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Interesting stories from the now defunct Kenyan sex site www.sex.co.ke

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  • Mundia Kamau
    Interesting stories from the now defunct Kenyan sex site www.sex.co.ke  Almost everyone on this board (i.e. www.sex.co.ke) used to bite the maid (including
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      Interesting stories from the now defunct Kenyan sex site www.sex.co.ke


      Almost everyone on this board (i.e. www.sex.co.ke) used to bite the maid (including Admin!)... I miss those days sana yenyewe

      Babes also, are "hit" quite abit by the house-boy, though it's not something that's talked about as much.

      An old friend I grew up with, told me how she used to have regular romps with their houseboy in the '80s. She told me this in the mid '90s, before she emigrated to Europe . I couldn't believe it...! The babe in question was homely, polite, never put on make-up and never dressed in tight or revealing clothing. Her profile kabisa, was that of "Miss Decent" or at worst, "Miss Decent runners-up".

      I remember the house-boy in question sana ... he was a well built & stocky "Mwana" (i.e. a Luhya), a friendly and social guy. Many of us in the mtaa liked him alot, and his nickname was "khumundu strong".

      "Miss Decent" told me that the guy didn't have finesse (i.e. ma-lovings and ma-touchings), but he used to "sugua" her proper, yani kazi vile inafa ifanyiwe!

      The chic has always kinda liked me (we were in primary school together), and this is why she gave me this & other stories. Lakini that story of her & "khumundu strong" still kills me to this day. I laughed like crazy, the day she gave it to me, with her thoroughly joining in the laughter! Yani she used to love it so much, mpaka it's "khumundu strong" who used to slow her down. There were times he didn't have the energy, yani

      I told two old buddies from those days about it, a few years after she left for Europe , but they jammed to believe, point blank. And i mean yani, point blank... i.e. "Ahh, wacha! "Kwenda!" "Uongo!" "Lies!" "Fitina!". We feared & respected her yenyewe... i don't think anyone of us (including myself), ever dared make a sexual pass at her in those days

      So wanawake warembo wapendwa wenzetu wa
      www.sex.co.ke..., please step forward, and speak openly, freely and frankly, about "My life in crime"... sorry, about "My life with the house-boy"...

      (Posted by "Anonymous").

      More stories below...




      Screwed our house maid raw, by okello (posted 15-05-2006, 10:01 PM):

      I was barely 19 and staying with my uncle in Nairobi, South C. He was making pretty good money, his house was tastefully furnished and he even had an old matronly maid called Maria who cooked good food and kept the house in order.

      One day I woke up to hear Maria talking in the sitting room with someone else as I lay in bed, which was unusual because my uncle did not allow her to have visitors. I was later to learn that Maria was going back to her shaggs and a new maid was to take her place therefore Maria was orienting her on her duties.

      I went back to bed, and after a while Maria left the new maid in the house, went her ways leaving the new maid to embark on her new duties. When I awoke again it was about 12.00pm and since my uncle was not in the habit of coming home for lunch, I walked downstairs into the kitchen to ask the new maid to prepare something for me to eat.

      I expected to see an old matronly maid like Maria as I stepped into the kitchen but oh no, that was not to be the case. As soon as I stepped into the kitchen in my shorts and t-shirt barefoot, there was Peris the new maid, bent over sweeping the floor with her smooth
      thick round ass and long brown legs facing me in a thin brown khanga, white tshirt and green slippers, outline of her panties clearly visible as she swept away, and despite my best intentions a solid wood of a bulge was pitched underneath my shorts at the sight. I
      cleared my throat and that startled her so she stood up. As she turned around I was accosted by a slim waist and some HUGE firm melons under her tshirt top, hints of nipples told me they were not encumbered by any bra. We exchanged greetings and I asked her to prepare some food for me which she did promptly.

      After I ate and was full i called her in to take away the plates. I could not stop staring as her thick full ass wiggled away into the kitchen causing ripples of lust to scoot delightfully up and down my firm rod within my shorts. After that I went upstairs and after a few minutes of tossing and turning in the bed I could take it no more so I summoned Peris to my room for some cleaning.

      In she came as I told her to shut the door behind. Not wanting to disobey her new employers, she shut the door as i stood up and walked towards her, not sure
      whether she had caught a glimpse of the obscene tell tale bulge tenting my shorts. After about 15minutes of sweet talking, reassuring and playful touching Peris' began to relax and feel comfortable and nipples were as hard as my wood.

      I began to cup them as i stood behind her..her ass pressed against my rod but both of us still fully clothed. I started kissing her neck and fondling her as she let out soft moans. I slid a finger to her khanga and hiked it up, slid my hand into her panties and played with her moistening pussy. Our breathing was laboured as i felt a deep need and urge in the pit
      of my balls to fuck her bad. In no time our clothes were on a heap on the floor as we climbed onto the bed and she got on her back, i parted her legs wide as they could go....using my fingers to play with her already juicy pussy nice and tenderly, careful to
      tease her now hard clit, with them as i aimed my rock hard heavy tool at her pussy. She was so wet that whamm!! the cock went all the way to the top with little effort buried to the balls.

      As we started to fuck Peris' high pitched moans and squeals went straight to my cock, making me fuck deeper and deeper and faster with sweet long strokes by the minute as i cupped her tits and screwed her good. After dumping dick in her from the front for a
      good period of time, I flipped her over and fucked her from the back...........pounding her now crying wet pussy with my ram rod until it drooled all over my black balls. This heavenly screwing went on to the point where the load of hot milk deep in my nuts could
      not take it any more so i shot out stinging hard spurts of ball sauce deep into her steamy soaked quivering pussy as we both grunted in unspeakable pleasure.

