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The fate of America is almost sealed

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  • confederate_patriot_75
    More and more every day we see the signs of America s destruction, and that of her people. The first blow against The Constitution, and The Bill Of Rights was
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      More and more every day we see the signs of America's destruction,
      and that of her people. The first blow against The Constitution, and
      The Bill Of Rights was made by Abraham Lincoln, and as you may
      already have guessed the last Constitutional Government in North
      America was forced into Socialist rule in 1865.
      Moreover, after more then a century and a half of conditioning and
      programming Big Brotherment is about to deal us our final blow. The
      Nanny States of America have worked hard and long at removing our
      rights by imposing small, but not complete bans and restrictions on
      us, then making them ever more restrictive over time.
      The second you regulate a right, it ceases to be a right and becomes
      a privilege that can be taken away.
      Don't believe it just look at the Second Amendment of the
      In our modern times you can be labeled a terrorist and be imprisoned
      indefinitely with out trial, or put before a military tribunal even
      if you are not a combatant.
      States have chosen to tell you that you can not smoke inside of your
      own place of business or allow others to do so. Free will no longer
      exists and neither does privacy.
      The Government can wiretap without warrant and places us all in
      multiple data bases so that our activities, both personal and
      financial can be tracked. The Government has access to your medical
      records and the list goes on.
      The Socialist Global Agenda is in its final stages, but how do we
      fight back?
      Not thru force of arms, since we don't have tanks and automatic
      weapons, armed helicopters, and I am sure you can see where this is
      going. In the next 20 years if gone unchecked Law Enforcement will be
      knocking on every door to disarm and imprison trouble makers and
      enemies of the state.
      We all know that we must be prepared for direct conflict, and how you
      chose to prepare is up to the individual, whether it is sword and
      bow, or firearm, it is a personal choice.
      The greatest weapon we have now is civil disobedience. What if
      everyone in a county refused to register their vehicles, or renew
      their driver's license? Are you going to prosecute the whole county,
      and if every one were cited and challenged the tickets on the grounds
      that licensing does not insure better drivers, and that in order to
      be secure in ones processions forced registration was wrong, and
      other people in other counties did the same and enough people bogged
      down the courts in such mass that they could not conduct any other
      business the two requirements would disappear. The state would loose
      the revenue it generated, but DMV's would close and government would
      shrink, and people would make a huge gain in freedom.
      The same would apply to any law. A law is only a law if people follow
      it. If people violate a city smoking ban in bars it would become more
      costly for the city to enforce and it to would be repealed. If you
      don't think so, just look at prohibition.
      If we are to start turning back the tides of doom and slavery, then
      we need to cease being citizens and start being free men and women.
      This is only to set you to thinking before my full paper is
      completed. We do not have another twenty years to plan to do
      something, we have to begin today if our children have any hopes of
      being anything more then servants to a police state, and the first
      step is to stop trying to fix the system, as it is broken beyond
      repair, and our forefathers left us all the tools we need in The
      Declaration of Independence.


      Joseph A. Dickeson
      Colonel CSA Partisan Rangers
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