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Quilting The Kaye Wood Way Week of 11.28.12 - Quiltsmart Kits Are On Sale and Kaye's Mitered Binding Technique.

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  • Terrye Kinch
    Can t Read This In Your Email? Click HERE for the Real Deal! In This Issue.... a.. Holiday Sales rundown b.. On Sale - Quilt Smart c.. What s New in The Shop -
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      Can't Read This In Your Email? Click HERE for the Real Deal!

      In This Issue....

      • Holiday Sales rundown
      • On Sale - Quilt Smart
      • What's New in The Shop - Among Brenda's Quilts
      • Tips and Humor from Kaye
      • Strip Quilting Mega Sale
      • DVD of the Week
      • Q and A With K
      • Sew Lazy Interfacings
      • Craftsy
      • Another Quiz
      • Kaye's Techniques - Mitered Bindings
      • Quilting Cruises
      • This is the Iron I Want
      • Show and Tell
      • Quilting Events
      • This Week In History
      • Kaye's on YouTube
      • November Is

      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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      Hi Quilters!

      Today at the cabin : Well there is snow on the ground. The pine trees are GORGEOUS dressed in their white winter shawls and there's even a beauty in the stark grays, blacks and whites of the winter woods landscape.

      This week, we are featuring a couple of the QuiltSmart kits. And, we'll give you a rundown of the Monday and Friday sale items too.

      Check it out....
      All on our SALE PAGE

      Mariner's Compass Pattern and Companion DVD

      Regularly $32.95, this week, $25.00 (DVD is only $3.00)

      Alert Alert Alert...

      Holiday Sales Are Here!

      Hang in there with us, this is the only time of year you will get more than one newsletter a week. You will get our main newsletter with all the trimmings on Wednesdays, and a shorter newsletter, to catch you up with our awesome holiday sales on Mondays and Fridays.

      Keep an eye out, we've got some pretty cool ideas lined up for you!

      What's On Sale....

      QuiltSmarts kits are awesome. They come with the full instructions and pre-printed interfacing. Just sew on the lines, fuse and zig zag! Easy and accurate. You'll never be without these staples again.

      All this and MORE on our Sale Page!

      Mariner's Compass Companion DVD

      Regularly $12.00, this week, only $3.00!

      On Our Sale Page!

      GameQuilt Kit. Just in time for your holiday road trips.

      Game board includes Checkers, Mancala, Tic Tac Toe, Big Arc and Double Ring and instructions on how to play these games.

      Regularly $34.95, this week, only $25.00

      Companion DVD is only $3.00

      On Our Sale Page!

      Lone Star Pattern, regularly 32.95, this week, 25.00

      58" Square

      On Our Sale Page!

      Hurry while they're here, sale ends on Friday for the three cutest button quilt patterns you will ever find!

      Visions of Sugar Plums, Believe and Snow Day, include pattern and buttons to complete your little quilts.

      Ending Monday we have Elisa Wilson's Square Me Up Ruler and 4 companion patterns.

      Hurry and get these gems while the prices are awesome.

      New In The Shop from Among Brenda's Quilts....

      Bevy Beverage Bag Holder, or use your imagination and create your own padded notebook or laptop bag.

      Maple Leaf Rag Quilt Pattern - this one cries out for flannels and homespuns!

      Gardeners Journal Quilt Pattern - record in quilting what has captured your heart during the year.

      Tips and Humor From Kaye....

      Kaye meets many people and sees many things while she travels. She always comes back with a couple of humorous stories to tell. Here is one of them.

