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KayeWood.com Weekly Email Newsletter Week of 8.5.14 - New Products, Lighthouse Quilts and new FR** Epattern!

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  • Terrye Kinch
    Can t Read This In Your Email? Click HERE for the Real Deal! Hi Quilters! Today at the Cabin: The.
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      Can't Read This In Your Email? Click HERE for the Real Deal!

      Hi Quilters!

      Today at the Cabin:

      The. Leave. Are. Changing!

      Yes, you heard me right. The leaves are starting to show their colors and decorating the lawn. The ferns are dying and the roadside Sumacs are adorned in bright red. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, it's TOO EARLY and you would be correct. I'm assuming that this is a forwarning towards a long, cold winter. I'm also asking Murphy invoke his law that says (roughly translated), "If you are prepared for a long, cold winter, I will send a short, heat infused couple of months". So, see? Any way you look at it, I'm ready!

      Tomatoes are still green and not very many of them this year. I blame it on the bees. Same as the peppers, melons, squash and cukes. There's just nothing out there to pollinate the blooms. Sadness and lots of bad words....

      So there you have it, my diatribe on the local conditions!

      On a more positive note... we have some really cute new patterns in the house!


      Dancing Circles Sweatshirt Pattern by Quilted Garden.

      Take an old, outdated sweatshirt (because sweatshirt season is right around the corner, right Murphy? (wink, wink...) and decorate it with circles.



      Fall Welcome Banner Pattern

      New in the Shop HERE


      Mom's Apple Pie Wallhanging Pattern

      New in the Shop HERE


      Liliana Quilt Pattern

      New in the Shop HERE

      This week, on our sale page, We are featuring the Lighthouse and August patterns. All of our Waterfall Quilt Patterns are on sale as well as hurt and clearance items too.

      Remember.... orders over $50.00 are fr** shipping (US only, sorry)

      Go HERE for all of our sale, hurt and clearance items.

      Lots of cool new stuff on our New Page too!

      What's On Sale....

      All this and MORE on our Sale Page!


      Sandpipers on Parade Pattern



      Out To Sea Wallhanging Pattern



      Hot August Table Mat Pattern



      Point Vincente, CA Lighthouse Pattern



      August Gladiola Wallhanging Pattern



      My Waterfall Quilt Pattern



      Lighthouse Beach Button Quilt Pattern



      August Holiday House Quilt Pattern


      New In The Shop....


      Simply Dry Dish Drying Mat and Mug Rug Pattern

      On Our What's New Page


      Crazy Love Bedrunner and Pillow Sham Pattern

      On Our What's New Page


      Autumn Splendors Wallhanging Pattern

      On Our What's New Page


      Fall Pumpkins All Around Pattern

      On Our What's New Page

      Bias Bindings Simplified by Janice Pope of Anything But Boring

      on our YouTube Channel



      Why Use Cotton Thread....

      Early in my patchworking career I was taught to choose 100% cotton thread for both piecing and quilting, to safeguard my work.

      The theory goes like this, cotton threads will protect your cotton projects because the threads will not be stronger than the fabric, and therefore they won't cut through the fabric at the seams. If you plan for your quilt to be loved, and used, you can expect that it will be subjected to lots of handling over it's life. It is always much easier to replace a line of stitching than to try to repair a seam line where the fabric has been cut by the thread.

      Cotton threads are also kinder to your sewing machine because they will break before they bend a valuable part and are not likely to cut channels in the thread path.

      I can remember when the synthetic knit fabrics (crimpalene etc) first started appearing on the market people stopped using 100% cotton thread and started using polyester threads because they were stretchy, to match the fabric.

      Some of these early threads were so strong that they actually damaged the sewing machine. In the late 1970s, when I worked in a craft/ machine shop, the sewing machine mechanic showed me the damage that some of the threads were causing to the machines. He was finding grooves & channels were being cut into the thread path and he attributed it to the thread being much tougher/stronger than the cotton thread people used previously.

      I am pleased to be able to say that polyester threads have improved since that time and the good quality threads are now "machine" safe.

      However, after that visual example I was always careful to pay attention to the quality of the thread when dressmaking and this followed on to my patchwork.

      A good guide to use to test a thread is to try snapping it with your fingers. The thread should not break immediately (too weak) but you should be able to snap it before it cuts your fingers.

      If you find that the thread is so strong that it cuts you before snapping, then image what constant use will do to your machine.

      So think about your machine, even though it may be more expensive to buy good quality thread, if you have a good sewing machine then you shouldn't have to think twice about choosing a quality thread.

      Monofilament is another thread to be wary of using on your machine. Despite popular opinion, many machine mechanics claim that it is does damage the tension dials and thread path. If you use this type of thread be sure to choose the finest best quality possible and give it a "break test" before considering it for your machine.

      I am a firm believer that colour matching thread to your fabric will enhance your quilt. There are so many beautiful cotton threads available today that when you think about the time and money that you invest in the making of a quilt, the cost of a spool of good quality cotton thread is insignificant in the total cost.

