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Kaye's Quilting Friends Email Newsletter, Jan 18th, 2005

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  • Terrye Kinch
    _____ Kaye Wood s Quilting and Sewing Online Newsletter Tuesday, January 18th. Greetings from the Artic Circle! Good
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      Kaye's Quilting Friends Online Newsletter. Jan 18, 2005

      Kaye Wood's Quilting and Sewing Online Newsletter

      Tuesday, January 18th.

      Greetings from the Artic Circle! Good grief. 22 degrees below zero, must be Michigan in January! Anyway, Joyce is gone today so you'll have to put up with me again. After all, it will be like old times!!

      So many of you liked the Northern Lights pics last week that we're keeping them!

      Oh, be sure to read on for a freebie!

      Before we get started, be sure to let us know if you have any suggestions. Just email Terrye

      To download this newsletter, just click on the link below.


      Bi-weekly special

      Last week we were thinking about Spring. Today I'm wondering how to survive the coming Ice Age! Seriously though, one of your suggestions was to have sales every other week instead of every week, and that's something we can do. So for one more week, we have all of our jacket patterns on a BOGO sale, (Buy 1 and get another 1/2 price!)


      Buy 1 and get another of equal or lesser value for half price!

      TwinStar Jacket

      Upside Down Jacket

      Seams Stunning Jacket

      Confetti Jacket

      Woodland Hooded Jacket

      Jacket Tabulations

      Cabin Dance

      Buttons Up Jacket

      Monthly special

      For the month of January, whenever you spend $15 or more, you will receive FREE, Kaye's Strip Quilting Projects 2! Strip Quilting Projects 2 is a great book for any beginner or intermediate quilter! This book features the denim and bandanna quilt but includes log cabin variations and projects for place mats, wall hangings, Christmas stars, reversible baskets and several scrap quilts. Yours FREE when you spend $15 or more (before shipping)!

      Free when you spend $15 or more!

      A Newsletter you'll want to read again and again:
      It's totally worthless, unless you enjoy a few laughs from a fellow quilter. Ami Simms will email her FREE newsletter to you on the first day of every month if you let her. Guaranteed to make you laugh or double your money back, it's filled with her quirky observations about life, interesting web pages to explore, information about new products and gadgets, and sometimes even a few words about QUILTS! Lynn from Worcester, MA says: "Ami, I just love your newsletter. No, I didn't pee my pants, I was just laughing so hard that I had tears running down my legs." So what have YOU got to lose? Subscribe at http://www.amisimms.com/freenewsletter.html or email MalleryPress@... to be added to the list. Enjoy!


      Here are some of the upcoming events Kaye will be appearing at.


      Phoenix Craft/Sewing Festival, 1/20/05-1/22/05 Call 1-800-71RUSTY http://www.craftandsewingfestival.com


      Denver Creative Festival, 1/27/05-1/30/05, Call 1-541-245-1296 http://www.creativefestival.com

      Cincinnati, Kramers Sew & Vac, 3/30/05 - 4/05/05


      To check out more scheduled events for Kaye, just click on the link below.


      Freebie.....(Anyone going to the San Mateo Sew-Quilt Embroidery Festival? I have a few free tickets, first come, first served, be sure to email me your name and address)

      Watch Kaye's Quilting Friends!

      Kaye's 1800 series, that's what! Soon to be released on a local PBS station near you, all new projects and guests! Contact your local PBS station for viewing times and availability.



      Watch for Kaye's Quilting Friends and Quilters Toolbox on KSBN Safe TV starting January 17th 2:30 pm EST. For more information, check out Safe TV at http://www.safetv.org

      Jan 24th will feature K1202 which is Bethany Reynolds Stack and Whackier Quilts and Quilter's Toolbox Q102 which is Kaye Wood's Fantastic Fans and Wedge Designs Book and Starmaker 5 Master Template.


      Check out BYU TV to see when and where Kaye's Quilting Friends is being broadcast. Just click on the link below.



      To all of our Knowledge Network viewers. The scheduling page has been updated. Just click on the link below to find Kaye's Quilting Friends show.


      Useful Links

      Lots of new Quilting Shows on our events page, check it out!


      Check out Kaye's tips page. Lots of free useful info for you!


      Our message board is alive and kicking. A great place to ask for help, try out an idea, or just make a new friend. Just click below.



      That's all I've got for you, be sure to let us know if you need anything!


      Copyright 2005 Kaye Wood, Inc

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