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KayeWood.com Weekly Quilting and Sewing Newsletter Week of 6.25.13 - New Cross Stitch Patterns, New Quilt Patterns!

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  • Terrye Kinch
    Can t Read This In Your Email? Click HERE for the Real Deal! In This Issue.... a.. Today at the Cabin b.. Our entire line of Cross Stitch Patterns are on sale!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2013

      Can't Read This In Your Email? Click HERE for the Real Deal!

      In This Issue....

      • Today at the Cabin
      • Our entire line of Cross Stitch Patterns are on sale!
      • New in the Shop
      • DVDs of the Week
      • A Note About Our Facebook Sales
      • A Day With Kaye Wood
      • This Week in History
      • Needleworker Cross Stitch Pattern
      • Q and A With Kaye
      • You Tube
      • VHS Copies of Kaye's Quilting Friends
      • Quilt Lover Cross Stitch Pattern
      • Craftsy
      • Australian Cruise
      • Cutting Stars With Kaye's Starmakers
      • FR** Pattern
      • Red Solo Cup Pattern
      • Show and Tell
      • Quilting Events

      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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      Hi Quilters!

      Today at the Cabin : I don't really know what's going on at the cabin today because by the time this hits your email box, I will be on vaca! This week and next, hubby, my 4 brothers and I will be motorcycling through Yellowstone and the Black Hills. It's an epic adventure we try to do every other summer. This year is Yellowstone, and the next bike trip is planned for the summer of 2015, a ride up the coast of California, Oregon and Washington. This next two weeks will be awesome!

      This week, all of our brand new cross stitch patterns are on sale. Quilter's don't panic, we have lots of quilting and sewing patterns on sale too! We are also putting on sale, of course, all of our Americana and Patriotic items. Enjoy!

      Go HERE for all of our sale items, including clearance items.

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      Don't forget to check out our Clearance Items and hurt items too. Lots of stuff on sale this week.

      Check it out....
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      What's On Sale....

      All this and MORE on our Sale Page!

      Home of the Brave Pattern


      Misunderstood Wolves Pattern


      Patriotic Dog Pattern


      Golden Pier Gang - Golden Lab Puppies Pattern

      Liberty Banner Pattern


      July Blooms Pattern


      Stars and Stripes Forever Pattern


      Celebrate America Tabletopper and Tablerunner Pattern


      Be sure to check out our SALE PAGE for all of our recent sale and clearance items!

      New In The Shop....

      Angels and Rainbows Baby Afghan Pattern

      In Our Check It Out Section

      Willow Pond Needlepoint Pattern

      In Our Check It Out Section

      Cambridge Quilt Pattern

      In Our Check It Out Section

      Suburban Quilt - 2 Patterns

      In Our Check It Out Section

      Trees With Ease Technique DVD

      Regular price - $12.00

      This week - $5.00 in our Sale Pages!

      DVD of the Week....

      Trees With Ease Quilt

      Combine all your favorite similar color fabrics from your scraps or fat quarters to create this stunning quilt! Separate your dark, medium and lights for greater effect. The darker fabrics become the upright trees, the lighter fabric becomes the background or upside down trees. Easy to sew with no seams to match. Uses the Starmaker® 6 tool (sold separately).

      Sizes: Placemats, Wallhanging, Small and Large Quilts

      Technique DVD is HERE

      Pattern is also on sale, HERE

      Trees With Ease Autumn Version

      A Note About Facebook....

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      A Day With Kaye Wood....

      American Sewing Guild

      First Lutheran Church, Prescott, Az 86301

      9:30 AM - November 9, 2013

      For more info go HERE

      Quilting The Kaye Wood Way Teacher Certification....

      Click HERE for Kaye's schedule.

      This Week In History....

