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1594Clark's Nutcracker, Red Crossbills and others at Mt. Abel

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  • Paul G Rosso
    May 31, 2006
      Spent 4.5 hours today, May 31st birding at the upper reaches of Mt. Abel
      at Campo Alto CG. For us the best finds were a Clark's Nutcracker
      rummaging near the top of a Pine and two male Red Crossbills on the
      ground and then in the lower branches of a Pine. There were many of the
      normally expected birds in this small area including four White-headed
      Woodpeckers, two Green-tailed Towhees, a pair of Lawrence's Goldfinches.
      There was a good array of flycatchers including Dusky, Olive-sided and
      Hammond's and Western Wood Pewees. There were also many Violet-green
      Swallows, Purple and Cassin's Finches, Pygmy Nuthatches and Fox Sparrows.
      Surprisingly, there were two male Phainopeplas flying through.
      The only other bird of note was a Swainson's Hawk, on Cerro Noroeste Rd
      near the intersection with RT 166. There were 42 species found in Kern

      Paul & Rita Rosso