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Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter - June 28, 2005

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  • Terrye Kinch
    _____ Kaye s Quilting Friends Quilting and Sewing Newsletter!
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      Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter - June 28nd.

      Kaye's Quilting Friends Quilting and Sewing Newsletter!

      Ok, it’s hot! I get that, but my snowblower is crying! Maybe some of you gals from “Down Under” would like to adopt it, it would most likely be much happier this time of year down there! Actually, if you have an extra room…… Never mind.

      Before I forget, next week I’ll be on vacation, so this newsletter is for 2 weeks.

      This week, we have lots of fun stuff for you. A new sale, some questions and answers from Kaye, and a lost quilt. Read on…

      I mentioned a new sale, and here it is!

      Fantastic Fans and Wedge Designs and the Starmaker 5 Master Template

      For the next 2 weeks, you can get Kaye’s Fantastic Fans and Wedge Designs Book for ½ price with the purchase of the Starmaker 5 Master Template. This is the set that makes it all possible! Dresden Plates? We got ‘em!! Fans and Wedges? They’re yours! Along with all of the hints and tips that make them work and play well together. Kaye's Fantastic Fans Book has 40 pages with 35 projects that are perfect for the beginner or intermediate quilter.  Lots of color photos and diagrams, each chapter starts with the basic wedge shape, strip cut with the Starmaker 5, and then continues with its own specialized technique.   Each project can be made on a larger or smaller scale simply by changing the width of the strip with charts included to help you do this easily. It doesn’t get easier than this to make complicated looking quilts. Did I say “easy” one too many times? That’s because it is! You just have to try it.


      Strip Quilting Projects Book 9

      Our June sale continues to be a smash hit! Strip Quilting Projects Book 9 for $6.00. SQ9 features a wonderful Victorian Sampler quilt. 12 different blocks shown in full color, trimmed with laces, ribbons and decorative machine stitching. Techniques include kaleidoscope, bias tubes, half-squares, quarter-squares and stripped stars. Also, as with all of Kaye's books, fabric preparation, measuring and cutting tips, along with sewing and pressing advice, is included. Easy enough for a beginner, challenging enough for the more advanced, Strip Quilting 9 will prove to be one of your favorites! For the month of June, this book can be yours for $6 plus s/h! That's half off the regular retail price! Order today!


      Kaye Answers Her Readers’ Questions.

      From Joan: What is a good general rule for pressing on pieced quilting patterns?

      Kaye: A general rule is to always press toward the darker fabric, this eliminates the darker fabric showing through the lighter fabric.

      From Evelyn: Do you prefer to use bias or straight bindings on your quilts?

      Kaye: Actually I prefer straight binding. It’s easier to put on, looks better and uses less fabric. I use bias binding for scalloped and curved edges. You can use bias binding for straight edges if you prefer.

      Kaye has more tips and techniques on her tips page, http://www.kayewood.com/tips.html

      Jean asks about a machine for just quilting. No embroidery stitches needed, just needle threader, thread cutter, drop feed dogs, ¼” foot….

      Kaye: My preference would be the Janome 6500. It’s a good price and has the features you’ve mentioned.

      Do you have a question for Kaye? Send it here: mailto:terrye@...?subject=question

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      Guilds and Events!

      Do you know we have a page on our site to list your quilting guilds?

      Go here: http://www.kayewood.com/guild.html

      And your quilting events also, here: http://www.kayewood.com/events.html

      Our message board links:

      http://www.kayewood.com/forums   or here:   http://bbs.cartserver.com/bbs/a/8058/index.cgi

      Our Home Page


      Lost Quilt….

      The Chester Mystery Play Quilt

      On Wednesday, May 25, 2005, The Mystery Play Quilt was stolen from the Chester Cathedral in Chester England . It was on display at the Visitor's Entrance and was taken right off the pole which was attached to wall brackets. The entire news story can be seen at The Guardian online news source.

      This original 9 ft by 6 ft quilt was made by American artist BJ Elvgren in 1995, but is not labeled. It is a montage of scenes from the medieval plays set in the City of Chester and it has a border of earth below and stars above. It highlights distinctive landmarks of the city itself including half-timbered buildings and the cathedral. It includes embroidery and metallic fabrics.

      For more info on this and other lost quilts, go here:


      I hope you have had the chance to check out the new QNN! The feedback we've gotten, is that it's fantastic! Here are some of the great shows QNN is airing.

      Friends in the Bee**Kaye's Quilting Friends**The Quilters Toolbox! **Fons & Porter**Quilt in a Day**Quilter's Coffee**Quilter's Tea

      You can check out QNN and all your favorite programs by clicking the provided link below.


      Sail & Strip Event

      Houghton Lake , Michigan  

      July 23rd, 2005

       $45.00  ticket price includes: Lunch and Kaye Wood Lecture

      Boat departs at 12:30 pm Docks back at 3:00 pm

        Attention Michigan Quilters: We want you to join us for the Sail and Strip event hosted by Suze's Stitch'n and Kaye Wood.

       Take a 2 1/2 hour boat cruise in Houghton Lake , Michigan  while Kaye Wood shares her quilting expertise with you.  

      You've seen Kaye Strip on her TV show, Kaye's Quilting Friends. NOW watch her Strip her quilts in person. Her seminars are lots of fun and educational. You will lean how easy and how much fun quilting can be with Kaye's original techniques that insure success and inspire creativity. She designs for both the pointed and the pointless people, so there is something for everyone. She also shares some of the fun things, and not so funny things, that have happened to her on the road to quilting. Kaye brings lots of her quilts and shares with you step-by-step exactly how to make these quilts.

       For more information contact Suze's Stitch'n at 989-366-5252

      That’s all for this week!

      Keep stitchin, keep quiltin’ and above all, keep cool!

      To our American friends, have a wonderful holiday!


      Copyright 2005 Kaye Wood, Inc.


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