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KayeWood.com Weekly Quilting and Sewing Newsletter - June 5, 2013, It's All About Flower Power This Week!

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  • Terrye Kinch
    Can t Read This In Your Email? Click HERE for the Real Deal! In This Issue.... a.. Today at the Cabin b.. Flower Power! c.. DVD of the Week d.. A Note About
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      Can't Read This In Your Email? Click HERE for the Real Deal!

      In This Issue....

      • Today at the Cabin
      • Flower Power!
      • DVD of the Week
      • A Note About Our Facebook Sales
      • This Week in History
      • Bellanca Bag Pattern
      • Survey
      • You Tube
      • It's Very Purse-O-Nal Pattern
      • Janome 12000
      • Craftsy
      • Australian Cruise
      • Quilt Hanger by Machine
      • 20th Anniversary of the LoveQuilt Connection
      • FR** Pattern
      • Grandpa's My Hero
      • Show and Tell
      • Quilting Events

      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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      Hi Quilters!

      Today at the Cabin : Rain threatening outside. The sky is an overcast gray, there is a slight breeze and yes, I can smell the rain. New chicks have arrived on the farm, we have Rhode Island Reds (for eggs), Turkeys and Ducks, and Cornish Rocks (for meat).

      I think baby chicks are my favorite. Exploring with my grandson in the barn the other day and we discovered a 2nd batch of kittens; just minutes old. Seriously, they were still being born. Normally we'd pick them up and cuddle and hold, but it's too early. We'll leave mama alone for a bit.

      This week it's Flower Power! Browse through our fun, fresh and funky flowery patterns.

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      June Golf Pro Shop Holiday House Quilt Pattern

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      What's On Sale....

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      Doo Dah Daisy Pattern


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      Posey Bag Pattern


      Regular Price $11.00

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      A Day in the Park Baby's Dress Pattern


      Regular Price $10.50

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      Metro Slouch Bag Pattern

      Regular Price $10.50

      Sale Price $8.00

      Long Tall Sally Quilt Pattern


      Regular Price $9.50

      Sale Price $7.50

      Sweet Caroline Quilt Pattern


      Regular Price $9.50

      Sale Price $7.50

      Sawtooth Hue Quilt Pattern


      Regular Price $9.50

      Sale Price $6.50

      June Garden Pattern


      Regular Price $5.99

      Sale Price $3.99

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      New In The Shop - Purse Patterns from Purse-O-Nalities....

      Prissy Pattern and 3 other nautical themed blocks

      In Our Check It Out Section

      Wooly, Wooly Knit or Crochet Project Bag Pattern

      In Our Check It Out Section

      Perfect Purse-o-Nality Purse Pattern

      In Our Check It Out Section

      Classic Purse Pattern

      In Our Check It Out Section

      Other Side of the Fence Technique DVD

      Regular price - $12.00

      This week - $5.00 in our Sale Pages!

      DVD of the Week....

      Other Side of the Fence Quilt Technique

      A Rail Fence design, with fussy-cut hexagon blocks that can showcase your embroidery designs, focus fabric or photos on fabric. Use these blocks to replace some or all of the vertical blocks, which seem to look through from the other side of the fence. Uses the View & Do Hexagon Shape (sold separately).

      Get the DVD HERE (on sale for $5.00)

      Get the pattern HERE (on sale for $5.50)

      Get the View & Do Hexagon HERE (on sale for $12.00)

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      This Week In History....

      June is National Adopt a Cat Month!
      Jun 05, 1933 FDR takes United States off gold standard
      Jun 06, 1944 D-Day
      Jun 07, 1913 First successful ascent of Mt. McKinley
      Jun 08, 1968 King assassination suspect arrested
      Jun 09, 1973 Secretariat wins Triple Crown
      Jun 10, 1752 Franklin flies kite during thunderstorm
      Jun 11, 1979 John Wayne dies

      Bellanca Bag Pattern - Regular Price is $8

      Sale Price is $6


      So.... What's hot in crafting right now?

      Beading, Quilting, Sewing, Needlework, Paper Crafts?

      This isn't a multiple choice, I just want your opinion.

      Please let me know, HERE

      Kaye's on YouTube....

      140 (ish) shows. Check them all out... HERE

      Shown here is Gracie Tote Pattern!

      See the video HERE

      It's Very Purse-O-Nal Pattern - Brand New!

      "It's Very Purse-O-Nal" is an attractive tote that is excellent as an everyday carry-all or as a convenient travel bag. The exterior has two roomy patched pockets and a handy (and easy to apply) zipper pocket on back that's just perfect for your cell phone or glasses. There's lots of room and pockets inside and, thanks to the side ties, you can adjust the top opening from wide to narrow to accommodate your purse-o-nal needs. (13" W x 9.5" H x 5" D)

      Get yours HERE!

