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Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter, Week of 5.25.10

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  • Terrye Kinch/Kaye Wood Inc
    ... In This Issue.... a.. On Sale, Clearance, Damaged,Deal of the Day b.. New On Our Site c.. Kaye s Schedule d.. KayeWoodTV.com e.. Another Survey f.. Our
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2010

      In This Issue....
      • On Sale, Clearance, Damaged,Deal of the Day
      • New On Our Site
      • Kaye's Schedule
      • KayeWoodTV.com
      • Another Survey
      • Our Readers Show and Tell
      • Tips From Our Readers
      • Events
      • Funny Stories From Our Readers
      • Ask Kaye - NEW!!
      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way

      Today, "Pitter Patches", our Twitter Bird is all dressed up for the holiday....Follow us!

      Contact Info:

      Kaye Wood, Inc

      PO Box 456

      West Branch, MI 48661




      Hi Quilters,

      Happy Memorial Day. We have so much to be thankful for. All of our military family has come home safe and sound. My husband was in the Air Force and fought the Korean War in England (not a bad place to be during a war). My oldest son is retired Air Force and stayed in Alaska after retiring. He fought the first Iraqi war in England. We attended his retirement ceremony in Fairbanks. It was held outside and a moose was also in attendance. My second son is also retired Air Force. He now teaches senior engineering at the Air Force Academy.
      The next generation, one of my grandsons, is in the Army. He has
      served two tours in Iraq and will be home today. We think he will be stateside for his next assignment. One of the things that is different about war today is the ability to communicate-we now talk by cell phone and email.
      I shouldn't admit this, but I remember the start of World War II. I was very young and probably only remember it because I have heard FDR announcing it over the years. Several of my uncles went off to war and all came back safe. Later one of my brothers was an officer in the navy and another enlisted in the army.
      Have a great memorial day, and don't forget to thank those in the military.

      On Sale This Week....

      Free, Starring The Eagle Pattern with any shipped order!

      Stunning patriotic quilt made from strip-pieced log cabin diamonds. Instructions and eagle appliqué pattern are included for this full size quilt. Also shown appliquéd onto a sweatshirt. Perfect for Memorial Day! Uses the Starmaker 6 (sold separately).

      Start Shopping Here - http://www.kayewood.com/sale

      Also, many new clearance and hurt items have been listed. Check them out!

      Sunflower Sky....

      The flowers may be annuals, but this quilt pattern is a perennial favorite. Step by step instructions clearly explain the easy rotary cutting and machine piecing techniques. Pattern also includes hanging sleeve and binding instructions. Large, detailed illustrations with every step. Wall hanging 38" X 38"

      Spring Table Charms....

      These table charms are so quick to make and lots of fun to decorate with. Sizes can be easily adjusted and they have have so many uses. Place under your favorite candles, knick knacks, table ornaments, or pictures. They make great gifts and can be made at the last minute. Your friends will think you worked hours on them! They can be embroidered, appliqued, or just stitched or combinations of all. Approximate sizes: 7-18".

      Terrye Kinch
      Customer Service
      Kaye Wood, Inc
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      Kaye's Schedule....

      Watch as Kaye constructs her famous Lone Star Quilt. Gorgeous!

      Kaye's Lone Star Quilt....

      FYI: Programs are best viewed with a high speed connection.

      Created using Kaye's Starmaker 8 Master Template.

      Another Survey.....Inquiring Minds Want To Know....

      All about your choice of bedroom decor.

      • How would you describe your decorating scheme? Traditional, Old Country, Funky and Fun, Eclectic or some other?
      • What are your colors? Are all walls painted the same or not?
      • Do you match your quilts and comforters to your color scheme or do you decorate around your quilts?
      • Click Here To Tell us......

      Here are some quilts I made for 2008 MOMS4MARINES annual picnic, this one went over so good. We sold alot of tickets and was able to raise money to send x-mas packages for our troops in Iraq. It's a very good cause and the families that come are growing every year. It is an open picnic for any family that has a family member in the Marines, already in boot camp or going to boot camp, or deployed. It's a fun day for them all. We always have a great time....Donna

      Be sure to visit our Show and Tell Page, then click on these to see the larger view!

      Tips From Our Readers....

      My daughter Sally's tip might be of interest to others. She keeps an empty prescription bottle in her sewing kit. Bent or dull pins and needles have a safe home until she has a chance to dispose of them. Probably saves a lot of stuck fingers!....Sarah

      We want your tips....

      Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you, that you'd like to share? We are always open to new things and would love to hear about them! Just e-mail your tip to me at the address below, and it will find a place in our newsletter! terrye@...?subject=sharewithus

      Quilting Events in May and June....

      Has your guild or quilting group scheduled a show? Let us know the where's, when's and how's and we'll put you on our Quilting Events Page.

      Attention Delaware Quilters, We've got nothing listed for you state! Email us and Let us know what's going on in Delaware!
      If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!

      Funny Stories From Our Readers....

      My friends and I were having a great time at a class, and I was taking pictures to document all the fun. I was working on the small table in front of me, and I rotary cut the strap off my camera. It was funny at the time. I guess you had to be there......Chris

      You can't be the only one who's done this! Come on, fess up, tell us about your funny sewing stories!

      Ask Kaye....

      This is a new feature we're implementing, just to try it out. Every week we'll take a question from our readers and Kaye will answer it.

      This week, Ramona asks, "What is the best way to use striped material in the border of a quilt?"

      Kaye says: Choosing fabric for a border.

      "Sometimes the border is the most important part of the quilt. Borders are used to frame the center of the quilt, to enlarge the size of the quilt, or to add interest to the quilt.

      For a bed quilt, I like the center design and a narrow border to fit on the top of the bed; the main borders are on the drop and covering the pillow. In this case the border, or borders, need to be wide enough (approximately 10" or more). If you don't want to cover the pillow area, just use borders on three sides of the quilt.

      Each border should be in proportion to the pieces or blocks used in the quilt top. It is better to use several borders instead of just one, unless the one has a great design and needs to be wider to take advantage of it.

      Stripes are good for borders and can be cut wide or narrow. Solid colors look best when they are narrow, unless this is where you want to show off your quilting stitches. Small prints look best in narrow borders; big prints look best in wider borders.

      I like pieced borders, such as the wedge border in my pattern, "Jumping Jacks". This is a good way to use up scraps of fabric. Feel free to use fabrics not used in the main part of the quilt as long as they look like they want to play together. Check out the partially pieced border in "Rising From the Mist"; these pieces were left over from the blocks in the center of the quilt.

      Change the fabric in your borders as you go around the quilt. I've done this in my quilt "Alaskan Northern Lights".

      Feel free to experiment. It's your quilt and it only has to please you.

      Email us your questions....

      That's all for this week

      Have a great week everyone from

      The staff at Kaye Wood, Inc!