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  • Greve Gabi
    Jan 5, 2014
      Thanks Patrick sensei.
      Sounds delicious, we just had lunch, but only soy bean curd (tofu) and some sauce.

      Enjoy your trip.

      Dear Gabi Sensei,
      Nyama choma is simply roast meat. It may be that of a goat, cow, or chicken. But that of a cow, goat and chicken are the best roast meat in Kenya. Nyama choma is a special treat. I have an American friend who just comes to eat roast goat meat every year. And the way he eats it always amazes people; he leaves only bones behind and even licks the juice on his fingers. I am on a trip with him across the country as I write this; in fact I am writing from Kisii Highlands, where we are eating roast maize and more roast goat meat. At every stop, my friend would order roast goat meat, if it is available. More to follow!

      Patrick from Nyanza.

      my American friend
      licks his fingers again --
      nyama choma

      ~ Patrick Wafula

      Please tell me more about this food ! 

      It’s the type of meat you can remember for a lifetime, the type of meat that builds memories and creates lasting impressions. Naturally grazed, grass fed, freshly butchered, and supremely roasted.
      It’s meat that you feel good about devouring, it consists of grains you can feel and an Africa you can taste! Nyama Choma is truly at the top of Kenyan food!


      Greetings from Japan

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