      Flying Is Good For A Laugh

      Flying from Michigan to Phoenix, the John Wayne-type pilot came on and told us, in his smooth, I-am-in-control voice, that one of our engines was smoking, and he would have to shut it down. He also said that he had to shut the engine down on the opposite side so we would stay level. That made sense to me.
      He smoothly explained that when he did this, it would feel like we were momentarily flying backward, but that we would have no problem flying with the two remaining engines. And it happened exactly the way he said it would.
      Soon, JW came on the PA and said one of the remaining engines was starting to cause problems so he was going to have to shut it down. He sounded so much in control that no one seemed to panic, because he was in charge and he said, "No problem." Where have I heard "No problem" before?
      The way I figured, he was also going to have to shut down both remaining engines and two from the two remaining engines doesn't leave you with much.
      The JW said we were going to land in Kansas city and they were looking for another aircraft for us. Where do you look for an aircraft? You either have one or you don't.
      In the meantime, they offered us free drinks.
      I fly a lot. My advice is that when they offer you free drinks, take them.
      After a short time in Kansas City, we were on our way with JW to Phoenix. And every one of us got back on the plane.
      A short time later, JW came on the speaker and said we had to slow down and take it easy going into Phoenix because a military plane without landing gear was making an emergency landing and that it would be a good opportunity for us to see how it looks from the air when they foam the runway. Boy, was he smooth! I just knew that foam was for us. We circled the field, and it was interesting, but then we did see the military plane land.
      Now do you really think JW was as calm and in control as we all thought he was?

      Strip Quilting Mega Sale...

      Get Kaye's Strip Quilting Project Books 2-9 as a set for $8.00 that is only 1 dollar each. These books sell for 5.00 each. That is a savings of $32.00.

      PLEASE NOTE.... Shipping on this product will be $6.00!

      Hurry and get yours HERE

      DVDs of the Week....

      Mariner's Compass Technique DVD and GameQuilt Technique DVD.

      Regular price for this DVD is $12.00

      but this week, only $3.00!


      Prefer to pay by Paypal? Well, now you can get any of our E-Patterns and E-Books in our Craftsy Shop and pay via Paypal!

      Q and A With Kaye....

      Q: I love the rolling idea with the wire baskets to separate your colors. But what do you do with those prints on white background, the all over different color, or the holiday ones?

      A: Seasonal prints go all together, otherwise, I use the most prominent color or the background color and put them in the corresponding bin. You could create your crazy bin too, for all those off beat fabrics. The main thing is to have a system that works for you.

      Q: I want to know why my wallhangings are always lumpy? I use good fabric and cotton batting and still get a lumpy look.

      A: Without seeing it, it's hard to say why it's like that. I can suggest that you be sure to use bonded or needlepunch batting and put in lots of quilting stitches.

      Q: When a cutting board is warped, is there any way to restore it to it's flat state? Also, what is the easiest and best way to store them to avoid warping?

      A: The only thing you can do that I know, is to lay it flat on top of a dryer or out in the hot sun, with something heavy covering the whole top of it. They really need to be stored flat, this is a must. Try under the bed or couch, and keep it covered to prevent dust and dirt from getting on it.

      Sew Lazy Interfacings....

      New and Extremely Popular!

      Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Fame has designed her own line of interfacing for those of us who quilt and sew.

      This stuff totally ROCKS!

      7 different interfacings/stabilizers for everything you need to do.

      • Iron On Vinyl
      • Face It Soft
      • Face It Firm
      • Stiff Stuff Lite
      • Iron On Vinyl
      • Stiff Stuff Firm
      • Fusi-Bond Lite
      • Dreamy Sew In High Loft Fleece
      • Check them all out HERE

      Another Quiz....

      1. The expression_________________came from how much fabric was needed to make the most fancy coat for a man of fashion.

      2. Most home dec fabrics are:

      • a. at least 54" wide
      • b. easily pattern matched
      • c. stain resistant
      • d. all of the above
      3. What does the "hand" of a fabric mean?
      • a. how wide it is
      • b. suppleness
      • c. it's washability
      • d. can you see through it
      4. What is the only true way to be sure you are cutting a fabric on grain?
      • a. lay it out on a lined cutting board
      • b. use the arrows on your pattern
      • c. fold it selvedge to selvedge
      • d. pull a thread from selvedge to selvedge
      5. When making a garment out of plaid fabric, do you need to add yardage to the pattern recommendation to allow for matching?
      • a. at least one quarter of the total added
      • b. double the yardage
      • c. no
      • d. add one yard
      6. How often do sewing machine manufacturers advise that you replace your needle?
      • a. every time you start a new project
      • b. 1 hour of continuous use
      • c. if you hit a button, snap, etc
      • d. if it hasn't been used for 6 months
      Send me an email with your answers to terrye@.... Every correct answer gets you one entry and I'll draw a winner next Wednesday morning. Winner will receive a copy of Kaye's Everyone Can Quilt Book!