      June is National Bathroom Reading Month!
      Jun 23, 1992 - Teflon Don sentenced to life
      Jun 24, 1997 - U.S. Air Force reports on Roswell
      Jun 25, 1876 - Battle of Little Bighorn
      Jun 26, 1948 - U.S. begins Berlin Airlift
      Jun 27, 1950 - Truman orders U.S. forces to Korea
      Jun 28, 1953 - Workers assemble first Corvette in Flint, Michigan
      Jun 29, 1995 - U.S. space shuttle docks with Russian space station

      The Needleworker Cross Stitch Pattern - on our New Page!

      Q and A With Kaye....

      Q: How do I do reverse bobbin work? Do I need a special bobbin case for it?

      K: Reverse bobbin work involves sewing with thread or fiber too large to go through the needles eye. You can do bobbin work with decorative serger thread, narrow silk ribbon, or other fibers. You simply hand-wind your fiber on the bobbin, and lay it in the bobbin case without inserting it into the bobbin tension slot. Bring the fiber up through the needle hole with the needle thread. A decorative stitch will be sewn on the "other" side of the fabric. For best results you'll want to enlarge the stitch to the widest and longest setting available. A zigzag, or even a straight stitch can produce beautiful results. With Janome machines, no special bobbin case is necessary. Simply avoid the tension clip, bring the thread up through the needle hole, and you're ready for this decorative technique.

      Q: Will you explain again the difference between an e-book and regular book?

      K: Your regular book will of course come to you through the mail. When you order an e-book, we send a link to your e-mail. After you receive it, you click and download the book to your computer. Print it out and you are ready to go! The best thing about this method is you do it at your convenience, it's faster and cheaper because you save on shipping charges. Here is a link that will take you to a listing of all of our "e" products.


      Q: If piecing is ok, should the seams be sewn down so the rod doesn't get caught while being inserted? If they should be sewn down, should the seams be pressed open first, or to one side?

      K: Press seams to one side. Insert rod from the opposite side or sew down seam allowances.

      Kaye's on YouTube....

      140 (ish) shows. Check them all out... HERE

      Shown here is Diamonds of Yellowstone!

      See the video HERE

      Miscellaneous copies of Kaye's Quilting Friends and Quilter's Toolbox shows in VHS format.

      On our SALE pages....

      Quilt Lover Cross Stitch Pattern - Brand New!

      Quilt Lover Cross Stitch Chart. Finished size 8x10". Comes with chart, instructions and color codes.

      Get yours HERE!


      Prefer to pay by Paypal? Well, now you can get any of our E-Patterns and E-Books in our Craftsy Shop and pay via Paypal!

      New Quilting Cruise To Australia!

      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
      2014 Land Tour/Cruise to Australia and New Zealand
      January 17, 2014 - February 4, 2014

      Quilters Get out your Bucket List.
      If you always dreamed of going to Australia, this is your chance.
      And you get to go with fellow quilters. It doesn't get any better than that.

      7-Day Land Tour and 11 Night Cruise on Royal Caribbean's Voyageur of the Sea

      For more information about the Land Tour/Cruise, contact Carillon at Panda Travel
      602-943-3383 or 800-447-2632 email Vacations@...

      Go HERE for more info....

      How To Cut Stars With Kaye's Starmakers....

      You know it's Kaye's way or the highway when it comes to easy quilting methods. The whole premise behind her Starmaker Master Templates was to make Strip Piecing Stars really easy. Want the secret?

      Go HERE for this original technique

      Free Pattern....

      Shimmering Lone Star Quilt


      Red Solo Cup Pattern

      Throw 39" x 53", Queen 92" x 100"
      These tumblers stacked up reminded me of red solo cups - what fun.

      Show and Tell....

      I see that I placed the rick rack a little off, but pumpkins are not perfect anyway!


      Send in your creations. Include a picture or two and a short story about your quilt/tablerunner or wallhanging (or other) and we'll put it on our Show and Tell Page!

      Send to terrye@...

      List Your Event....

      All across the land, Quilt Guilds and Groups are gearing up for their shows. Get yours listed!

      Looking for a Quilt Show to attend? Check out our listing. If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!

      Have a great week, everyone!

      Terrye and Kayla

      Terrye Kinch

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