      For Janome 12000 Owners....

      I asked Janome why does it take so many steps to locate the 1/4" seam on the Janome 12000?

      Basically it is because the 12K is considered a full purpose TOL machine that is built for tailoring, home dec, crafting, embroidering, as well as quilting. So center needle position is considered the most common position.

      Since the feed dogs are so much wider now, which makes for great control, the needle needs to be significantly moved to the right in order to use the "O" quarter inch foot. And once again since "piecing" is only one function of the machine, the quarter inch stitch was put into the quilting category as well as in the patchwork section of sewing applications.

      And Janome has solved my problem -

      If you want to always have the needle ready to go for the quarter inch seam, without having to go through the extra screens, simply follow these steps to create your Favorite Stitch.

      1. Set function > Ordinary Sewing > page 6> turn on Favorite Stitch > OK

      Now the machine will retain any changes made to the Utility stitches.

      2. Select Utility stitch 1 or 4. (I like to use stitch 4 so that I still have straight stitch center needle position)

      3. Touch Adjust and move the needle position to 8.3 > OK

      Now the default of that stitch is changed to this new setting.

      Now whenever you select that stitch it is ready to use for the quarter inch foot.


      Prefer to pay by Paypal? Well, now you can get any of our E-Patterns and E-Books in our Craftsy Shop and pay via Paypal!

      New Quilting Cruise To Australia!

      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
      2014 Land Tour/Cruise to Australia and New Zealand
      January 17, 2014 - February 4, 2014

      Quilters Get out your Bucket List.
      If you always dreamed of going to Australia, this is your chance.
      And you get to go with fellow quilters. It doesn't get any better than that.

      7-Day Land Tour and 11 Night Cruise on Royal Caribbean's Voyageur of the Sea

      For more information about the Land Tour/Cruise, contact Carillon at Panda Travel
      602-943-3383 or 800-447-2632 email Vacations@...

      Go HERE for more info....

      Quilt Hanging Sleeve by Machine....

      1. After the quilt is quilted, this hanging sleeve is put on the back of a quilt entirely by machine.
      2. The sleeve should be wide enough so the fold will extend from the top of the quilt to about 1/8" below a border seam on the front of the quilt.
      3. Cut a strip this width. Cut the length of the strip approximately 6" less than the width of the quilt.
      4. Fold under the short edges 1/4", press and stitch.
      5. Fold and press the strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.
      6. Pin the raw edges of the folded sleeve even with the top edge of the back of the quilt.
      7. Stitch the sleeve to the quilt using 1/8" seam. The binding will cover this stitching.
      8. Pin the folded edge of the sleeve about 1/8" below a seam on the front of the quilt.
      9. Stitch in the ditch from the front of the quilt through the seamline, catching the folded edge on the back.
      10. Finish the quilt by adding the binding. Perfect mitered corners are easy following my techniques.

      Download this technique HERE

      20th Anniversary of the LoveQuilt Connection!

      Sharonville, Ohio Quilt Show June 13, 14 & 15, 2013 LoveQuilt 20th Anniversary

      The LoveQuilt Connection will once again be at this show. Please join us for this community service project - this year it will be doll and infant quilts for the Salvation Army. On each morning of the show from 9-9:45am will be a class on how to make these 6 Hour Quilts the Kaye Wood way. These sponsors help to make this a successful event: sergers by BabyLock & Seams Sew Easy Shop, Northcott Fabrics, Sulky threads, Warm Company batting, Clover cutters and mats, and the Original Creative Festival Show.
      www.communityquiltconnection.org or email cquiltcinc05@...

      Free Pattern....

      Quilts of Valor Rail Fence


      Grandpa's My Hero1

      Finished sizes are wallhanging: 17" x 18" and pillow: 13" x 16". This adorable stitchery will make any grandpa proud.

      Regular price is $8.00, on sale for $6.00!

      Show and Tell....

      Made this quilt for my grandson; he graduated this year.

      Finished it right on time, the centre is from a kit, I had to make it bigger as he got a bigger bed.

      Only second big quilt I have ever made, I will say it is Kaye Wood that has inspired me,

      and I found out if I follow pattern directions it is quite easy. Thank you Kaye


      Send in your creations. Include a picture or two and a short story about your quilt/tablerunner or wallhanging (or other) and we'll put it on our Show and Tell Page!

      Send to terrye@...

      List Your Event....

      All across the land, Quilt Guilds and Groups are gearing up for their shows. Get yours listed!

      Looking for a Quilt Show to attend? Check out our listing. If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!

      Have a great week, everyone!

      Terrye and Kayla

      Terrye Kinch

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