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Quilting The Kaye Wood Way, Week of 9.9.10

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  • Terrye Kinch/Kaye Wood Inc
    ... In This Issue.... a.. New Sale b.. Michigan Quilters c.. KayeWoodTV.com - Flying Geese d.. Show and Tell e.. Tips f.. Funny Stories g.. Ask Kaye Quilting
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2010

      In This Issue....
      • New Sale
      • Michigan Quilters
      • KayeWoodTV.com - Flying Geese
      • Show and Tell
      • Tips
      • Funny Stories
      • Ask Kaye
      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way

      Today, "Pitter Patches", our Twitter Bird is practicing to be a Flying Goose....Follow us!

      Contact Info:

      Kaye Wood, Inc
      PO Box 456
      West Branch, MI

      Hi Quilters,

      School's Back In Session - it's time to ramp up your fall and winter projects!

      25% off Joan Hawley's Flying Geese Book, Ruler and Tips DVD!!

      Click HERE to get this awesome collection!
      And scroll down to see our video on how to use these really cool tools!

      Attention All Michigan Area Quilters,

      Kaye's coming to Traverse City! She's going to be doing both a Lecture/Demo/Trunk Show and a Teacher's Certification Class.

      Sew Along With Kaye and Joan Hawley as they explore Flying Geese the Easy Way!

      Just click here

      (high speed connection recommended)

      Our Readers Show and Tell....

      Thank you for the class. I did the Spinning Diamonds, and was lucky enough to finish after class. I learned 5 major new tips and techniques during the lesson, and had lots of fun doing it. I can't wait to get started teaching....Gail

      Tips From Our Readers....

      Our small group at church does a similar project, but we call them critter quilts. We ask for donations of gently used pillow cases, and using our left over batting pieces, make the critter quilts. It allows us to practice our machine quilting, make good use of all of our resources and gives the shelter nice washable quilts for the critters....Carla

      Reader's Funny Stories....

      I went out and bought co-ordinated fabric to make a quilt which included 12 inch 2 color pinwheels, which happened to be in 2 shades of green. I assembled the quilt as per the pattern but minus the floral border, put the quilt top on the bed and decided that the green pinwheels were too dominant. I then raced round all over town looking for 2 shades of a paler salmon fabric than that already in the quilt top, duly made up the new pink pinwheels and replaced the green pinwheels with the pink ones. I put the newly assembled quilt top on the bed and, lo and behold, I liked the pink pinwheels even less than the green ones. And yes, you guessed it, I took out the pink pinwheels and replaced them with the original green ones and then added the border. I placed the completed quilt top on the bed and, yes it looked great. The border had made all the difference. Effectively I had made 3 quilt tops! I guess it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind! Now I am busily quilting the assembled quilt. Any ideas what to do with 8 - 2 color salmon pink pinwheels?....Sandy

      Ask Kaye....

      Carolyn asks: When doing a project like the Chevron Table Runner do you starch the fabric well to help prevent stretching of all of the bias edges or use another method?

      Kaye answers: I never use starch my fabric. If it needs crisping up, I use spray sizing, which will not scorch from a hot iron. The bias edges are only a problem when you sew a bias edge to a straight edge, in which case the straight edge must be on top when sewing. If both edges are bias, there shouldn't be a problem sewing them together.

      That's all for this week

      Have a great week from

      The staff at Kaye Wood, Inc!

      Terrye Kinch
      Customer Service
      Kaye Wood, Inc
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