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Re: Jame Skywalker

Ooh, good one! [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Sep 27

Jame Skywalker

An RPG.net thread asked how other Chosen Ones would do if picked up in Anakin's role. I suggest Jame: If she falls: "Don't be too proud of this technological
Damien Sullivan
Sep 27

Re: Digest Number 1467

As my memory serves me, Bane "died" before Pat needed to deal with the dementia. That said I watched my mother slowly die of Alzheimer's and I agree with Pat's
Apr 25

Re: [SPAM] [kencyr] re: Bane

We're seeing some of that in Adric too, that it's common for older Highborn (perhaps especially Shanir?) to become increasingly delusional. On Fri, Apr 24,
Matthew Brown
Apr 25

Re: [SPAM] [kencyr] re: Bane

... I hesitate to get all Freud on y'all, but Pat has talked in the past about how the experience of being the caregiver for a parent with advanced dementia
Apr 24

Re: Bane

There's quite a few characters that are neither alive nor fully gone in death, aren't there? Bane. Ashe. Aerulan. Rose Iron-thorn. Ganth. Probably more!
Matthew Brown
Apr 21

Re: Bane

Since there are several different 'dead' characters that reappear regularly - Ashe being the most prominent - I would say that death in Kencyr is not the
John-Alecia Flores
Apr 19

Re: Digest Number 1463

Wow, I'd always assumed he was dead, but you all have excellent arguments for a twilight existence. Joan Sent from my iPad
Apr 17

Re: Is Bane dead?

His body seemed to have disappeared from the Mercy Seat somehow. And Tai-tastigon customs regarding the dead were not HIghborn Kencyr ones--there were those
Paula Lieberman
Apr 16

Re: Is Bane dead?

Bane like Schroedinger's cat, is both dead and alive.... --Paula Lieberman ... From: 'Simon' s1m0n@... [kencyr] Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2015 06:26 PM
Paula Lieberman
Apr 16

Re: [SPAM] [kencyr] Is Bane dead?

... It's not just Bane. The entire series is packed with characters residing in the liminal zone between life and death.* In fact, the question "what is
Apr 16

Re: Is Bane dead?

... Please trim the messages you reply to. As for Bane... if his body's been burned or rotted, and his soul is wandering around, is that different from being
Damien Sullivan
Apr 16

Re: Is Bane dead?

Only Pat can really say. It says a man who has lost his soul is very hard to kill, but not impossible. In a message dated 4/16/2015 12:28:26 P.M. Central
Apr 16

Is Bane dead?

So, I asked this question http://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/50871/in-p-c-hodgells-kencyrath-books-is-bane-dead on the SF&F Stack Exchange and got
Apr 16

Re: [META]

Hey Faith You are posting with a wall of text after message. Damien think an email app you are using is causing it. Please read message #5150 from Damien for
Dec 18, 2014
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