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236629 Apr-5 May 08 Kern R Valley Spring Nature Fest Leader Ask

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  • Bob Barnes
    Dec 5, 2008
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      Leaders/Navigators are needed for the...
      15th Annual Kern River Valley Spring Nature Festival (KRV SNF)
      We-Tu, 29 Apr-5 May 09

      If any of you can and will help out with field trip leading for the
      2009 KRV SNF, please reply to this e-mail with your name next to the
      days/dates you can/will help out (see below). Thank you. FYI: Local
      "navigators" provided if necessary.

      The KRV SNF is a festival held in a rural area. We depend on leaders
      from afar. The birding is great! 245 bird species were recorded
      during the recent May 08 KRV SNF.

      The following people have already agreed to help lead or serve as
      navigators for 2009 festival trips: Bob Barnes, Mary Freeman, Nick
      Freeman, Wes Fritz, Carl Lundblad, Michael McQuerrey, Linda
      Oberholtzer, Mike Prather, John Schmitt, Bob Steele, Susan Steele

      We are able to offer you:
      * honorariums to field trip leaders (Honorariums should cover all
      out of pocket expenses if our offer of free crash space with hot
      shower is accepted.)
      * complimentary Friday and Saturday dinners & evening programs
      * navigator or co-leader familiar with trip destinations/routes
      if you are not
      * our sincere gratitude
      Following are the days/dates for signing up to lead/co-lead 2009 Kern
      River Valley Spring Nature Festival field trips:

      Wednesday, April 29th -

      Thursday, April 30th -

      Friday, May 1st -

      Saturday, May 2nd -

      Sunday, May 3rd -

      Monday, May 4th -

      Tuesday, May 5th -

      Thank you for your consideration.

      And, a special thanks to 2008 KRV SNF field trip leaders/navigators:
      Larry Allen, Lance Benner, Bill Bouton, Gary File, Ernie Flores, Joe
      Fontaine, Mary (Carmona) Freeman, Nick Freeman, Wes Fritz, Fred
      Heath, Fletcher Linton, Dan Lockshaw, Michael McQuerrey, Linda
      Oberholtzer, Gary Potter, Mike Prather, Jim Royer, John Schmitt, Jeff
      Seay, Alison Sheehey, Steve Sosensky, Bob Steele, Susan Steele, John
      Sterling, Lee Sutton, Reed Tollefson, David Wimpfheimer and John Wilson.

      Happy and Productive Birding, especially during this upcoming
      Christmas Bird Count season,

      Bob Barnes, Field Trips Chair
      Kern River Valley Spring Nature Festival
      1009 Las Cruces Avenue
      Ridgecrest, CA 9555
      E: bbarnes@...
      C: 760-382-1260

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