      Kaye's Techniques....

      Mitered Bindings? Easy!!

      Mitered bindings can be sewn on any shape quilt.

      Mitered Bindings

      More tips and techniques are HERE

      A NEW Cruise is in the works, Stay tuned....

      Quilting Cruises....

      Leave your sewing machines at home.
      Sewing machines used on the ship are sponsored by


      Be the one of the first 100 people to reserve a cabin and sign up for classes to receive the AccuQuilt Baby Go and Dye.

      Prices based on availability. Prices are per person, based on a double occupancy for cruise. Price listed includes taxes and fees. These prices cannot be combined with any other promotion.

      Included in your price: Class fees, (except kit fees,) Shipboard accommodations, ocean transportation, most meals, some beverages and most onboard entertainment.

      Not Included: Kit fees for classes which will be paid to instructor at class time, Air transportation, transfers, items of a personal nature such as shore and land excursions, specialty restaurant fees, some beverages, photographs, gratuities/service fees, medical services, etc. All prices in US Dollars.

      We are going to have a
      Wackiest Cruise Outfit contest for the cruise.
      Wacky Cruise Clothing Day: You could win $250. February 22nd has been designated as Wacky Cruise Clothing Day for our group only. Wear your wackiest cruise clothing and you could win $250. Second place will win $150 and third place will win $75.

      If you have questions please call 800-473-9464

      To sign-up for this cruise contact
      Bonnie Greenberg at CruiseOne at 800-784-4480

      Click HERE for more details!

      This is the Iron I Want....

      I have used several different cordless irons over the years. My personal favorite is the Panasonic, although it does not have all the things I want in an iron. E-mail both Panasonic and Janome to tell them you want the iron Kaye Wood wants: Cordless, NO steam (the bottom completely flat with no holes), no auto shut-off, Teflon bottom, in a heat-proof fabric carrying case which opens into a pressing mat. This iron would be ready to take to class and could be packed up while still hot.

      Show and Tell....

      Attached is the wall hanging I did from your View & Do Diamond shapes. The pattern is Diamonds of Yellowstone.

      I just loved the fabric and really didn't know what to do with it and then I remembered your diamond shapes.
      They are so easy to do and I will be making many more things out of them.


      Quilting, Sewing and Crafts Expos

      List Your Event....

      All across the land, Quilt Guilds and Groups are gearing up for their shows. Get yours listed!

      Looking for a Quilt Show to attend? Check out our listing. If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!

      This Week In History....

      November is National Hospice Awareness Month. Please consider donating to this worthwhile organization, they do awesome work!
      Nov 28, 1520 - Magellan reaches the Pacific
      Nov 29, 1947 - U.N. votes for partition of Palestine
      Nov 30, 1886 - Folies Bergere stage first revue
      Dec 01, 1990 - Chunnel makes breakthrough
      Dec 02, 2001 - Enron files for bankruptcy
      Dec 03, 1947 - A Streetcar Named Desire opens on Broadway
      Dec 04, 1991 - Hostage Terry Anderson freed in Lebanon

      Kaye's on YouTube....

      140 (ish) shows. Check them all out... HERE

      Are you having problems with a particular video? Let us know what you are experiencing and the name of the video so I can check it out!

      Have a great week, everyone,

      November is national pomegranate, plum and sweet potato month?

      Terrye and Kayla

      Terrye Kinch
      Kaye Wood, Inc

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