      After recovering from the screw I avoided her and did not tell my uncle about it for the next week or so that I was in Kenya before coming to UK. I still regretted that i screwed her raw but I vowed never again to screw without a condom no matter how horny or
      caught up I am.

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      The mboch, the hose pipe and the gardner, by Samba (posted 20-06-2006, 01:29 PM):

      The above story reminds me of time some years ago when I was at home in the estate upstairs. It was a Friday afternoon I was just killing time reading in my room. I glanced outside the window into the neighbour’s compound. You know how it is when you live in some estates you can look into your neighbour’s compound and see what is happening. Hey mazee, I was shocked. There under a tree was the neigbours mboch on her
      fours. Behind her was a gardener guy who used to do kibarua in the area. The guy was hammering her doggy style. I couldn't believe my eyes! Live PORN! The thing that shocked me though was that he had a hose pipe, you know the thick black ones, and he had put it in her ass and was screwing her with it. He was really pushing that pipe in and out deep!

      I watched them as the guy pounded her pussy and her ass with the hose pipe and them removed the hosepipe and did her ass himself. It was unbelievable. They malizad tidied themselves up and the guy continued working on the fence. Needless to say the boys in
      neighborhood got to hear the storo. I don't think her employers found out coz she stayed on for a few more years.

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      Dggydggy in a red kombi, by cuvvy (posted 13-05-2006, 05:30 PM):

      Am not a good story teller but here goes....

      I work in an embassy meaning my boss is odiero (white)…divorced but a good (if not serious) jamaa. He normally takes the dept. out for treats Friday aftez which often turn into major guzzling events. A Friday in Dec we fikad Iguana in Westy and ended up tipsish and nodding off to bhangra at around midnight. The group scattered and my boss was to drop me at my sq in Kile in his red voks kombi. As we approached his old safari kombi in the parking lot, he put his arms around my shoulders and I felt his fingers start to play with my left boob in a circular motion. I was a bit stunned at first...decided to put my head in the tiger’s mouth. Besides, I knew he fancied me a lot. I am 5’6 & what yu would call voluptuous with full boobs, assy with wide hips and killer legs. Am not bragging, but I can say that I have most of it, and I do I like to flaunt it!!!!

      My odiesh opened the sliding side door and guided me into the rear passenger seat. We fell into a warm embrace with our lips meeting in a warm moist hungry kiss. With his left hand he drew the curtains behind me while stroking my back lightly with his right hand
      (now I know why they got curtains) My hands got busy as I slid down to undo his swollen zipper. His white ding’aling shot out and I held it and started stroking to and fro with my right hand. Kneeling down I went down on him while playing with his warm balls. He groaned as I felt his hard cock starting to throb violently. His hands were still doing the magic on my boobs and I felt hot and ready to explode. Suddenly he pushed me up and turned me gently to face the opposite seat. Still kneeling, I felt his hands lift up my skirt as he started massaging my inner thighs with his large soft hands. I reached back wards to stroke his ding’aling some more as his fingers gently lowered my thong’. He teased the sides of my hungry puss-puss and suddenly slid two fingers inside in quick succession!!

      I gasped in pleasure noticing for the first time his loud breathing sounds. Suddenly he grabbed his ding’ and pushed it deep into my now soaking wet pussy….I
      let out a tiny scream of pleasure as I pushed my cuvvy ass back wards to fully swallow his ding. He grabbed my hips and suddenly… he froze the action!!! SHIT!! I
      begged him to ‘do it man just doooooo it!!” and wriggled my ass from side to side but he kept me begging for almost a full minute….Just as I was about to cry, he withdrew in slow motion then f*ked me senseless…. until with a shout he shot his spoof deep
      inside me….It was the sweetest dggydggy fuck I ever had….

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      No I don’t mind sharing my 1st sexual experience with www.sex.co.ke 

      Mine is a bit comical lakini!

      It was in the 80s when we teenagers. I had accompanied our neighbours to their cousins’ place in Sultan Hamud, a small town on the Nairobi-Mombasa road.

      It was the August school holidays of 1984 and we were there for a week.

      Up to that point, I had watched quite a number of porn videos/movies e.g. “Shocking Asia” & “The Betsy”, had gone through numerous editions of the “Playboy” and “Mayfair” magazines (the hottest things in terms of pornography in those days), and had jerked-off like a million times, but had never done it… Babes used to nyima us vibaya sana!

      These guys we were visiting actually lived on a ranch where they reared beef cattle. They were quite a prosperous family then, but hard times hit, the ranch was auctioned, and they moved abroad.

      It was on a Thursday that kila mtu decided to drive into Sultan Hamud town for vitu za nyumbani e.g. mafuta ya Kimbo, and after that, drive to a far end of the ranch to check on beef-rearing activities. We had done something similar two days before, and in the process come across a herd of buffalos in the distance! The things looked menacing bwana! There was no incident lakini… both sides kept a respectful distance.

      Buffalos have always scared the sh*t out of me lakini, so I passed the chance of a second trip and second possible encounter. I was teased for being a coward and I said sawa, “Cowards live forever!”

