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Kaye's Quilting Friends Email Newsletter, March 9, 2005

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  • Terrye Kinch
    _____ Kaye Wood s Quilting and Sewing Online Newsletter Wednesday, March 9th., 2005***Wednesday, March 9th., 2005***Wednesday, March 9th., 2005***Wednesday,
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      Kaye's Quilting Friends Weekly Newsletter, Mar 9, 2005

      Kaye Wood's Quilting and Sewing Online Newsletter

      Wednesday, March 9th., 2005***Wednesday, March 9th., 2005***Wednesday, March 9th., 2005***Wednesday, March 9th., 2005***Wednesday, March 9th., 2005***

      Hey everyone! Hope your week is going well! We've had an interesting beginning to our week around here at Kaye Wood Inc. The weather is so fickle around here, we don't know if we're coming or going. This is how it was when we woke up yesterday:

      2 hours later, it was this...

      You have got to love it! They have an old saying about Michigan weather, don't blink because it'll change that fast! Bring on SPRING!!!

      To download this newsletter, just click on the link below.


      Bi-weekly Special

      If you read lasts weeks letter, you'll remember that Kaye's new pattern, Hearts in Bloom, has hit the market and ready to roll. In honor of this new pattern, we're going to put it on special. For the next two weeks when you purchase Kaye's View & Do Heart Shape, you can receive her new Hearts in Bloom pattern for half price! They go together hand in hand anyway, so why not order it when you can get a discount, right? But it's only for a couple of weeks so don't delay, order today!


      This template allows you to view fabric in a multitude of different sizes and shapes. Great for fussy cutting, scrapbooking and lots of other crafts, it has 4 removable template pieces so you can make hearts in 2, 4, 6 and 8 inches. Made of hard plastic, suitable for rotary cutting, it also has the trademark teardrop shape that allows the rotary cutter to come into the inside point!

      Hearts in Bloom pattern half price when you buy the View & Do Heart!

      Hearts in Bloom is finally here! This is the third in a new series of patterns developed by Kaye and we know you'll love it! This pattern uses Kaye's View & Do Heart Shape and comes with instructions for twin, double, queen or king size quilts! Yours half price when you order the heart shape!

      Monthly Special

      Serger Patchwork Projects book free with any order over $25.

      Our special this month features Kaye Wood's Serger Patchwork Projects book. This book comes with an array of patterns from placemats and table drapes to baby quilts. As with all of Kaye's books, she includes tips and techniques of all kinds to make your quilting experience easier. Totally dedicated to Sergers, Kaye shows you just how easy it is to use that machine, especially when doing patchwork. With over 47 pages and 10 projects, Kaye includes teaching suggestions for every project and you can now receive it FREE, this week only, with any purchase of $25 or more before s/h.

      2 of the projects from Serger Patchworks.


      Questions and Answers with Kaye!

      Q: When you were making your placemats why did you sew under the lace?

      K: You sew under the lace, like a stitch-in-the-ditch technique, so that the lace lies flat without sewing on top of it.

      Q: I have read you should wash black fabrics before using them. I was doing this and after a few minutes in the dryer, the lint filter was filled with black residue. There was also a lot of residue on the iron and ironing board. Is this normal?

      K: It really depends on the quality of the fabric and what it is made of. Some fabrics no matter what the price, tend to "shed" from washing just as some fabrics will also bleed more than others. There are additives you can buy that will stop you colors from bleeding that you add when you wash them. Your local quilt shop or craft store should be able to recommend one.

      Q: How do I know when it's time to change my rotary cutting


      K: I change mine when I notice that it's not making a good cut or skipping over the fabric. If this happens it is probably getting dull and it's time to change.

      Where In The World Is Kaye?

      Kaye just got back from Puyallup, WA and even with a bum knee, had a great time! A big thanks out to everyone who participated and came to make this such a fine event! Look for Kaye at the end of the month in Cincinnati, Ohio!

      Cincinnati, OH

      Kramers Sew & Vac*** 3/30/05 thru 4/05/05

      1-888-673-9822 or 1-513-891-5005


      Ridgeville, OH

      North Coast Needlers Guild***4/5/05

      Paducah, Kentucky

      AQS Consumer Show***4/20/05 thru 4/23/05




      Round Bobbin Quilting Cruise***5/8/05-5/15-05



      West Branch, MI

      Caroline's Sewing Room***5/21/05



      Southwest Wisconsin Technological College

      6/3/05 - 6/4/05

      Free program schedule available after April 1st.

      e-mail: jkilian@...

      To check out more scheduled events for Kaye, just click on the link below.


      What's New?

      Thanks to everyone who participated in our little survey about whether to leave the newsletter as is or to send a link to your mailbox for a download version.

      Opinions were pretty much split as they usually are in these cases, so this is what we decided to do. If you would like just the link mailed to your inbox instead of a text or image newsletter, just e-mail Terrye at the link below and she will make the necessary changes. For the people who like the way they are already receiving it, no changes will be made to you unless you specifically request a change. So that's how we're handling that one, we just want to make it as easy as we can for our readers.


      Kaye's 1800 series is up and showing on PBS stations all across the US. Check your local station for times and availability.


      Go here to access any of the shows in the 1800 series!

      Free Tip!

      Cutting Accurately

      When rotary cutting, always cut away from you and move the cutter in one direction only. Do not cut back and forth.

      To cut strips with the rotary cutter, fold the fabric in half with selvedges together. Lay the folded fabric on the rotary cutting mat. Smooth the fabric out so it lays flat even if the selvedges don't line up exactly. Cut the fabric perpendicular (at right angles) to the fold to straighten one edge, using the rotary cutter and a heavy ruler. Fold the fabric once more by bringing the folded edge to the selvedge, the fabric will now be in four layers and the shorter length will be easier to cut. Every third or fourth cut unfold the fabric to check to see that your strips are straight. Cut the strips needed, using the lines on the ruler to cut accurate strips, e.j., to cut 1-1/2 wide strips, place the 1-1/2 line on the ruler at the cut edge fo the fabric. Cut along the edge of the ruler with the rotary cutter. Make sure your rotary blades are sharp as dull blades can force the fabric down into the mat causing it to look fuzzy.

      Useful Links

      You can check out our catalog online at anytime! Convenient for you for whenever you want to check things out!


      Shows and events are going on all over the U.S. To have us list your event, or to check and see if there are some in your area, just click the link below.


      To check for local guilds or to list yours for free, just click the link below.


      Our message board is alive and kicking! A great place to ask for help, find unique items or just make a new friend. Just click the link below.


      If you prefer the ease of the old board, we've reactivated it here:


      Did you know BYU TV shows Kaye's Quilting Friends? Just click on the link below to find out when and where it's broadcast.


      To all of our Knowledge Network viewers. The scheduling page has been updated. Just click on the link below to find Kaye's Quilting Friends.



      Well gang, I guess that's all for this week! Let us know if you need anything or if we can help you out in any way! From all of us at Kaye Wood Inc., keep smiling, keep loving and above all .......keep quilting!

      Take Care, Joyce Horn

      If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to let us know. We're always looking for new ideas and areas of interest. Some we can use, others we can't, but at least it helps to give us an idea. Just click the link below and thanks!

      email: terrye@...

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