Rio Bravo Golf Course, east of Bakersfield. It has been a month since I've seen or heard the birds at my home. They are tending youngsters.
      Michael McQuerrey
      Bakersfield, California