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Re: [kencyr] Book 4, 5, 6, 7?

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  • Heidi Heustis
    So? The chief who acknowledge Jame as his son wasn t unhappy to have his very-disappointing-to-him-biological son chomped off at the feet and gobbled up by
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 3, 2004
      So? The chief who acknowledge Jame as his son wasn't unhappy to have his
      very-disappointing-to-him-biological son chomped off at the feet and gobbled
      up by the River Snake! He got rid of an unworthy son and gained a new one,
      who already could claim several braids for kills!

      Yes, but as she said so eloquently "he'll have a long wait for her to grow any braids for the sons she "sires"Also since everyone keeps mistakening her for Tori whos not to say that maybe Torri doen't fill in and do the fathering for her? After all Canieron had Graykin so obviously the Kencry are biologically compatiable with the Rathillion natives.
      I heard a spoiler years ago, it may or may not come out the way that I
      originally heard it as.
      Where do you guys keep hearing these tibits about the book plots and charters? I had a hard time finding anyone who even had heard of the books until on-line became available. Heck I couldn't even find Isle of Imangenry Lands to read the year it first was out. Prior to 1994 when Seeker's Mask came out there was virtually no new information to be had on the Kencry. A few people thought I was asking about the DragonLance series and the little michevious pickpokets that live there called kender.

      The Caineron Matriarch noticed that, I thought, and also the Earth Mother?

      The Whole Matriarch Concil noticed that and probly anyone who met her. After all the Ariken could not decide if she was an escaped darkling or not for a while. They are supose to be the "judges" and wise beyound mere mortal understanding. So if they had questinons about Jame's darkling glamor then you can bet so will anyone who meets her.

      The priests are ambivalent about her. She caused the Ishtier to start
      spouting prophecy in front of the other priests, and they wanted her to
      cause more prophesying. They hadn't known that Ishtier was a renegade.

      IS Ishtier a renegade? After all the house cast out the shanir and force them to enter into the priesthood. Do the priests really have any real aligence to anyone but The Brotherhood that molds them? I would think that it would require an Arkin Grand Jury to decide that issue. After all Ganth was the Divine Mandated HighLord, but he had been disgraced and cast off by his people so was Ishtier guilty of HIGH Treason for abandoing him? If so then are not the other Lords equally guilty? Maybe that is just part of the issue. Blood is supose to be thicker than water and Ishtier left his Baby Brother Anar to die with his lord in the Haunted lands. But again if you are going to Hell why not go all out? Screw over the Highlord, the brother, the race, the planet, and all the rest of creation. Sounds like Perminal Darkling has a hold of Istheir.

      > > Book 4 -Jame goes to Tentir, looks like the Highborn
      > > spend four years
      > > at the college before graduating, though Lordan's
      > > seem to need house
      > > approval before graduating (see Hearts of Woven
      > > Shadow).
      Do you think Jame will survive four years? Let's not forget that Tori's enemies will now be hers. Anyone with an old grudge to settle with him will be out for her. Also don't forget her winning personality that seems to atract so many enemies of her own.The Randiar Matriarch still wants the knorth women dead. So she will be cooking up a new nasty suprise for Jame. Also the Shadow Assasian guild might want to know about their master and apprientices that she last saw.Grideon will still want her back to reap for him. The changer rebellion will still want to do her and Tori in. Canerion really likes her now so he'll be looking for any chance to lay hands on her. etc...
      > > (Possibly her going to the South lands, perhaps
      > > investigating a
      > > little into the Karnid faith -could she resist?,
      > > investigation of
      > > Torisen's past, and I'd imagine there would be room
      > > for Grimly to
      > > make some appearance in this setting.)
      I could see that happening after all Jame was not happy until she solved the riddle of the Tanstigon godds.
      > > Book 5 -Jame's place is in flux again, graduated
      > > randon, perhaps
      > > another tour of duty, this time would of course give
      > > her the
      > > opprotunity to go meet either the missing Randir
      > > Lordan &/or the
      > > witch-king of Nekrein, hike the toe of the Ebonebane
      > > to Tai-Than,
      > > perhaps aid in an archaeological dig. Any other
      > > wild speculation?
      She still might met up with old buddy Cameron (spelled wrong) but will he be soo happy to see her? Rumors will have reached him about his Grandpas death and the fact that Jame might Know a little something about it. I was rooting for the Randir heir and Jame to get together but the consensus seems to be that Jame and Tori will go with tradtional inscest. Sick anin't it? Maybe what the Knorth need is some forkes in that family tree. Tori could break with tradtion and actually date outside his imediate family. I though he and Kiren would become a couple but so far no dice. Additionaly I could see he and Lyra. After all Jame says that she would be ok if she was ever taught to think.Lyra showed real potiental as an intresting character in Seeker's mask. Who knows maybe Kindrie will get over his "confusion" about men and take a notion to fall for her.
      > > T and J by this point. Its likely they can't stand
      > > to be around one
      > > another and Jame gets her own keep by accidental
      > > default. It would be
      > > perhaps at Kithorn that the her own Kendar
      > > craftsman, make the byrnie
      > > of Ivory.(If Arie is to come stay with her, I can't
      > > imagine it to be
      > > at Gothregor.)
      What is the byrnie of Ivory? I'll have to go back and read the books more carefully if I'm missing something here.
      >Stranger Blood I thought was written long before Graykin of Seeker's Mask
      appeared, though.

      True but you have to remember a thing changes or it dies. I was shocked to read the orginal short story that started this all. In my opion it was not soo good. It is hard to imagine that Jame came from that. A character and a story that is so rich with detail and can so vividly capture your imagination would have to change over time.The author even says herself that on hindsight she wishes that she hadn't written it.She offeres it up as a visit to an alternate reality that Jame may have visited in her flight from the Master's house.

      > > 3. Jame singing/storytelling? I guess this
      > > shouldn't surprise me.

      It was mentioned in Godstalk that she had had extensive memory training in
      the Kencyrath's history [but not really recent history].

      > > One of her few memories of her Mother were the
      > > stories she
      > > sung. ...Perhaps a talent that develops later.

      Do you remember Jame trying to disarm the Iron Matriarch with the Sentha patterns? Could Singing not also be an extension of this like the Dancing? The master's house was not empty of teachers so maybe Bender and or Trindays also taught her this talent. Dally is facinated with the Kencry but he also seems to be entranced with Jame as she recites the story for him. Maybe as you say it develops over time and gets better with each use of the talent.

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    • DB
      Some pictures from the recent World Science Fiction Convention (Noreascon 4):
      Message 2 of 6 , Sep 9, 2004
      • Joan Wendland
        Those were great. Any chance of Melinda posting her pictures? - Joan ...
        Message 3 of 6 , Sep 10, 2004
          Those were great. Any chance of Melinda posting her
          pictures? - Joan

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          > Some pictures from the recent World Science Fiction
          > Convention
          > (Noreascon 4):
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