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203Impressive Field Trip Results: Thursday KRV Crane Day

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  • KRPFriends
    Mar 1, 2002
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      White-faced Ibis 2000-2500
      Sandhill Crane 4000-4500
      Long-billed Curlew 1000
      Burrowing Owl 18-24
      Blackbird species (Red-winged, Tricolored) 15,000-20,000
      Complete list below...

      If you have no interest in birds in Tulare County just north of Kern County,
      this may not be for you. Still, the spectacle is worth reporting since it is
      the closest of its kind to Kern Co.

      Will be doing this again this Saturday as per prior e-mail to you all.

      Thursday, February 28, 2002, field trip to Pixley NWR and Allensworth State
      Park, 5-7 miles west of Earlimart, southwestern Tulare County. Present in
      vicinity 3:30pm-6:30pm. Twelve observers.

      Amazingly wonderful and stirring for all present. We counted the ibis, cranes,
      and curlews as best we could. They came in a relatively short time in huge
      groups. Several hundred cranes were seen during bright daylight hours in
      acreage on the refuge and in surrounding fields. All was very impressive.

      Species List (from my memory...likely incomplete as not checked with others):
      Great Egret
      Snowy Egret
      White-faced Ibis
      Turkey Vulture
      American Wigeon
      Cinnamon Teal
      Northern Shoveler
      Northern Pintail
      Green-winged Teal
      Northern Harrier
      Sharp-shinned Hawk
      Red-tailed Hawk
      American Kestrel
      American Coot
      Sandhill Crane
      Black-necked Stilt
      American Avocet
      Greater Yellowlegs
      Long-billed Curlew
      Least Sandpiper
      Long-billed Dowitcher
      Horizon Gulls! (The mix in this area is usually Ring-billed, California, &
      Rock Dove
      Mourning Dove
      Great Horned Owl
      Burrowing Owl
      Northern Flicker
      Black Phoebe
      Loggerhead Shrike (several)
      American Crow
      Horned Lark
      Marsh Wren
      American Robin
      European Starling
      American Pipit
      Song Sparrow
      White-crowned Sparrow
      Red-winged Blackbird
      Tricolored Blackbird
      Western Meadowlark
      Brewer's Blackbird
      House Finch
      House Sparrow


      Bob Barnes, Outreach Director
      Audubon-California's Kern River Preserve
      P.O. Box 953, Weldon, CA 93283
      FedEx/UPS: 18747 Hwy. 178, Weldon, CA 93283
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