      No sooner had everyone left for Sultan and I was left alone in the main farm house, I heard a knock on the door. It was a daughter of one of the workers… ati she had come to ask me for directions of getting to Nairobi’s Kenya Cinema, so that she could go and watch a movie there one day!! Ranch workers at that time, were at job on different parts of the ranch. Kwanza she was wearing a cream skirt with long slits and brother…, did she have a great thighs and a great figure in general! In those days kwanza, the slits were not at the back kama siku hizi, but at the side…, both sides kwanza!

      I had noticed her eyeing me once or twice before with a mixture of semi-attraction and semi-lustfulness, and I knew that this had nothing to do with Kenya Cinema!

      Anyhow, we engaged in brief “Kenya Cinema” small talk as I lustfully checked out her thighs. She was also pretty I must say. I noticed sly smiles coming out of the sides of her mouth, as she noted my lust and desire.

      Before long, I decided “what the heck” and pulled her into our room, where I started fingering her seriously. She didn’t resist and was breathing heavily with desire and pleasure. Both of us were, actually!

      Saa kidogo, I pulled up her skirt and reached out to pull her panties…blue panties, I’ll never forget! She also held my d*ck while mourning with pleasure and desire.

      The comical part is this… despite all the porn movies and magazines I had seen, I was such a f*cking amateur and didn’t know how exactly to insert my d*ck into her p*ssy!
      She let out a bemused chuckle, as she gently directed my pr*ck into her wet p*ssy, that was screaming out for my d*ck…!

      It was a nice & memorable lakini…I’ll never forget. It was my first time. It wasn’t for her I could tell… for her, I guess, it was the adventure of doing a city boy. We both enjoyed it lakini. It remains one of my most memorable scr*ws…

      I kept it a secret for a long time… only told my buddies about ten years after the incident. They laughed vibaya sana and nicknamed both of us “Mr. and Mrs. Buffalo Bill”. I’m told she’s in America nowadays. I’m sure somewhere in both of us, we still crave for each other one more time…

      Jimmy Ngash



      Fucked Wife's Friend, by mtomba (posted 12-09-2006, 11:43 AM):

      I am a married dude, but guess what, boredom set in with all the conditions and lectures, so I decided to try something new. My wife's friend has been eyeing me for a while, then I noticed that when she visited last Saturday she sat carelessly on the sofa opposite me. When my wife went back into the kitchen she quickly asked me if all was alright and if I wanted a little hanky-panky.

      We booked a hotel room later that week and had a time of our lives. Man, she sucked my willy until I volcano-ed. Then she lay me on my back and rode me like a horse. We watched this really cool video on my laptop then proceeded to act it out. Man the woman was hot. She made me feel like a real man, groaning and crying out for more. I plugged my oh-so-ready pole into her well and pumped like a monster. Each time I orgasmed, she came on top again and tickled me until Istood again. This went on until I had no more sperm to shoot. As we left the place she promised to hook me up with her new friend for a three-some bang out! Am I lucky or what?

      Any bored housewife out there intrested in threesome?

      Write to me today


      am addicted too to maids, by sammy715 (posted 14-09-2006, 09:41 AM):

      It is just too wonderful to fuck a maid,i have always done it even when my wife is around and dead a sleep.When i squeeze my dick into her pussy she tells me pole pole tusishikwe. Am telling you guys she is 18 yrs old ,shot,and plumb.Today no one is at home,my wife has travelled and the kids are all boarders,i want to fuck her every hole tonite,actually she told me to come home early today she is waiting for heaven on earth.advice pls


      I got images, by Eddie (posted 16-09-2006, 01:44 PM):

      i'm a maid addict too...they are essentially real african ripeness at its sweetest humble coy best.

      i even talk some into lettin me take photos as they pose(digital)..no picasa-like anything here so if u wanna hv a look(cock-stiffenin photos) i'm willing to mail u guys some.

      If u like them mayb we can organise some kinky home visit


      The Ultimate MILF, by ramses (posted 13-09-2006, 05:32 PM):

      Has anyone ever been on ICQ chat? I remember some years back when I had (I still do) a thing for older women. Not those that are old enough to be the age of my mum, but those that were 36 to 40 when I was 24. I had the urge to find one, a proper MILF to have a screw. Unfortunately am the shy type, I therefore registered in ICQ and wallah…..
      Little did I know, Nairobi has loads of them, the MILFs I mean. There are women in this city dieing to screw a youthful dick. They are there willing to have something fresh. Willing to experiment, willing to do things that their hubbies either don’t do or only do with their young girlfriends.

      In comes in the MILF. After a long search, I found the ultimate one. Let’s call her E. She was running a small business in the CBD, she still does. But most of the time she was on the net. We started chatting casually with pseudonyms off course. Then we got a little bit comfortable with each and exchanged our true names. E send me her photo after we had been chatting for 3 weeks and I can tell you that I knew then that I wanted her. All the way.

      I mean here was a picture of a MILF in one of those business suits. Light brown in color with the hem of the skirt ending far above the knees. Her blouse was designed to show enough cleavage. The butt I could see from the photo was well formed. A tight and well matured behind. The hips were well curved. Not those that have baby fat like teenagers do.

      At 24 one has an ego to do anything. And this MILF I wanted to do. As someone pointed out in this site to date and screw a MILF you need some charm. We started communication online. It was not long before sex became the topic. You have to look at the most vulnerable thing in them. If the MILF is lonely be there for them. I was lucky this one was divorced.

      We chatted for 3 weeks. I told her what I would love to do to her. And she told me how she was longing to feel some rock hard cock up her pussy. Then came the d-day. We planed a meet. I went to see her in her office. I arrived at her office at 4pm and I was ushered in by one of her employees. Off course no one in the office suspected the real reason for the vist.

