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KayeWood.com Quilting and Sewing Newsletter Week of 1.9.14. Ellen Medlock Purses and Quilts, New Patterns in the Shop and More New Year's Resolutions

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  • Terrye Kinch
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2014

    Can't Read This In Your Email? Click HERE for the Real Deal!


    In This Issue....

    • Today at the Cabin
    • What's on Sale? Ellen Medlock Designs and More Clearance Items
    • What's New?
    • List Your Event
    • Like us on Facebook!
    • New Year's Resolutions
    • Strip Quilting Projects Book Mega Sale
    • Heartfelt Quilt Pattern
    • Emeralds and Amethysts Technique DVD
    • DVD of the Week - Pantry Purses
    • This Week on our YouTube Channel - Life In The Meadow
    • This Week in History
    • Quilting Cruise To The Caribbean
    • Everyone Can Quilt Book On Sale
    • Starmaker's Ablaze Book on Sale
    • Our Reader's Show and Tell
    • Fun Things I've Found on the Web
    • Making A Hanging Sleeve By Machine
    • Paypal

    Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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    Welcome to the 15th Annual Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival

    September 27 & 28, 2014

    Hi Quilters!

    Today at the Cabin:

    More cold. Cold, cold, cold!

    Temps well below 0 with wind chills in the frightening double digits. (The lowest temps I've seen, yes this is true, is -80 wind chill, in Northen Michigan.) I wasn't dumb enough to go out then and I'm not now, lol, other than to check on my critters. They are a hardy lot though, it's not really bothering any of them too much. As long as they have plenty of fresh water, hay and a place to get out of the wind, they are fine. And, it's supposed to warm up to the mid 30s with rain this weekend. Can anyone say "MESS"?

    Good, great and awesome weather for staying inside and quilting, or knitting, or..... well, anything but cleaning!


    Akita, aka Kita doing what she does best, in between chewing everything up and galloping like a horse through the house. It is sooooo tiring being a puppy!


    This week we have a selection from our Ellen Medlock line on sale.

    Go HERE for all of our sale and clearance items.

    Lots of cool new stuff on our New Page too!

    What's On Sale....

    All this and MORE on our Sale Page!

    A selection of our Moon and Stars Patterns are on sale!


    The Pochette Bag Pattern

    Regular price is $12.99

    Sale price is $9.00



    The Interchangeable 2 Bag Pattern

    Regular price is $13.99

    Sale price is $11.00



    The Cheri Bag Pattern

    Regular price is $12.99

    Sale price is $9.50



    Out 'n About Bag Pattern

    Regular price is $11.99

    Sale price is $9.00



    Pocket Tote Bag Pattern

    Regular price is $12.99

    Sale price is $9.00



    The Provence Bag Pattern

    Regular price is $12.99

    Sale price is $9.00



    The Bon Vivant Bag Pattern

    Regular price is $11.99

    Sale price is $9.00



    The Interchangeable 4 Bag Pattern

    Regular price is $12.99

    Sale price is $9.00


    Be sure to check out our SALE PAGE for all of our recent sale and clearance items!

    New In The Shop....


    The Rita Bag Pattern

    On Our What's New Page


    Just For Fun Set of 4 Matching Wreath and Quilt Patterns

    On Our What's New Page


    Bargello Heartflower Pattern

    On Our What's New Page


    Sweet Dreams Quilt Pattern

    On Our What's New Page


    List Your Event....

    A Day With Kaye Wood, Blue Sky Quilters,

    Val Vista Village (Ranchos Community Centre)

    233 N ValVista Dr, Mesa AZ 85213

    $25.00 includes Seminar, Lunch and Door Prizes.

    Bring cash for a "Beer Ticket Raffle" of a quilt!


    All across the land, Quilt Guilds and Groups are gearing up for their shows. Get yours listed!

    Looking for a Quilt Show to attend? Check out our listing. If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!


    A Note About Facebook....

    Our daily Facebook Deals are better and better every day. 5 or 6 different deals each day and they're all on our sale page Best to check the sale pages every day to make sure you're not missing out on anything, or better yet.... sign up for our Facebook page.

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    Last week I told you of my New Year's Resolution to get my dishes done every night. Well, I haven't had 100% success, but I have to say, it's been a lot better than before. So I keep trying!

    Here are some of the resolutions you've sent in

    • lose weight
    • no more fabric
    • less computer, more sewing
    • exercises
    • organized
    • finish projects

    Strip Quilting Projects Books Mega Sale....


    Get Kaye's Strip Quilting Project Books 2-9 (minus Strip Quilting 6) as a set for $7.00 that is only 1 dollar a piece. These book's sell for 5.00 a piece. That is a savings of $33.00.

