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Quilting The Kaye Wood Way Week of 11.6.12 - Debbie's Creative Moments, A New Pattern and Lots of Tips!

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  • Terrye Kinch
    Can t Read This In Your Email? Click HERE for the Real Deal! In This Issue.... a.. On Sale - Charlotte Angotti of Debbie s Creative Moments b.. New and Updated
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2012

      Can't Read This In Your Email? Click HERE for the Real Deal!

      In This Issue....

      • On Sale - Charlotte Angotti of Debbie's Creative Moments
      • New and Updated 6 Hour Quilt Pattern
      • What's New in The Shop
      • Tips and Humor from Kaye
      • DVD of the Week
      • Craftsy
      • Showing Off Your Quilts
      • Kaye's Techniques - Fr** Pattern
      • Quilting Cruises
      • Believe It Or Not
      • Show and Tell
      • Quilting Quiz
      • Quilting Events
      • This Week In History
      • This Invention Is For The Dogs
      • Kaye's on YouTube

      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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      Hi Quilters!

      Today at the cabin we are seeing (and hearing) non stop phone calls and political ads. I, for one, will be glad when it's over!

      Today is a strange mix of cloudy, with the smell of rain in the air, yet it feels like it just might be a bit too cold to rain. You know what that means, and up here in Northern Michigan it's totally expected.

      This week we are featuring Charlotte Angotti from Debbie's Creative Moments. Lots of clearance items too.... (and if this is Tuesday, you get the benefit of last week's sales too!)

      All on our SALE PAGE

      What's On Sale....

      All this and MORE on our Sale Page!

      Homesteader's Daughter Pattern

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      Scrappy and Sensational Pattern

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      Pathway Pattern

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      September Song Pattern

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      Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Pattern and DVD

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      Why Walk When You Can Fly Pattern

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      Little Churn Dash Pattern

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      Fractured Fat Quarter Pattern

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      It's Here....

      Kaye's New UPDATED 6 Hour Quilt Pattern

      These updated techniques for the 6 Hour Quilt, our most popular pattern ever, include input from

      viewers who have made this quilt. It also includes new directions for a "Tag Along Buddy Quilt", which is a small quilt with a satin binding for the toddler who needs a special quilt to tag along with mom and a new baby.

      Also included are directions for making this quilt in more sizes, from small to double-quilt size.

      This is still the perfect quilt for a child, a grandchild or a charity quilt.

      It can be dragged around, washed and dried, cuddled up, and wrapped around.

      Go here to order.....

      New In The Shop....

      Tips and Humor From Kaye....

      Kaye meets many people and sees many things while she travels. She always comes back with a couple of humorous stories to tell. Here is one of them.

      I Said "Six"

      A friend and I were in an elevator that had two sets of call buttons. My friend was in front of one set of buttons. Another person came in to the elevator and said, "Sixth floor."

      Before this person had a chance to push the six, my friend pushed the six button in front of her. This person then said, "This elevator must be voice activated."

      We didn't tell her what had happened. So if you are ever in an elevator and someone enters and talks to the buttons, it may be the same person!

      Want To Get Your Quilt Noticed? Make a Bad Quilt!

      I like to watch people who are looking at quilts. When they look at a good quilt, they take a good look and go on to the next one. But, if the quilt is bad, they study it and call their friends over to look at it too. Possibly, they are trying to figure out why they don't like the quilt, and yet, it is still hanging at the show, so it must be a "good" quilt. If you want to try this, hang a "bad" quilt at a quilt show and watch what happens.

      Sorry, No Rotary Cutters For You

      Our company policy is that if you have a number after your name, we will not ship rotary cutters or blades to you! My TV show, "Kaye's Quilting Friends" used to be really popular in prisons and the prisoners loved to order rotary cutters and blades. According to the letters we get, we could eliminate all that money spent on prisons because most of the letter-writers are innocent. One man told us he was convicted of tax evasion, but that it was his brother-in-law's fault. He said he was sentenced to 24 months, and had already served 19, and had seven more months to go. If he had only had a calculator, maybe he wouldn't have tried to evade his taxes... and he might even know when his sentence was up!

      It Seems....

      Sewing machine accessories, like the machines themselves, had their successes and failures. One gadget that never quite caught on was a musical sewing machine cover, patented in 1882, that held a player-piano roll and was run by treadle power. The treadle also activated a sewing machine fan patented in the 1870's and marketed for a dollar. It must have constituted the greatest advance toward summer sewing comfort since the invention of lemonade!

      DVD of the Week....

      Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Charlotte Angotti of Debbie's Creative Moments.

      Regular price for this DVD is $12.00

      but this week, only $5.00!


      Prefer to pay by Paypal? Well, now you can get any of our E-Patterns and E-Books in our Craftsy Shop and pay via Paypal!

      It's Important To Show Off Your Quilts But Remember....