      There seated behind a simple executive desk was E. Fingers all ringed, a bob cut and a tight blouse that brought out her breasts. She stood to say hi and shake my hand and I felt a throb in my pants. “Nice to meet you too…” that’s all I could say at first. She then walked round her table and casually asked me whether I would like to take a drink all this while she opened a small fridge and bending over to pick up a bottle of soda. I almost went berserk, all I could see was an ass and smooth thighs. The big man was now complaining, and threatening to pop out. When she turned to me she read my eyes like an open book.

      “You like what you see……” was that a question or more of a statement I asked her. This woman was in touch with her body. She knew she had the curves in the right places. This was a woman in control. I definitely wanted to see more, but little did I know the show was over. After our drinks I had to leave. The MILF was busy. She promised to give me another date on a later date. People I promise you from her office I went straight to one of those private places where you easily hook up. I needed pussy badly and that’s what I got. A young whore who I screwed to high heaven.

      The date came a week late. On a Tuesday afternoon. The MILF asked me to go to her office and precisely 530 pm. I was used to calling the shots now I was being given instructions. I was a little bit scared but the excitement of laying an older woman was driving me crazy. I bought a pack of three gloves and headed to town. I got to the office at 545 pm only to find the place abandoned. All E’s employees were gone.

      E ushered me in to her office where she has a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. I thought to myself wine? This time I poured her a glass. As I gave to her she came round the table and planted a kiss on my lips. A soft kiss and I felt the scent of her breath. I kissed her back softly and held her face. Slowly I took the wine glass off her hand and placed it on the table.

      I pulled E towards me and this time I gave her a French kiss. I had my tongue inside her mouth as she weakened to my touch. I pushed her against the wall as I massaged her breasts. Then I let go of her and sat down. As she regained her breath I poured myself a glass of wine as I watched E undo her blouse. I was in control of this game or so I thought…….

      I sat down and E came straight to me and undid my zipper. She caressed my cock slowly and bend over in a few seconds she had me in her mouth. SUCK SUCK BLOW IS JUST A FIGURE OF SPEECH. She sucked and licked and tickled. She teased me until I could not hold it any more……. I came like a bomb, the sensation was so great I felt like pulling out my hair. She wiped me clean with Kleenex and now it was my turn. I placed E on her table and slowly pulled up her skirt. All this time looking at eyes. I spread her legs and felt the softness of her inner thighs as. I pulled her thong down slowly then spread her legs once again. I kissed in the mouth as my index finger felt her clit. Slowly I slid the finger inside her pussy and I heard her gasp. My lips moved to her neck as fingers worked her pussy. I got to her breasts and almost ripped out her bra. Finally I pushed her back on the table and took her pussy with my lips. E was shaven like a model who works for a lingerie company. There was not a strand of hair on or near her pussy. I sucked and licked. I spread her lips and put my tongue in her as I slid my finger in her. E was now gasping for breath. And my cock was hard as rock.

      I pulled down my pants went for the condoms. I gave her one she unwrapped it and slid it on my. I pulled her to me spread her legs and entered paradise. E was tight and wet. She let out a cry and started groaning as I slowly slid in and out of her. I held her ass her pulled her to me. I went in deeper as she moved her ass with the rhythm of an expert. HIPS DON’T LIE. I rode her fast and slow, this time when I came I shivered and she too had orgasm. She shuddered to the point I thought I had hurt her. I came a full load and she was dripping wet. We both sat down to relax and catch breath. I had just had what was then the fuck of my life. A few minutes her we were on it again. E has a camel toe just in case I had not mentioned it. This time I took her from behind…….. for the dudes out there who have screwed a camel toe you can imagine the kind of sex I got from E a seasoned sex goddess….

      That’s the story of another day. I still communicate with E. Although we have moved on we still very good e-friends.


      My first real fuck! by hansome (posted 02-09-2006, 10:32 AM):

      I was kedo 9 or 10 years when I had my first encounter.

      Me and my parents had gone to my shagz in western Kenya during the chrismas season. My cuzo who lived at the coast was like 2 years older than me. In the evenings when we were playing she would take my hand and make me touch her unformed breasts and tell me that it felt good. One evening in she took my hand and led me to my grandmas grass thatched house while our parents were busy conversing. She started touching my small dick. I was feeling nice but very uneasy coz all this was new to me. She then prompted me to remove my new pair of jeans but I hesitated.

      She proceeded to take out hers before blowing out the lamp. That’s when I felt her hands groping me in the darkness. I gained some courage and she aided me remove my remaining clothing. She rubbed my dick until the small thing was rock hard she then lay down on the floor and said ‘Kuja unitombe,’

      That was a Kiswahili word I never dared speak about. I scrambled over her and lay awkwardly on top of her. We stayed like that for 2 minutes before she told me’
      ‘kwani wa lala kama fala’

      Before she grabbed my small dick and put it into her pussy. She then held my waist and showed me how to go about it. Just when I was getting the heng of it and actually enjoying myself, the door opened and a torch was shown on to my face. I was paralysed with fear coz I knew what we were doing was an abomination and please you don’t wanna know who was holding the light, but i got a good spanking. a real spanking to my buttocks a beating i will for ever remember.

      That was my first real sexual experience and if you see the said cousin of mine she is a real beauty.
      I have broken my virginity like a dozen times….

      My first kiss…..

      My first doggy style…..

