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KayeWood.com Christmas Is Coming Sales. 12.16.13 - Our Beautiful Poinsettia Patterns Will Finish Up Your Holiday Decor!

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  • Terrye Kinch
    http://www.kayewood.com/kw.comlogo.jpg _____ http://www.kayewood.com/82.jpg Christmas Sales Day #13. Dec 16, 2013
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      Christmas Sales Day #13. Dec 16, 2013


      While putting this sale together I started to wonder why, the Poinsettia, of all flowers, was associated with Christmas. So I did the Google thing and this is what I found:

      "Also known as 'the Christmas flower,' 'lobster flower,' or 'Mexican flame leaf,' the poinsettia has a rather colorful history dating back to the ancient Aztec people who viewed the plant as a symbol of purity. A few hundred years later, Christians in Mexico thought the star-shaped leaves symbolized the Star of Bethlehem that led Joseph and Mary to the stable where Jesus was born. This, coupled with the fact that the plant was in full bloom during Christmas time, caused people to associate them with the holiday, which is why they are still the most used plant during that special time of year for decorating."

      Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1571642

      And here are our selections of Poinsettia Patterns and Templates....


      Poinsettia Candle Mat Pattern


      There's More On Our Sale Page!


      Poinsettia Pattern (petal and leaf template is also on sale)

      On Sale Also


      December Holly and Poinsettia Pattern



      Flower Table Runners Pattern


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      If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us at:

      KayeWood.com, 4201 Pine Cone Tr, West Branch, MI 48661

      Call 989-345-0947, 1-800-248-5293 (orders only)   or   e-mail terrye@...




      Terrye Kinch





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