    On our Sale Page HERE


    Heartfelt Quilt Pattern

    on our What's New Page


    Emeralds and Amethysts Quilt Technique DVD

    on our What's New Page

    DVD of the Week....

    Pantry Purses Project Technique DVD

    Grab those potholders and placemats from the kitchen, there's a new use for them! See how you can make a beautiful Pantry Purse with all the accessories you need from these wonderful kitchen delights. The Pantry Purse makes quick and inexpensive gifts for everyone.

    Technique DVD on sale, HERE

    Pantry Purses Pattern on sale HERE


    Pantry Purses Pattern

    Pantry Purses Technique DVD

    This Week On Our Youtube Channel....


    Kaye's on YouTube....

    150 (ish) shows. Check them all out... HERE

    Shown here: Life in the Meadow

    Fussy Cut Pentagon frame the birds in the birdhouses. Easy, and fast, using Kaye's View & Do Pentagon Shape.

    Sizes 36" x 40"

    See the video HERE

    This Week in History, Jan 9-15....

    Jan 09, 1493 - Columbus mistakes manatees for mermaids

    Jan 10, 1901 - Gusher signals start of U.S. oil industry

    Jan 11, 1908 - Theodore Roosevelt makes Grand Canyon a national monument

    Jan 12, 1926 - Original Amos 'n' Andy debuts on Chicago radio

    Jan 13, 1128 - Pope recognizes Knights Templar

    Jan 14, 1875 - Albert Schweitzer born

    Jan 15, 1967 - Packers face Chiefs in first Super Bowl


    New Cruise Scheduled - Quilting Cruise To The Caribbean....

    It's a Sewing and Quilting Cruise - March 30, 2014

    Do you like to make quilts? Do you enjoy being with other quilters?

    Is it fun to take quilting classes? How about some new sewing techniques?

    Now you can take a cruise and take quilting classes from Kaye Wood and Veronica Cox and sewing classes from Emma Seabrooke and Mary Carollo.

    Kaye loves to teach quilting classes and loves to cruise.

    To date, she has taken quilters on 19 cruises to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Alaska, Mexico and New Zealand.

    Just what is a sewing and quilting cruise?
    We are just a small group aboard a big ship.

    While at sea, we have sit-and-sew classes, lectures, demonstrations, show & tell, sharing. Non-sewing people have all of the ship's programs, shopping, entertainment and special events. So if you bring your spouse, family members or friends, there will be plenty for them to do while you sew & quilt.

    When in port, there are all of the usual tourist things to do.

    And all of the supplies for classes are furnished - Janome sewing machines, rulers, rotary cutters, mats, irons, fabric, etc. So you bring no sewing supplies.

    So come on board on the Round Bobbin Sew Fun Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.

    We will leave Ft. Lauderdale on March 30, 2014 for 7 nights of fun and sun on Celebrity's new ship, Silhouette.

    Our ports of call will be St. Maarten, St. Kitts and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    Just call Bonnie at Cruise One   800-784-4480 and you can be part of this fun adventure.

    Complete class details at www.roundbobbin.com



    Everyone Can Quilt Book

    On our Sale Page this week


    Starmakers Ablaze Book

    On our Sale Page this week

    Show and Tell....


    The attached quilt, named "Alphabetimals at the Zoo" was made for my soon-to-be born grandson, Gavin.
    I was searching on the internet for pictures of animals to go with each letter of the alphabet. I found a website called Alphabetimals.com that showed these incredible letter/animals. I was able to get permission from Patrick O'Toole, the talent behind them, to use his designs to make the quilt. I just had to send him a picture. Patrick has added the picture to the Facebook page of Alphabeticals.
    Each part of each letter/animal is appliquéd and satin stitched. For the pupils of the eyes, I hand-punched 1/4" circles from black material that had a little white dot perfectly spaced, then stitched to the whites of the eyes.
    A local embroidery shop embroidered the names of the animals and they are randomly placed around the edge, so that in a few years, when Gavin is learning his letters, he can match the names & letter/animals.


    Send in your creations. Include a picture or two and a short story about your quilt/tablerunner or wallhanging (or other) and we'll put it on our Show and Tell Page!

    Send to terrye@...

    Fun Things I've Found On The Web This Week...


    Making a Hanging Sleeve By Machine....

    Got your quilt done and it's beautiful. Got a space cleared off on your wall and you're ready to display your creation. Now what?

    Click HERE to see Kaye's method for creating a Hanging Sleeve by Machine.

    We Now Accept PayPal....


    Have a great week everyone, it's bound to get warmer sooner or later!






    Terrye Kinch





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