      My first blow job….


      In the library, by hansome (posted 31-08-2006, 02:05 PM):

      During the less than 25 years that I have been alive, I have encountered more than a fair share of sexual sessions, some very memorable that I may wish to share them with you. Take this one for example:
      It was during the 2nd semester of my high school curriculum when this happened. Many of you recall this is the time when graduates from the university came to try there crude methods of teaching. One such lady, Miss Mweni* (not her real name) happened to be taking English a subject which I was an A student (am not bragging by the way).It started as me going for normal tuitions after class, and we became friends gradually until we were talking about everything (except sex).This made me an enemy of several of our staff members particularly Mr.Oronda* who had the hot’s for Mweni without my knowledge and our friendship was bothering his sorry bachelor ass to death.

      The real story started during the last day of the term. During prep time I went to the library cause the class was to damn noisy, as I was busy reading (poetry of course ‘I am very romantic’syke) I was called by Miss Mweni to her office in the library. What could this be about,’ I wondered

      What did you say to Mr.Oronda?’ Mweni akanihanda.Me nikamshow, ‘du I told the guy nothing.’ Why is He so jealous of you, She asked while looking at me very funnily indeed making me to blush (I am dangerously shy)

      I don’t know, maybe am his grandfather,’ I said jokingly. Little did I know what was in store for
      ’ come and sit here,’ she told me indicating her desk. It was at this moment that I got a hint on what was going on. I was very wary coz of the numerous storos I heard about university gals.
      She stood up from her chair and came around, sitting next to me (I was really nervous).The fact that she was shorter than I was gave me a little bit of confidence. She took both my hands and placed them on my back while looking into my eyes intimately, before gently easing herself between my legs until our crotches were touching.

      Why are you so quiet,’ she asked huskily while rubbing her private parts against mine. I felt my heartbeat quicken .My penis was slowly rising to the occasion while my hands were frozen behind her back as if glued. My eyes were involuntarily closing as I become really horny.My cock was very hot by now and I felt it jerk with every heartbeat as blood pumped through it. ‘Tell me how you are feeling’, Miss Mweni asked me while not giving me time to answer as she nibbled my ear making me gasp in surprise. My now my shyness had evaporated and I hungrily searched for her mouth. I tasted her saliva as if I was an alcoholic yearning for beer, her soft, warm lips tasted like heaven to me. She French kissed me as if her life depended on it. My cock was too hard that I was now feeling pain. As if she was reading my mind, she reached for my zipper and in a short while my most prized possession (my dick for your info) was receiving VIP treatment. She stroke my already wet cork gently making me feel as if I was ready to come. My heart was pounding my ribs like hell. I hoped the pleasure would never end.

      I reached slowly beneath her boobtop and started fondling her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard against my palms as I started rubbing them one clockwise and the other unclockwise.She was too overwhelemed by the action that he started gasping while I still hungrily kissed her unrellently.She slowly turned aroud and started rubbing her ass against my Exposed dick…I did’nt even notice her remove my shirt. She then took my hands placed them on the desk and teasingly walked away from me towards the door, and started undressing provocatively. First of all her tight boobtop then her jeans trouser. To my utter disbelief she was neither wearing a panty nor a bra. She looked at me once, and in a flush, all of my full school uniform was on the floor.

      I practically run towards her, took her into my arms, lifted her up and placed her on the desk, while kissing her madly. My fingers did a little walking .As I felt her unshaven pubic hair, I felt like a real ape .I slowly prodded around and then felt traces of her vaginal juices as I touched the lips of her pussy. By now I was in control of the game cause she was the one doing the breathing ritual. Her chest was heaving and her eyes were starting to get watery. My finger slid into her vagina like a desert snake into sand. As the in out motion ensued, her waist started to move in motion as she got carried away by emotions and I counted at least 3 climaxes before she finally said, ‘please fuck me, I want to feel you inside me,ahhhhh’

      I took my cock and partially inserted it into her throbbing pussy before pulling it out again What is wrong, why are you pulling back?’ she pleaded. It was my game now and I was in the driving seat. I was sweating on the fore head as my emotions started taking control of me. I took my dick and rubbed against her large kamba clit in slow motion before I gently penetrated her vagina. She slowly swallowed me into her small pussy and I really fucked her. We tried all the styles (like those I had seen in the magazines and never tried, from missionary, scissors, dining test e.t.c)

      By the time we were through, everybody had left and the library was locked from outside. We spent the night in each others arms. No mattress or blanket. It was one of my most romantic experiences.

      Since that day, we have met every year at the K.I.C.C during the secondary school music festival nations and make sure that one day makes up for the whole year we don’t see each other because she is married and I have a beautiful fiancé. It’s our dirty little secret. I still have wet dreams about her (Sykes)

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      Fucked my inlaw to be! by hansome(posted 26-08-2006, 05:55 PM):

      There was a girl in the neighbourhood who had the hots for me, she even made sure she got my name and she never passed without saying hi Until we started talking, One day i was coming from a heng kitu 5 in the morning and i met her mother and she told me to sindikiza her to there place. When the watchman opened the gate, i was waiting for her to tell me bye bye but no, the same at the door, I found my self in her bedroom, imagine my shock when she came back in her nightdress acting like a small girl and sat next to me, took my hand and placed it on her exposed thigh, my cock rose like a flag as i slowly started to caress her inner thigh, When she took off her nighty...i was like wow..she looked like a tasty .....she opened my zipper and removed my red hot penis and to my suprise went down on her knees and gave me hell of a blow job licking my cock as if she wanted to swallow it, I sucked her breasts like a new born baby as i fingerd her pussy with juices all over my hand.i had never had sex.co.ke like that the rest is history cause we were at it till 11.00

      When we went to take a shower i heard her say ''shiro, please bring the lunch into the bedroom''
      Guess who brought the lunch!

