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Re: My Tanzania Collection.

Dear James, Wow! This is a lovely collection from places I know by heart! ... Have a lovely trip in Tz and make sure you see Mount Meru, and Kilimanjaro in
Patrick Wafula
Apr 12

My Tanzania Collection.

Dear madam, dear all,How is everyone? I was privileged to cross over the boarder touring Arusha- Tanzania. I made a collection that i shall post in parts. my
James Bundi
Apr 10

Palm Sunday: Celebrating the Moderator's Mother's life

Dear Isabelle Sensei, dear Gabi Sensei, dear Kenya Saijiki and all, This Palm Sunday collection is very specially dedicated to our Kenya Saijiki Moderator's
Patrick Wafula
Apr 9

Bamboochas' End Term one collection

Dear Isabelle and Gabi Sensei, dear all, This is the last collection from the Bamboochas this term, as schools are closing this week. This collection was part
Patrick Wafula
Apr 4

Beavers collection during closing day

Dear madam and all haijins below are beavers collection during the week of closing school; windy day--dust floats in air cool breeze    Stephen school
francis ameyo
Apr 4

Haiku from Machakos/Makueni Counties

Dear all, Here, enjoy my most recent haiku from Eastern Kenya in the counties of Machakos and Makueni. a chirping weaver bird pecks into a ripe Kei Apple--
Patrick Wafula
Apr 2

Submitted haiku for Earth Day

Dear all, You will remember that we have been collecting haiku for Earth Day, on the environment and climate change. I have now sent the following collection
Isabelle Prondzynski
Mar 31

Comments 2 / 2017

Dear Kenya haijin, These haiku too were sent a while back -- I am gradually catching up! Just a few remarks. Just observe, don't interpret. As an example, it
Isabelle Prondzynski
Mar 31

Re: Haiku publication on "something ending"

Dear all - such good news. You are all doing so well and this is a great step forward! Keep going Gabi from Japan Dear all, ... Dear all - such good news. You
Greve Gabi
Mar 31


Dear madam, dear all, Nice collection Mr. Otinga. resting under its perforated shadow-- Acacia thorn tree Best regards. James.
James Bundi
Mar 31

Re: Haiku publication on "something ending"

Dear Isabelle sensei, What a tremendous pleasant surprise for us here! Congratulations to David Mutie, Faith Mumbe, Catherine San, Isabelle Sensei our
Patrick Wafula Wanyama
Mar 31

Re: Haiku publication on "something ending"

Dear madam Isabelle and all, Oh my gosh! I'm so so excited to see my haiku published in the Asahi. I'm elated too to have to read other from my fellow haijin.
Mar 31

Haiku publication on "something ending"

Dear all, We are in the Asahi Haikuist Network published today! http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201703310007.html Have a look -- here are some extracts
Isabelle Prondzynski
Mar 31

Campaign time

Dear Isabelle, Gabi, dear all. I hope you are all doing well. Being another election year, here are some of the haiku I collected : Monday morning - a defaced
Andrew Makhuka
Mar 28

Re: Digest Number 2285

Dear madam, Thank you so much for the correction.Well put and noted. Regards. James. On Sunday, March 26, 2017 7:02 PM, "kenyasaijiki@yahoogroups.com"
James Bundi
Mar 27
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