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Re: Jua kali artisans

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  • Greve Gabi
    ... jua kali artisan modelling an iron sheet -- a young jiko ~ Martin Kamau http://kenyasaijiki.blogspot.com/2005/02/brazier-jiko.html . . . Alluta continua-
    Message 1 of 2 , May 16, 2010
      >  jua kali is a topic for Kenya!
      > jua kali artisan
      > harvesting papyrus--
      > bird song
      > Patrick Wafula
      jua kali artisan
      modelling an iron sheet --
      a young jiko
      ~ Martin Kamau
      . . .
      Alluta continua-
      Jua kali hammers taa taa
      Wacha kuregarega
      > "Jua kali" is a Swahili expression which means "hot sun". Jua kali
      > artisans work outside, often with no shelter, in the sun or rain. They
      > are people who produce things -- for instance, making boxes and basins
      > out of scrapped cars, or hammering wood to make furniture or coffins,
      > or shining shoes, or sewing clothes or altering them for customers.
      > Outdoor barbers (kinyozi) are also jua kali artisans. All of them are
      > not working inside workshops, but outdoors. Yet, they may have a fixed
      > place to store their tools and their produce.
      > In the past, governments have at times created special places where
      > jua kali artisans may gather for their work and be provided with water
      > and electricity to facilitate their activities. The best known place
      > is the metal workers' plot near the City Stadium roundabout, where the
      > government provided some sheds as well as basic infrastructure. The
      > National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) also provided a large
      > plot for jua kali artisans, situated on Rabai Road; many of the
      > artisans working there are mechanics repairing cars, matatus and
      > buses.
      > ~ Isabelle Prondzynski
      more photos
      Thanks to all, I will pick it up!
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