      Till today the girl never even looked at me.

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      fucked a family frends wife, by jayling (posted 10-09-2006, 02:20 PM):

      I was in my 2nd year at high school .My paps had a close friend of his who worked in a NGO in sud, his wife also did the same job but in kenya thay live a babi life .

      My family was very close to this guys that we were given a spare key.On this day i had gone to there place to watch some movie(jepers crepers) i knew that both were not at home (hazi in sud & wife at work) .Its a 10 min drive to lavii.when i got there i went straight to the kitchen kujitibu then to the siting room to watch the teli.As i was watching my paps friend wife came from the bed room whith a tawel around her she gotead me (hag as usual)and went to the kitchen .

      She was there for a fiew min and gave me time to think (man she was hot kwanza bubs)manze nilienda to the kitchen & i found her removing dishes from a dish washer (bending)man i did the best mistake(soft spanck ).Dem............ she held my hand and put it around her cunt people my cock rose like .........woooooo man the fuck was ery good (she was well expirianced).

      the only thing i remember abaut that fuck is her leg in the dish washer and her hands holding the fridg.After a whille we used to do it friquently .My father started to have suspitions but didnt get a clue .After i went back to school i was told that they had moved to majuu


      She farted while we were in the pluto!!!!! by hansome (posted 30-08-2006, 04:27 PM):

      There was this very brown supuu neighbourhood chick whom i had fantasized about.One day i was fortunate to get her in bed.I even dind't even have time for foreplay. I gave her a few fingerings and my dick was out and i was looking for her cunt. I penetrated her slowly and proceeded in,out,in,out Imagine one,two,three then 'Prrrrrrr' she farted.
      Since that day she feels real shy when we meet although she had a nice tight pussy.

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      Nailing Maids, by paul (posted 18-06-2006, 03:53 PM):

      I remember that I was at home one day and decided that I could see what our maid really carried. To move and taste the waters I told her that there were blanket pieces that were stuck on her head and if she did not mind I could remove them, I did that and then started telling to give me more of a story I had overheard tell about how they circumcised in her community.

      The conversation got very hot when she tried to tell me of the gory details while at the same time trying not to use foul language, I knew from the moment we started the conversation I had nailed her. "You cannot sprinkle a perfume and not have some on yourself.

      I asked her how they circumcised in her community and whether she could be able to tell the difference between one who had done it in hospital and the one who did it traditionally.

      She said it was just okay if I was circumcised and that is what mattered. I insisted to her that I had to show her. She finally obliged and was very interested in seeing the main thing. I gladly showed her.

      Moments later I had drugged her to the bedroom kissed her mouth passionaly and when I was fixing my John into her body she was promising me "nitakupatia kesho" Kesho became the next minute and was fearful of impregnating her so I engaged coitus interuptus. "Sasa wewe umenimwagia tamu, ungeiwacha huko ndani she said.
      That begun a sexual life which was quite interesting noting that I had just left forth form. I did not have pocket money to go buying sodas and other goodies for other chicks. I was at home with this one during the times we used to have packs of white rubbers that were
      in a unit of 100.

      I got these from a neighbour but almost exhausted his stock during the times I could even go up to nine rounds in a day it was the best life I ever had. Today I am skillful in my job because I can hold come to up to an hour but I cannot afford the luxury of going for nine rounds.

      The story started innocently with the maid but I got my monies worth.


      guys fuck as i watch, by marto (posted 12-06-2006, 07:16 PM):

      I once checked into a hotel room, while i was reading the paper i had a romantic noise from the next room and on looking very close in my room i saw an opening, i took a chair and climbed on the bed and i pepped thro the next room and man, guys were fucking i had never seen it live it was so fun, i was rely turned on, since then its become my pass time hobby whenever i am free i always travel to this town and book the very same room even the receptionist of this hotel have known me whenever i come they always say "that
      jamaa of room 23 has come". And for the last one year majamaa, i have seen wonders in that room. I once saw two women making love, a woman fingering herself, a prostitute stilling from a jamaa after shes been fucked, a man masturbating and at times am not so luck the room never gets booked and one time a guy checked in and prayed for the whole night, i once went with my friends and unknown to them i booked them in that room
      and i saw them fuck, lol, you women look so innocent in the morning.

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      Inside a charity sweepstake booth, by naughty (posted 28-05-2006, 04:05 PM):

      Well we all have our little adventures of life, some of us starting earlier than others.

      I remember an incident that happened to me while I was still in high school, all brought about by a little bit of over indulgence during the Safari sevens, the good old days.

      Getting laid in your youth can be a frustrating experience, and believe me it was not from lack of tiring. Some how at a certain age, most people around me were just saved and tried so hard to be good and proper, the result being that I was left many a time with a serious case of blue balls. But hey that's another story.

      So here I was at Safari Sevens at the time trying my best to at least make out with this saved girl I had been trying to get with god knows for how long, (I don't remember exactly how it began or emerged) her best friend and I started flirting. I didn't think
      anything of it and we played with each other the whole day, innocent brushes, accidental bumps, holding onto the person just a little bit longer than necessary. By nightfall I was pretty randy, but never really had the courage to do anything, some how fate has a
      strange way of smiling down about the unfavored. We walked around looking for a place to sit and there was only one table left in the Safari village with three chairs and we were five. So the best friend ends up sitting on me. We talked for a while and I started
      caressing her back, she seemed to enjoy it and didn't object despite sitting across her so called best friend.

