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Quilting The Kaye Wood Way Week of 6.15.11 - $3.00 Patterns!

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  • Terrye Kinch/Kaye Wood, Inc
    Can t read this e-mail? CLICK HERE for the Real Deal! ... In This Issue.... a.. Where in the World is Kaye b.. Alert, Alert, Alert c.. What s On Sale d..
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      Can't read this e-mail? CLICK HERE for the Real Deal!

      In This Issue....
      • Where in the World is Kaye
      • Alert, Alert, Alert
      • What's On Sale
      • Summer Solstice Sale
      • What's New
      • Alaska in August
      • KayeWoodTV.com
      • Blog Giveaway
      • Show and Tell
      • Tips
      • Our Facebook Group
      • QSC Expo and Kaye's Classes in Reno
      • List Your Events!
      • Kaye on TV
      • We Want To Know
      • Father's Day
      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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      Contact Info:
      Kaye Wood, Inc
      PO Box 456
      West Branch, MI


      Questions? Email Us!

      Hi Quilters!

      Reno next week. Colorado in July (vacation). Alaska in August. Wisconsin in September, Novi, Michigan in September, West Branch, MI in October, and Texas in October! We can't keep this woman down!
      Thanks to all who wished Kaye a happy birthday on her facebook page, it was a great one as she was treated to a great big drink on a great big boat in the great big Caribbean!

      What's On Sale....

      15.00 Everyone Can Quilt, and $3.00 Patterns!

      Now Read Carefully....
      this is how to get your $3.00 patterns:
      Check out the picture of a Siberian Husky in this newsletter. Some of you know that Kaye has her very own Puff-a-Fluff. Do you know his name? Even if you don't, that's ok. This isn't a contest. Just come up with a name for our shop's mascot, put it in the comments section of the shopping cart and any and all of Kaye's patterns that you order will only be $3.00. Now the special price won't show up in the shopping cart, but we'll make the adjustments before we charge your card! Have fun....

      Regularly priced at $22.99, this week: $15.00! 144 pages

      On our SALE PAGE

      If you're a beginning quilter or a seasoned one who would like to sharpen their skills, this book is a must have for your quilting library. With 20 projects and over 100 tips and techniques to go with every skill level, you will be making everything from pillows and table toppers, to all different sizes of quilts. Plus, Kaye includes paper templates of her Starmaker rulers for you to use, though we highly recommend our acrylic version. Kaye also includes tons of witty stories and anecdotes about her life and travels throughout the quilting world. Uses Starmaker 5, 6, and 8 (sold separately).

      Show me some of the projects in Kaye's Everyone Can Quilt Book

      Watch Kaye's Quick Tips here:

      Check out everything we have on sale and clearance: I HEART A QUILTING SALE!

      Alert Alert Alert....

      A special sale on all of our remaining VHS copies of Kaye's Quiltng Friends and Quilter's Toolbox Shows. Now we don't have these cataloged yet, but we do have at least one copy of most of the shows. Be sure to read the entire description so we know what you want.


      Special Summer Solstice Sale....

      ANY shipped order on June 21st (12:01 AM - 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time) will get you a FREE Summer pattern! This is a GREAT time to take advantage of our sale and clearance pages.

      Send Me My FREE Pattern!

      What's New In Our Store....

      Check out all of our new items, on our sale page, more new items coming this week. Including a special hand lotion containing willow bark to be added later this week. Perfect for soothing those cuts and pricks and sore joints.

      Tumbling Winds Kit

      Now, Kaye's beautiful Tumbling Winds Quarter Quilt is available in kit form. The kit includes 2 complete applique sets, and a multi formatted cd containing the tutorial for all 3 flowers.

      By Dalco Home Sew and Kaye Wood. Tumbling Winds Pattern and View & Do Octagon Shape (not included)

      Butterfly Ballerina
      Wallhanging, Pillow and Twirly Tutu Wand Patterns

      Little dancers will adore this delightful Butterfly Ballerina pattern collection containing a wallhanging pattern, pillow pattern and twirly tutu wand pattern.

      The charming wall hanging and pillow make the perfect gift ideas and dream decor accents, creating a magical world of ballerina fun, fantasy and dreams come true.

      Teddy Bear Tea
      Wallhanging, Pillow, Guest Bat and Sweet Treats Patterns

      A little girl's love of teddy bears and tea parties is captured in this timeless Teddy Bear Tea pattern collection including a wall hanging pattern, pillow pattern, sweets pattern and gift bag pattern.

