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Kaye's Quilting Friends Email Newsletter - Aug 24, 2004

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  • Terrye Kinch
    Kaye s Quilting Friends Email Newsletter. Search Our Online Catalog!: http://www.kayewood.com ... Kaye s Free Quilting and Sewing Online E-Newsletter Aug 24,
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      Kaye's Quilting Friends Email Newsletter.
      Search Our Online Catalog!:

      Kaye's Free Quilting and Sewing Online E-Newsletter

      Aug 24, 2004

      I don't know about anyone else, but have you noticed the leaves are starting to change color? Whenever I mention this fact to the girls here in the office, I get a resounding, "shut up", for my trouble. I guess they don't care for the obvious being pointed out to them. Could be they don't like to rake leaves or just maybe it's because I add, "Christmas is only 4 months away"--I'm not sure.

      Not that we don't love Fall around here. The consensus is that it's one of our favorite seasons, with all the beautiful color it brings with it. I think it's the season after Fall that gives us chills and shivers up and down our spine. When Winter makes its' presence known in Northern Michigan, it's a great big "hello" right in the face that wakes you right up! We seem to have lost that gradual blend from one season to the next. It's like 70 degrees one day and 2 feet of snow on our door step the next. Alright, maybe not that quick, but it sure seems like it! But I refuse to dwell on that! I'm determined to just enjoy the passing of Summer into Fall and let Winter take care of itself! Afterall, it's easier to rake leaves than shovel snow anyday!

      As we stated before, our specials are now running for 2 weeks at a time. People seem to like this better and it gives them a chance to check things out thoroughly and not have to rush an order in. So, until further notice, we're going to keep it this way.

      Aug 24 - Sept 6

      Strip Quilting Projects Book 2 - FREE with $15.00 purchase.

      This week we're all about FREE. With any order of $15 or more, before shipping, you will get a copy of Kaye Wood's Strip Quilting Projects #2, absolutely free! No additional shipping will be added, it is really FREE! Great for gift giving, this second book in Kaye's popular strip quilting series has 41 pages with 12 projects. Kaye's techniques include, log cabin diamonds, pineapples and piped prairie points to name a few. Check out the projects for wall hangings, placemats, baskets and baby quilts. You'll love her "Rocky Road", scrap quilt and "Hot Air Balloons", patterns. Just order anything over $15 and we we'll add this one-of-a-kind book to your order. A great way to start your Kaye Wood collection or to add to it, order here:


      Spend $15 and you will get both of these fantastic Kaye Wood books, absolutely FREE!


      Free Stardust Quilt Pattern!

      Things are winding down with our August monthly special. You have to get it while the getting is good, so if you haven't check it out, here's the deal. When you spend a mere $10, (not including s/h) we will give you FREE, Kaye's Stardust Quilt Book. This pattern is total Log Cabin Diamonds that can be strip pieced and combined into tumbling blocks, 6 pointed stars, hexagons or a full size quilt. Originally retails for $8, you can get this classic, one of the first patterns by Kaye Wood, free with any order of $10 or more. This value is good for the whole month, and is a must have for your Kaye Wood collection, so order here:


      Cottage Quilting features fabrics such as Moda, Marcus Brothers, Chanteclaire, Avlyn Creations and much more!! We have just started a Block Of The Month, new Locker Rug Hooking Kits, monthly specials and a monthly newsletter. Check us out at www.cottagequilting.com
      Online Catalog
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      Have you checked out our new online catalog? Terrye's been working hard on it and it's now up to check out. A total new look, easier navigating and easy to click on images. I must say, it makes it, well, easier. So check it out! You can read it on the web or download it to your computer by clicking here:


      DVD's are here! Now you have 2 different avenues in which to watch your favorite Kaye's Quilting Friends episodes, VHS format or DVD! Just enter "VHS" or "DVD" into the search box on any page and you'll get a listing of what we have.

      Message Board

      Our message board is a great place to get information, techniques, tips or just make a new friend! Join the many who already have and get feed back and info on what's happening with your fellow quilters. To post your message or to check out what other people are saying, just click on this link: http://bbs.cartserver.com/bbs/a/8058/index.cgi

      Don't forget if you need someone to contact you, put your e-mail address in with your message, otherwise they have no way to get in touch.

      Attention: All subscribers in or around the Reno, NV or Dallas, Texas area

      Did you know Kaye Wood will be there this week? Check her out and take a class at the Reno, NV, Quilt & Embroidery Festival featuring "Sew-n-Such". Kaye and Lori will be there from 8/26/04 - 8/29/04 so stop by the booth and say "hello". For more information or to sign up for classes, call 1-775-856-3224 or just click here:


      Time is running out to join in on the fun in Dallas. Enjoy classes from a dozen professionals, like our own Kaye Wood, Sandra Bezina, Trevor Conquergood, Tammie Bowser and more. Take a 3 day getaway and come back with better quilting and embroidery skills - regardless of your skill level. At Love 2 Learn Schools, you'll get hands-on, intensive instruction from top industry professionals. Enrollment is limited so to ensure the maximum one-on-one instruction time, visit their site at http://www.love2learnschools.com/ to pre-register.

      Where in the World Is Kaye?

      Here are some more upcoming events where you can catch Kaye Wood.

      Reno, NV, Quilt & Embroidery Festival featuring "Sew-n-Such", 8/26/04 - 8/29/04, 1-775-856-32

      Houghton Lake, MI, Comfort Suites, 9/15/04

      Novi, MI, American Sewing Expo, 10/1/04 - 10/3/04, 1-248-889-3111

      Kansas City, MO, Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, 10/14/04 - 10/17/04, 1-800-699-6309

      To check out all of Kaye's upcoming teaching schedule, just click here:



      What's New?

      DVD's are here! Now you have 2 different avenues in which to watch your favorite Kaye's Quilting Friends episodes, VHS format or DVD! Just enter "VHS" or "DVD" into the search box on any page and you'll get a listing of what we have.


      Time is running out to get in on the Houghton Lake, MI seminar on September 15, 2004. For $25.00 you can reserve your spot and spend the day with Kaye Wood. Always informative and entertaining, join Kaye as she takes you through the fun process of strip quilting! This event takes place at the Comfort Suites on the shores of beautiful Houghton Lake. You do the math. Kaye Wood seminar, fantastic luncheon and breathtaking scenery combined, equal one great day! This event is filling fast so don't delay! To sign up online, just click here:

      Don't miss out on Kaye's latest 1700 series! New items, new guests, you can check it all out by clicking here:

      Our Clearance Page is updated daily. Make sure you check it out for some really great buys. Just click here:

      You can contact your PBS station to find out when Kaye's Quilting Friends is available or to request that it be shown if you don't have it. Click on the link below and enter your zip code. It should bring up all of your local PBS stations. Pick your station and go to schedule, it's as easy as that. Just click here:

      The Tips Page has been updated and now has Kaye's Hanging Sleeve on it. Check it out here:

      Check out Quilting Events near and abroad. Updated weekly, see what's going on here:


      Well gang, I guess that's all for this week! Let us know if you need anything or if we can help you out in any way! From all of us at Kaye Wood Inc., keep smiling, keep loving and above all .......keep quilting! :-)

      Take Care, Joyce Horn

      Copyright 2004 Kaye Wood, Inc

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