      It was getting late and as we were still teenagers we had to get home or both our parents would have flipped out. So I volunteered to go along since I need to go home as well. On the way out she said she had to use the bathroom and I waited outside.

      After a while she came back out sat next to me and we started kissing, it was amazing but at the same time I fumbled so much, I could not even unhook her bra, after about half an hour, we stopped and my balls as usual, now throbbing like hell, I could barely walk.
      So we walk out and caught a matatu to town, which dropped us off near Kenya Cinema, at this point in time tao is deserted (looking back, I think tao was safer in those days, anyway) we walked along with our hands holding together, when I saw one of those yellow charity sweep stake booths and I got the crazy idea of using it and so i guided her to one. (From this point its vague memory as I best remember it, as this was many years ago)

      We sat for a while, not doing anything as the small boy within me is trying frantically to gather some courage. I finally whispered in her ear how hot and sexy she is and we start kissing again.

      I caress her over her clothes and my hard on is now straining in my pants against her thigh. I run my finger over her belly and her breathing gets faster as we kissed more passionately. She's grinding her pussy on my hard on and at this point am almost losing it.

      I lift up her sweater and start stroking her breasts, her nipples are so erect they want to jump out on me. She's moaning into my mouth and I reach down and stoke each under side of the breast, I breathe on the nipple of each breast, and let my tongue circle the skin next to each nipple without actually touching the nipple. I stroke my fingers across the nipples and then take each in turn into my mouth sucking and gently nibbling. (Thank god for all the Porn movies I had watched)

      She is now caressing my penis and actually starts to undo my pants, I slowly pull down her trousers and panties. (In my head am thinking, Oh my God!! This is actually going to happen) My penis is released and standing at attention. She mounts me and I feel my
      self sliding in. We start moving together as she rides me and I hold on to her breasts.

      Suddenly we hear a noise outside and its two cops walking by on patrol. I thought I was going to get a heart attack. Erection of course dies immediately. I think fate was really smiling down on me that day, as they just walked past and didn't notice anything.
      After that we were both really too scared to do anything else and after making sure they were gone, we pulled up our pants and bolted.

      We both caught our last mats home but unfortunately never got together again, something about loyalty to her friend and I still wanted the friendship. Talk about stupidly in the long run, I never got her friend and they don't talk anymore.

      But hey, the memory always make me smile when I notice the yellow charity sweep stake booths in tao.

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      Got fucked in the office, by devine (posted 09-06-2006, 02:21 PM):

      Once i worked for this guy who was just drop dead gorgeous but was his surbordinate so could not risk getting fired. Anyway, this day he sent me to his desk to get something and I was going thru the drawers when I saw some condoms. Well he was married and I did not expect him to have some with him. Anyway, he walked in on me holding these condoms and .. i was thinking "Oh my God" what do i do. I quicky returned them and told him I could not find the stuff he had sent me to find. Later on in the day I was getting horny just thinking maybe there was possibility when he called me to his office. I got there and for some reason he kept staring at my chest. I looked down and my nipples were poking through the white blouse I was wearing. I looked back at him and asked if he liked what he was seeing..

      Well, he came to me and the next thing he was kissing me and is hands were all over me. I am relatively small and he was quite bigger than me (in a lot of places. He pulled down my panties and my skirt to my waist and next thing I felt his big dick ripping me apart. He was carrying me with my back on the door the only thing making sure no one walked in. It was the fastest and craziest sex I have ever had. I can't remember how many times I came. His cock just made me go wild. When he came I thought he would rip me apart
      with the intensity..

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      Finya'd my friend's babe, by bigfoot (posted 15-07-2006, 04:53 PM):

      Me and his girlfriend, Busted.

      She had a coca cola shaped booty, sexy to the bone, like ganja it was a total high anytime we went out to rave she was so un smartly dressed in the most luscious clothes we would ever see. I craved for her nakedness not putting in mind the saying “beware what you wish for”. She tried real easy to look good because that was all she always was looking good every time, the look at my ass after I pass kinda gal. June the 3rd was a day I remember well. We went to Galileo for our weekly damage of pint and fun. I had my gal with me some taita chic straight off the coast tasting the real Nairobi. From Qs we bridged to sohos straight up to rezouras then tamasha to end the real thrill.

      Well that could have been how it should have ended but let me take you back to where it bagan.

      She just ran her hands up my thighs and groped below tables searching for something. She found it and started playing with it. My lil man started growing first in size then horns started appearing. I must admit I couldn’t stand that heat so I struggled with my horniness to cross tables so I could go outside for a while. I passed through Buffet Park past the nyama choma place and stood in the dark. Kinda hard to imagine this but she followed me. Straight out of the thriller classic her hands caught my head and lips swang into action. Kissing me and mishandling me damn this mama was super horny.

      Scene two.

      My boy was driving we all heading for home now. She was sitting in the front seat applying lipstick and checking me out from the interior mirror winking in secrets. My boy must have seen that but he might also have dismissed it as a twitch in her eye.

