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new adress web site C.S.S. ALABAMA

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  • civil_war_csa_fr
    Hello, Following problems with my lodger certain photos and pictures of fund are transformed in advertisement for ����Fortunecity����. My site
    Message 1 of 191 , Oct 12, 2001
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      Hello,<br>Following problems with my lodger
      certain photos and pictures of fund are<br>transformed in
      advertisement for �Fortunecity�.<br>My site remained therefore
      closed the time to adjust the problem.<br>Here is the
      address.<br><a href=http://cssalabama.multimania.com/ target=new>http://cssalabama.multimania.com/</a><br>Thank you for your understanding and please accept my
      most sincere<br>apologies.<br>Patrick
      Ramskindt<br>***********************************************************<br>new web site C.S.S ALABAMA<br><br>Hello to all,<br>My
      site is visible on the web
      :<br><a href=http://cssalabama.multimania.com/ target=new>http://cssalabama.multimania.com/</a><br><br>Thank you to all those that gave me their authorization
      of publication,<br>notably for the photos.<br>All my
      sources are indicated.<br>Thank you also to all those
      that my assisted by information or advices.<br><br>My
      site is in French and in American.<br>You will find
      the score of photos there of which some unpublished
      and a lot<br>of other information and
      documents.<br>This site is a homage in the CSS Alabama and to sound
      the heroic crew.<br>Thank you.<br>Patrick Ramskindt
      (France).<br>Contacts :<br>armyofcsa@... <
      mailto:armyofcsa@... >
    • shucksdotnet
      Message 191 of 191 , Jan 25, 2002
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