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Sept 8, 2004 - Kaye's Quilting Friends Email Newsletter.

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  • Terrye Kinch
    Kaye s Quilting Friends Email Newsletter. Search Our Online Catalog!: http://www.kayewood.com ... Kaye s Free Quilting and Sewing Online E-Newsletter Sept 8,
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      Kaye's Quilting Friends Email Newsletter.
      Search Our Online Catalog!:

      Kaye's Free Quilting and Sewing Online E-Newsletter

      Sept 8, 2004

      Well, I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Even with one extra day to my weekend, I found I could really use one more! Not that I overexerted myself or anything. If you call riding in a boat, shopping, barbecuing and bon fires exertion, then I way over did it. This weekend I finally got to be the guest and I'll tell you what, now I know why everyone comes to my house to stay. Being the guest is fantastic! Someone else worrying about dinner and entertainment and sleeping arrangements. I think this is going to be my new found hobby! I have a big family, so if I picked a different one to stay with each weekend, I could be gone for hmmm---about 2 months straight. If they let me do a little laundry while I'm there, I can be in total gypsy mode in no time at all. Sleeping in your own bed is way over rated, right? All right, who am I kidding! I'm a creature of habit. Being gone for a weekend is fine or even a couple of weeks. But after awhile I do want my own bed and my own things. I like to season my food the way I like it and shower in my own bathroom. I guess the old cliché stands true---there really is no place like home!

      As we stated before, our specials are now running for 2 weeks at a time. People seem to like this better and it gives them a chance to check things out thoroughly and not have to rush an order in. So, until further notice, we're going to keep it this way.

      Sept 8 - 21

      2 week special 99 cent s/h on anything Stack-n-Whack

      For the next two weeks when you order anything that is Stack-n-Whack, your shipping will be only 99 cents. Whether you buy one Stack-n-Whack book, two or just the tool, your shipping will only be 99 cents. Buy all the Stack-n-Whack items we carry, and the shipping will only be 99 cents! What a deal!

      Perhaps you are already familiar with Bethany Reynolds and her Stack-n-Whack books? No? Well, let me tell you a little about it. Stack-n-Whack is an easy way to create quilt blocks with unique kaleidoscope designs. These designs have to have a set of identical pieces cut from a print fabric. Instead of finding and cutting each piece one by one, a quilter can cut and layer a large number of rectangles to make a stack. Each triangle or wedge cut from the stack produces a block kit of identical pieces that will create the kaleidoscope effect. Simple methods for pinwheel and star designs are also included. Tons of projects in each book, both have beautiful color pictures plus tips on fabric selection, fabric requirements for each project and total supply lists. Easy to read and do, you soon will be among the hundreds who are Stack-n-Whackin! Paper templates are included in the books, but the Stack-n-Whack Triangle Tool is available and suggested for insured accuracy.

      So buy 1 book, buy 2, or buy both and the tool and your s/h will be only 99 cents! This offer is only good for 2 weeks, so order now.


      Serger Patchwork Projects - Free!

      Everyone really seems to love something free. So guess what? We're going to give away a free book this month too! When you spend $25 or more for the month of September, we will also include with your order, Serger Patchworks by Kaye Wood. This book is everything you've wanted and needed to know about using a Serger. Projects for every skill level of quilter, this book has complete instructions, supply lists and teacher pages. Tips on how to finish your project include, machine quilting, tying a quilt, plus borders and bindings. Yet another great book to have for your Kaye Wood collection. It normally retails for $9.95 and you can get it free with any $25 purchase for the rest of this month. To take advantage of this great offer, just click below.


      Buy $25 of the Stack-n-Whack products and your s/h still remains 99 cents plus, you get the Serger Patchworks book free with no additional s/h!


      What's Happening...

      Tick tock, tick tock, time is definitely running out for people to sign up for the Kaye Wood seminar at Houghton Lake, MI. We have had a fantastic response for this event but some seats are still available. Don't miss out on this fabulous, fun day with Kaye Wood! Sign up today!