      Truth be told we got to my boy’s house real fast and we all were tired so just went to crash straight. I dipped in the sack with my taita chic and blacked out immediately we hit the bed. I had no morale for her coz an hour later lets make it 4 30 in the dawn a text message hit my phone. It was my boys gal booty calling needing a fix. So if we could meet in the sitting room. I replied and ten minutes later I was there snuggling and licking she grabbing nuts me hitting all time highs just hitting thangs. She licked me dry damn and just swallowed the cum like it was some piped out vodka sweet to the tongue but oily to the mouth. In the middle of the freak she told me how she had heard stories from my Ex of my freakniques and the things I could do in bed and how she had yearned for the ultimate rush coz my boy couldn’t do nada.

      I let her freeze in it melt in her mouth waxed that booty real good. I licked that pussy like ice cream as I let everything drip, we were so stupid as we changed sites from the now wet seat to the carpet so we wouldn’t mess up the cushions. We hit the doggy dogg style and I set things in motion. Well this chic had heard so much about me I did not want to let her down. I love the tantra it makes me cum when I want to and when the excitement of pushing is long over due so I had time to grab her and play along with her in every unmovable object we could get and when we both came it was jut out of sheer luck that as he stood by the door amazed at the nasty things his girlfriend could do I came, along with the shock of being busted as body and booty parted ways my cum shot off and hit the carpets.


      Fucking a gorgeous neighborhood milf inshop, by francobe (posted 15-06-2006, 07:14 PM):

      Fucking a gorgeous neighborhood milf in her shop It was after finishing high school over 10yrs ago. There was this gorgeous neighborhood single mom who I used to visit in her shop her every evening to pass time and keep her company b4 she closed. She started
      teasing me about how girls would be fighting for me soon in the village especially after joining University. In time, we became so free on the topic that we ‘forgot’ she was a committed church member and began flirting. Soon the once ‘accidental’ touches
      became a norm -I enjoyed pampering her butts as we talk and she could playfully grab me to her chest. Soon she could carelessly part legs for me to peep thru pretending oblivion.

      One evening we closed the shop unusually early for her to take stock, an exercise that took us barely 1hr leaving us with plenty of time before the usual closing hour. We held onto each others shoulders as we leaned on the table chatting and I silently contemplated fucking her as I passed my hands around her gorgeous ass feeling her pant line. She was calm as I cupped her boobs over the shoulder. Drawing me between her half parted legs, in the front, she hopped up and sat squarely on the table as I got my hands under her blouse. As a sign of welcome, I felt her legs draw me into her and with my left hand inside her bra; I slid my right hand under her loose skirt and could not resist the feeling of huge soft thighs. She whispered to me, “…you are so nice to me and I really appreciate you coming to assist me. …it’s very long since I was last penetrated. …but this has to be a top secret”. In a rejoinder our lips met for the first time ever. The kiss was hot and prolonged as her hand unzipped my trouser. I followed her inviting parting gesture to her wet pink panty which I pulled to one side to feel the ‘lips’. Buy then she was stroking my
      dick. She let out a soft moan as I fingered her. She drew closer to the edge of the table as she undid my belt to leave my trouser and the “Y” heaped on my feet.

      Like wise I drew her skirt further up and the scenery is so vivid in my mind to date. There I was with a bare gorgeous mom’s pussy smiling at me and with a full erect penis ready to feast on it. The table was just the perfect size for me to approach and penetrate her pussy almost vertically-up. I gently probed her clit with my dick as she held her pant sideways for my penis to go in unhindered. The feeling of her soft, wet and hot pussy as I started penetrating was breathtaking.

      I heard a hiss from her as I had just slid in barely 2”. I paused there and gently reached for her shoulders thru her armpits to support her back. It was an easy smooth penetration amidst a long kiss. I felt like I was calmly splitting her into two as I penetrated her to the hilt. We kept motionless in that pose for some moments as she kissed my forehead to
      absorb the reality that I was deep in her and then we loosened the grip in readiness for real fucking. Her legs fumbled for support on the shelves and for the next 15-20 minutes it was heavenly sweet fucking, thrusting my slippery penis in to a woman I had fancied for so long as she fumbled to me all sorts niceties amid low moans.

      Memories of my previous fantasies of her just made me wilder and soon she breathed heavily and before I thrust twice more she collapsed with an orgasm, I saw and felt her love juices over spill my buried penis and in a matter of moments I felt my balls roll and
      irresistibly shot deep inside her. I had to support her to maintain the upright sitting posture as she milked me, with her eyes tightly closed, lips clenched and face up. I used her headscarf to wipe from her a few drop of tears on the corners of her eyes. That was
      the start and she brought a carpet in the shop which we well utilized.

      She latter admitted to me she had had a six year ‘starvation’ before I took her in the shop, due to the fear of excommunication in church. She resumed pills as we had ‘sweet’ raw sex practically every fortnight for over one year and that meant any available chance,
      including after church in her bed when her daughter was away. To date we are good ‘buddies’ and I give her a courtesy call when am in shags. The joy of making a mature older woman crush with emotions in my arms as I ‘worked on her’ compensated for her not so tight pussy and the sex was just great. Milfs are my fantasy since
      then and I know they can be really great fun.



      Sex in the Car Park, by crukdik (posted 12-07-2006, 06:00 PM):

      I had just started dating this young chick and we were yet to have sex.It was about 7 pm and we had just finished drinks in a popular Nairobi pub and we entered the car to drive her home. Sex was ont originally in our mind.As I closed the car I noticed the parking had become full and a bit dark. I looked around and noted the watchie had left to park other cars and did no realise we never drove off

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