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1858Retraction: immature male Mourning Warbler 5/29/07

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  • kbgoldennugget2@aol.com
    Jun 1, 2007
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      On Tuesday, 5/29/07, we reported that we saw a Mourning Warbler at Galileo
      Hill. We believed the bird we saw was an immature male Mourning Warbler. We
      birded Galileo from 5/29/07 thru 6/1/07. After arriving home today, we
      downloaded our photos.

      After reviewing the photos, we no longer believe the warbler we saw was
      a Mourning Warbler.

      Later this evening, we will write a post to kerncobirding reporting the
      birds we saw at Galileo Hill 5/29/07 thru 6/1/07.

      Ken and Brenda Kyle

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