      Any type of light can cause fading, therefore, low light levels or darkness are recommended for quilt storage and display areas. Ultraviolet rays from sunlight and even florescent lights can damage fibers and cause fading. That doesn’t mean hide them, just be careful!

      Kaye's Techniques....

      Fr** Pattern on our site

      Shimmering Lone Star Pattern using Kaye's Starmaker 8 Master Template


      A NEW Cruise is in the works, Stay tuned........

      Quilting Cruises....

      Leave your sewing machines at home.
      Sewing machines used on the ship are sponsored by


      Be the one of the first 100 people to reserve a cabin and sign up for classes to receive the AccuQuilt Baby Go and Dye.

      Prices based on availability. Prices are per person, based on a double occupancy for cruise. Price listed includes taxes and fees. These prices cannot be combined with any other promotion.

      Included in your price: Class fees, (except kit fees,) Shipboard accommodations, ocean transportation, most meals, some beverages and most onboard entertainment.

      Not Included: Kit fees for classes which will be paid to instructor at class time, Air transportation, transfers, items of a personal nature such as shore and land excursions, specialty restaurant fees, some beverages, photographs, gratuities/service fees, medical services, etc. All prices in US Dollars.

      We are going to have a
      Wackiest Cruise Outfit contest for the cruise.
      Wacky Cruise Clothing Day: You could win $250. February 22nd has been designated as Wacky Cruise Clothing Day for our group only. Wear your wackiest cruise clothing and you could win $250. Second place will win $150 and third place will win $75.

      If you have questions please call 800-473-9464

      To sign-up for this cruise contact
      Bonnie Greenberg at CruiseOne at 800-784-4480

      Click HERE for more details!

      Believe It Or Not....

      One pair of scissors invented in France, boasted 18 different uses! It supposedly served, among other things, as a straight edge and ruler, a nail file, screw driver, a pen knife, a glass cutter, a wire cutter, an ink eraser, a pattern perforator and a cigar clipper - presumably for the rare seamstress who enjoyed a cigar while she sewed!

      Show and Tell....

      This was a Block-Of-The-Month Quilt for my Daughter.....Janet

      Answers To Last Week's Quiz and Our Winner....

      Stay Tuned For More Quizzes....

      1. There are many different quilting traditions in many countries around the world. One of my favorites is the Japanese style of quilting called Sashiko. Which of these statements best describes Sashiko quilting?

      • Intricately embroidered images of nature highlighted by gold-threaded quilting
      • Pieced designs of fans and bamboo using richly colored silks
      • Black silk with textured portrayals of traditional Japanese life
      • Dark blue cotton with abstract designs in heavy white stitching

      2. Which opulent style of quilting became popular after a display at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876?

      • Damask Quilting
      • Philadelphia quilting
      • Morning Star Quilting
      • Crazy Quilting

      3. Amish quilts are famous and older Amish quilts reach high prices at antique auctions. They are striking in their use of bold colors and plain fabrics. Why did the Amish not use patterned fabrics in their quilts?

      • Patterned fabrics were not available at the time when the Amish retreated from the rest of society
      • Patterned fabrics were thought to be less aesthetically pleasing
      • Patterned fabrics had images of objects that only God could make. This was seen as idolatry
      • Patterned fabrics were viewed as being too worldly.

      4. Quilted material was used as protective armor during the Crusades. True or False?

      This week's winner was.........SUE!!! I've sent you an email. Get back to me with the information that I've requested and I'll get your book sent right out!

      List Your Event....

      All across the land, Quilt Guilds and Groups are gearing up for their shows. Get yours listed!

      Looking for a Quilt Show to attend? Check out our listing. If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!

      This Week In History....

      November is National Hospice Awareness Month. Please consider donating to this worthwhile organization, they do awesome work!
      Nov 06, 1962 U.N. condemns apartheid
      Nov 07, 1991 Magic Johnson announces he is HIV-positive
      Nov 08, 1895 German scientist discovers X-rays
      Nov 09, 1938 Nazis launch Kristallnacht
      Nov 10, 1969 Sesame Street debuts
      Nov 11, 1918 World War I ends
      Nov 12, 1954 Ellis Island closes

      This Invention Is For The Dogs....

      Among the wackier devices was one that actually was used in 19th Century England - that is until the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stepped in. It was a sewing machine powered by small leashed dogs on a kind of treadmill! I guess the inventor was barking up the wrong tree!

      Kaye's on YouTube....

      140 (ish) shows (and be sure to stay tuned to our newsletter, blog and facebook pages for a special milestone event!)....

      Check them all out... HERE

      Are you having problems with a particular video? Let us know what you are experiencing and the name of the video so I can check it out!

      Have a great week, everyone,

      Please stay safe this week!

      Terrye and Kayla

      Terrye Kinch
      Kaye Wood, Inc

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