      The charming wall hanging and pillow make the perfect gift ideas and dream decor accents that celebrate one of our most endearing childhood memories.

      Click HERE to sign up for our Newly Scheduled Alaska-in-August Seminar!


      This Week on KayeWoodTV.com!

      Perfect Y-Seams are easy when you know the tricks!

      Blog Giveaway....

      Just a few more days until one copy of the Color and Cloth book, from Kaye's library will be given away. Hurry over for your chance to win!

      This Color and Cloth Book could be mine!

      Our Reader's Show and Tell....

      This is the wonkiest quilt I have ever tried to make and caused me much stress. When I started I planned to make a trains, trucks, and buses type quilt for this small boy who said his favorite color was yellow. By the time I bought the fabrics and got started he had decided his favorite color was red and that he liked to fix things and enjoyed tools. So I bought a Mr. Fixit quilt kit and planned to add extra borders to that. By the time I was well started on that, the favorite color was still the same, but now he planned to be a "hunter of bear and a hunter of deer" when he grew up. So I just kept changing blocks around and adding things every time I heard something new until I got to an appropriate quilt size. So this quilt has carpentry tools, adult animals, baby animals, barns, plane, tractor, gardens, heavy equipment, and all kinds of colors. Never ever would I have tried to put these colors or fabric designs together by choice.

      But, the family and the child like it I guess....Jeanne

      do you have a project you'd like showcased?
      Send me the pictures and a story by clicking HERE!

      Reader's Hints, Tips and Techniques....

      I've made several quilts and have learned 3 key steps: 1. measure twice, cut once 2. you cannot overpin 3. always iron your seams as you go. Your projects will always have a professional look to them....Gloria

      Have a table for cutting that is tall enough so you don't hurt your back bending over so much. Otherwise, be sure to stretch frequently. I use a pad of sticky notes which I stuck at my quarter inch seam marking on the sewing machine table, so I can just butt my fabric up against it when I'm sewing and know I'm on the right mark....Sandy

      Are You A Member of our Facebook Group?

      If not, you missed out on the opportunity to get some of our patterns at discounts only available to our FaceBook group!

      Click HERE to Join for Special Coupons and Deals!

      List Your Event....

      Looking for a Quilt Show to attend? Check out our listing. If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!

      Kaye On TV....

      We get a lot of phone calls and emails asking where to find Kaye on their TV. The simple answer is we don't know, (sorry). Here's what to do. Call your PBS, cable and satellite providers and ask them. If they don't show it, ask them to add it to their lineup. Our shows are called Kaye's Quilting Friends and Quilting The Kaye Wood Way.

      We Want To Know....

      Wikipedia says a thimble is a small hard pitted cup worn for protection on the finger that pushes the needle in sewing and quilting.

      We want to know... what kind of a thimble do you use?

      Tell us HERE

      Father's Day....

      There are about 7 different stories as to the origination of Father's Day, but this seems to be the most prominent.

      "Father's Day is always the third Sunday in June. Father's Day honors the role of dads and men who serve in father-like roles in the lives of others.

      Fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, fathers-to-be all have a day to stand in the spotlight on Father's Day. As "non-traditional" family structures become more common, any nurturing man - big brothers, brothers-in-law, uncles, neighbors and others who are "like a father" - are likely to be honored on Father's Day.

      Father's Day originated in 1909 when a woman named Sonora Dodd came up with the idea. Mrs. Dodd's father, William Jackson Smart, had raised her and her five siblings after their mother died in childbirth. While listening to a Mother's Day sermon at a church near her family's home in eastern Washington State, Mrs. Dodd thought about the sacrifices her father had made for his children and the fine job he had done in raising them. Because her father had been born in June, she decided to encourage the churches in her area to honor fathers in June. Through her efforts, the first Father's Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington, in June 1910.

      Although Congress passed several resolutions over the years in support of Father's Day, it did not become an official U.S. holiday until 1972, when then-President Nixon issued a proclamation declaring the third Sunday in June as Father's Day in the United States." From Calendar-Updates.com

      I think that's all for this week. Have a great week and awesome Father's Day. Hope to see you at one of our shows!

      from The staff at Kaye Wood, Inc!

      Terrye Kinch/Kaye Wood, Inc
      Kaye Wood, Inc
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