      Have you always wanted to meet Kaye? Now is your chance! Kaye is giving a one day seminar at beautiful Houghton Lake, Michigan on September 15, 2004. For $25.00 you can reserve your spot and spend the day with Kaye Wood. Always informative and entertaining, join Kaye as she takes you through the fun process of strip quilting! This event takes place at the exquisite Comfort Suites on the shores of beautiful Houghton Lake. A marvelous luncheon is included, so come join the fun and don't be left out. There are still some spots open but this event is filling fast, so don't delay! To sign up online, just click here:

      Calling all people in the great Lone Star state!

      Hereee's Kaye! September 9-12, 2004, enjoy classes from a dozen professionals, like our own Kaye Wood, Sandra Bezina, Trevor Conquergood, Tammie Bowser and more. Take a 3 day getaway and come back with better quilting and embroidery skills - regardless of your skill level. At Love 2 Learn Schools, you'll get hands-on, intensive instruction from top industry professionals. Enrollment is limited and time is running out, so to ensure the maximum one-on-one instruction time, visit their site at http://www.love2learnschools.com/ to pre-register.

      Here are some other listings to see if Kaye Wood is coming to an event near you!
      Novi, MI, American Sewing Expo---10/1/04 thru 10/3/04, 1-248-889-3111

      Kansas City, MO, Original Sewing and Quilt Expo---10/14/04 thru 10/17/04, 1-800-699-6309

      Houston, TX, International Quilt Market---10/29/04 thru 11/1/04, 1-713-781-6864

      Minneapolis, MN, Original Sewing and Quilt Expo---11/11/04 thru 11/13/04

      To check out Kaye's upcoming teaching schedule, just click here:

      Questions and Answers with Kaye

      Q: I have bought some vintage fabrics from a yard sale and was wondering if I should launder them before making them into a quilt?
      K: Yes, definitely launder them if they need it, but remember that older fabrics especially, tend to shrink and their colors can run.

      Q: I was wondering if a button stitch setting could be used for satin stitching.
      K: The buttonhole symbol is not for satin stitching. Center the needle and adjust the width of the stitch as needed. Try a 3 width and adjust the length to a 1 or use the satin stitch feature on your machine if it is available.

      Q: I would like details for quilting a log cabin design.
      K: I like to have my log cabins quilted in anything but squares. Try this: quilt a motif in the center of each block then quilt curves or circles around the center block.

      What's New

      DVD's are here! Now you have 2 different avenues to watch your favorite Kaye's Quilting Friends episodes, VHS format or DVD! Just enter "VHS" or "DVD" into the search box on any page and you'll get a listing of what we have.

      We now have an updated page on how to strip cut your hexagons! Available in html or pdf format, just click on the link you need below.

      Have you checked out our new online catalog? A whole new look and format makes it much nicer to check out all the things we carry now. Easier to navigate with convenient thumbnail pictures to click on; you really need to check it out! You can read it on the web or download it to your computer by clicking here:

      Correction: One of our subscribers wondered how to calculate yardage for a quilt. Go here: http://www.quilterscache.com and look for "Calculating Yardage" on the dropdown menu on their first page.

      Place the Starmaker 6 on the Hexagon

      Other great links.

      You still haven't checked out Kaye's 1700 series? You don't know what you're missing! New guests, new products, new ideas. Don't miss out, just click below and check it out for yourself!

      The best deals in town can be found on our Clearance Page. Updated daily, check back often for great buys!

      PBS television stations across the United States are showing Kaye's Quilting Friends. If it is not available in your area or to find out the schedule for when it's playing, click the link below.

      Message Board

      Our message board is a great place to get information, techniques, tips or just make a new friend! Join the many who already have and get feed back and info on what's happening with your fellow quilters. To post your message or to check out what other people are saying, just click on this link: http://bbs.cartserver.com/bbs/a/8058/index.cgi

      Don't forget if you need someone to contact you, put your e-mail address in with your message, otherwise they have no way to get in touch.


      Well gang, I guess that's all for this week! Let us know if you need anything or if we can help you out in any way! From all of us at Kaye Wood Inc., keep smiling, keep loving and above all .......keep quilting! :-)

      Take Care, Joyce Horn

      Copyright 2004 Kaye Wood, Inc

      email: terrye@...

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