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Kirien and Kindrie (Honor's Paradox spoilers)

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  • Matthew Brown
    Who thinks that Kirien and Kindrie are going to be a couple? It so looks like it in Honor s Paradox -- especially with Ashe s warning to Kindrie not to hurt
    Message 1 of 60 , Sep 3, 2011
      Who thinks that Kirien and Kindrie are going to be a couple? It so looks
      like it in Honor's Paradox -- especially with Ashe's warning to Kindrie not
      to hurt Kirien.


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    • mamadleau
      I think you ve hit the nail on the head
      Message 60 of 60 , Dec 10, 2011
        I think you've hit the nail on the head

        --- In kencyr@yahoogroups.com, "firestormmoon" <firestormmoon@...> wrote:
        > In Seeker's Mask, shortly after Jame and Kindrie first meet, he gives her a defense of the priesthood where he basically says that, however rotten they are now, before the fall they were heroes. Of course, he probably got his information about that time from the priests, so it could just be propaganda, but I'm inclined to think they were at least better then. I would guess that the priests had always regarded themselves as largely independent of the lords, given that their stated role was to pass down the laws given by their god. After the fall, in particular the blaming of all Shanir, which includes all the priests, I could see that gradually turning to the sort of bitterness they display, especially given that it must have seemed unfair, that one of the lords turned traitor, but no priests, and now the lords were blaming the priests for it. It would only get worse with time, as the new priests were almost entirely children hated by their families and cast out for something that wasn't their fault. The loss of the Arrin-ken left them with no one to turn to - or to stop the problems. Add the corrosive effects of their god's power on the sanity of the high priests, and the rest of the Kencyrath's determination to ignore the priests as much as possible, and I can see how they would get to this point.
        > It would be interesting to know more details, though.
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