      However one thing to be aware of when choosing cotton thread is that not all cotton thread is created equal. Some are not designed for use in the sewing machine. Never use a "quilting" thread, that has been waxed or glazed, in your machine. This thread is designed to be used for hand quilting and the waxing materials used to coat the surface of the thread can gum up the tension discs on your sewing machine.

      If you have not yet tried cotton sewing thread for you patchwork consider using Cotton Mako' in your next project.

      It is made by AURIfil in Milan Italy using MAKO' the BEST grade of 100% long staple Egyptian cotton. This mercerised cotton thread is an exceptional quality and value. It the cleanest, smoothest, almost lint free thread on the market making it a high quality thread with very little 'fuzz' to accumulate in the bobbin race when stitching.

      Cotton Mako can be used for a wide variety of your sewing, quilting, embroidering and serging projects. It is excellent for all your hand piecing, quilting and applique projects and can be used in all home and commercial embroidering and quilting machines. It is also competitively priced to make it an economical choice for a high quality thread.

      Just a final comment on the use of embroidery polyester threads such as Aurilux when quilting. If you test these threads you will find that they pass the "snap" test and are therefore safe to use on your precious projects. They will give a wonderful sheen to the stitching and will not cause any problems to the fabric when used in wall hangings and other "low use" items. If you wish to use Aurilux on a bed quilt, or other item that will have heavy use, and are concerned about potential stress damage I would recommend that you use Cotton Mako in the bobbin. This way you will still have the brilliant colors of the Aurilux threads on the surface but the added safety of a cotton thread on the back to reduce any stress on the fabric.

      Visit the Site HERE


      Reader's Show and Tell....

      The dragon quilt is my first attempt at trapunto. I was afraid because the applique is on satin fabric and the satin stitch usually makes a mess. I used one of my better machines and took my time. Did a lot of thinking and planning before quilting. Funny thing I would cut out the pieces and then misplace them for a month. Guess that gave me time to think......Jacqueline

      Send me pictures of your creations and we'll put them here and on our Show and Tell Page.

      On Sale This Week....


      Big Sable, MI Lighthouse Pattern



      Boston Lighthouse Pattern



      Heceta Head, OR Lighthouse Pattern




      Assateague Island Lighthouse Pattern



      Cape Hattaras, NC Lighthouse Pattern!


      Use all of the patterns in this series to create this stunning Lighthouse Quilt!


      FR** E-Pattern....

      Nebula Epattern


      Quick, look up in the sky and catch of glimpse of Nebula. This easy lone star pattern is made from 11 different fabrics, and ringed with color, just like the exploding star it's name is captured from.

      88" x 88"

      Uses the Starmaker 8 Master Template



      DVD of the Week....

      Double Wedding Ring Technique and DVD

      This unique and lovely envelope quilt is the perfect way to convey how you feel. Whether it be treats, fond memorabilia or your own personal messages, fill the envelopes with your favorites! Fat quarter friendly, Love Letters can be made in 3 different sizes, all included in this pattern with full instructions and supply lists. Use your imagination and choose a fabric to make it your own such as: a baby quilt with cute little baby surprises, racing car fabric with little Hot Wheels in each envelope, sweet treats fabric with little candies as a surprise, or fish fabric with lures in each envelope, the possibilities are endless! Watch as Elisa takes the fear out of curves and shows you how easy they can be, while making her Double Wedding Ring Quilt from the Melon Block book, (sold separately).

      DVD and Book are on sale this week, HERE


      List Your Event....

      Kaye Wood's 14 Day Quilting Cruise to Hawaii - Nov 28-Dec 13, 2015, kaye@... http://www.kayewood.com/Hawaiian_Quilting_Cruise.pdf

      All across the land, Quilt Guilds and Groups are gearing up for their shows. Get yours listed!

      Looking for a Quilt Show to attend? Check out our listing. If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!


      Pumpkin Days Wallhanging Pattern



      Pumpkins All Around Tablerunner Pattern



      Dancing Circle Sweatshirt Pattern


      A Note About Facebook....

      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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      Our daily Facebook Deals are better and better every day. Different deals each day and they're all on our sale page Best to check the sale pages every day to make sure you're not missing out on anything, or better yet.... sign up for our Facebook page.

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      Flower Of The Month For July....

      Basket of Forget-Me-Nots Pattern

      Click on More Details to watch this technique.

      More Details

      This Week on our YouTube Channel....

      Gracie Tote by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl designs

      Click HERE To watch this technique

      Click HERE for the pattern


      "Pitter Patches", our Twitter Bird is making Dandelion Wine....Follow us....



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      Welcome to the 15th Annual Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival - September 27 & 28, 2014


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      This Week in History, Aug 6-12....

      Aug 06, 1945 - American bomber drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima

      Aug 07, 1947 - Wood raft makes 4,300-mile voyage

      Aug 08, 1974 - Nixon resigns

      Aug 09, 1974 - Unusual succession makes Ford president

      Aug 10, 1846 - Smithsonian Institution created

      Aug 11, 1934 - Federal prisoners land on Alcatraz

      Aug 12, 1990 - Skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex discovered



      Have a Great Week! And, if you have a passion, get out and enjoy it!

      Terrye and Kita

      Questions? Email Us!

      KayeWood.com Copyright 2014




      Terrye Kinch





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