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Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter, Week of 5.19.10

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  • Terrye Kinch/Kaye Wood Inc
    ... In This Issue.... a.. On Sale, Clearance, Damaged,Deal of the Day b.. New On Our Site c.. Kaye s Schedule d.. KayeWoodTV.com e.. Results of Last Week s
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2010
      • On Sale, Clearance, Damaged,Deal of the Day
      • New On Our Site
      • Kaye's Schedule
      • KayeWoodTV.com
      • Results of Last Week's Survey
      • Our Readers Show and Tell
      • Tips From Our Readers
      • Events
      • Funny Stories From Our Readers
      • Scissor Tips
      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way

      Today, "Pitter Patches", our Twitter Bird is enjoying the blue skies of summer...Follow us!

      Contact Info:

      Kaye Wood, Inc

      PO Box 456

      West Branch, MI 48661




      Hi Quilters,

      Are you like me and get all of the quilt magazines? I couldn't exist without their input. But, I get very frustrated when they portray the difficulty in making quilts.
      For example, in the last issue of a popular magazine, there was a challenge about making a Lone Star quilt, which anyone who has studied my techniques knows that it can be so easy. The quiltmaker talks about making a template, which turned out to be the wrong angle. After all of her hard work, including "I would have to rip apart my work and reuse the pieces. Pressing, marking and cutting every diamond." My question is "why mark anything-it's not necessary."
      I enjoyed reading this article, but I could sense the quiltmakers frustration. She did persevere, and she has a beautiful quilt to show for it. But, I'll bet she could enjoy it just as much without all the frustration.
      This piece could have been accurately cut and pieced, using strips and the Starmaker 8, in just a few days.
      What do you think?

      On Sale This Week....

      Regular price is 14.95, this week only 11.00

      Just in time for Memorial Day - Old Glory Fun Pack!

      Use fat quarter packs, old quilts, feedsacks and scraps. This wallhanging sews up so easy. The flag is a breeze to make and it looks like it waves in the breeze too. Bind it on the curve for added interest. Use on the wall, or for a great patriotic holiday table decoration. Make one for yourself and the other for a friend.

      Just add fabric! This pack includes 2 printed interfacing panels to make 2 flags each approximately 24" x 27"

      No curved piecing, no inset piecing, just sew on the lines and fuse! Kit contains pattern and enough fusible interfacing for 2 flags!


      Also, many new clearance and hurt items have been listed. Check them out!

      New On The Site

      Brand New!! Sunflower Sky from Happy Apple Quilts.

      The flowers may be annuals, but this quilt pattern is a perennial favorite. Step by step instructions clearly explain the easy rotary cutting and machine piecing techniques. Pattern also includes hanging sleeve and binding instructions. Large, detailed illustrations with every step. Wall hanging 38" X 38"

      Terrye Kinch
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      Kaye Wood, Inc
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      Kaye's Schedule....

      Learn the easy way to make your own Flying Geese designs. With Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs Flying Geese and More Book and Flying Geese Ruler, you have your own gaggle in no time!

      Watch Joan Work Her Magic....

      FYI: Programs are best viewed with a high speed connection.

      72 pages

      Make a block or a flock of flying geese with this step by step guide to 150 flying geese block designs. This book is based on making flying geese using the Flying Geese x 4 No math ruler (sold separately).

      And The Survey Says.....

      Last week I asked for your input as to what new items you'd like to see in our store. Here are the results:

      • #1 Tablerunners
      • #2 Bags and Purses
      • #3 Table Toppers
      • #4 Themed Projects
      • #5 Traditional Rather Than Contemporary
      • #6 Patterns Rather Than Books
      • #7 Wearable Art
      • #8 Wallhangings
      • #9 Quick To Quilt for Gifts
      • #10 Small Baby/Children Throws and Lap Quilts

      Thanks to everyone for participating!

      These boxes are made by using Kaye's View & Do Hexagon Shapes.....Josephine

      Be sure to visit our Show and Tell Page, then click on these to see the larger view!

      Tips From Our Readers....

      I recently needed to sew on some Velcro circles, they call them coins. So small and so many to do, I was sick of constantly lifting the presser foot and re-adjusting the project. My machine has alphabet letters programmed in so I found the letter "O" and it worked out perfectly to secure the 'coin' and I didn't need to move the fabric once.

      We want your tips....

      Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you, that you'd like to share? We are always open to new things and would love to hear about them! Just e-mail your tip to me at the address below, and it will find a place in our newsletter! terrye@...?subject=sharewithus

      Quilting Events in May and June...

      Has your guild or quilting group scheduled a show? Let us know the where's, when's and how's and we'll put you on our Quilting Events Page.

      Attention New Jersey, New Mexico and New York... We don't have anything listed for your state. Let us know what's going on!
      If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!

      Funny Stories From Our Readers....

      I was madly hand quilting my quilt for our upcoming quilt show and had completed the outside border and rolled the quilt several times when I came across a thumb tack between the layers. Fortunately, I was able to work it out between the lines of quilting. What a relief. Two days later I came across another tack. This time I only had to take out a few stitches to work it out. I couldn't believe that I had done this. By the time I had finished the quilt I had worked out three tacks. I told my friends at the guild about this and one friend told me that she had quilted a safety pin in, which is still in the quilt. Another told me how her group had quilted a pair of scissors into a quilt and had to rip out one end of quilting to get it out. I wonder how may other people have done this too.

      You can't be the only one who's done this! Come on, fess up, tell us about your funny sewing stories!

      Scissor Tips
      As much as scissors cost these days, it's important to know how to care for them the right way. Plus, the better the care, the longer they'll last and the better results you'll get from them! So here are a few tips on how to care for your scissors.
      1. Keep your scissors in a cool, dry, safe place.
      2. Regularly wipe the blades with a light coating of sewing machine oil, to prevent rust or corrosion. Don't forget a drop where the blades come together by the screw. After oiling, cut on some scrap fabric to remove any excess oil.
      3. Your scissors can be washed with soap and water, but you have to dry them thoroughly and oil them too.
      4. After each use, wipe off the blades to prevent build up on the blades and screw area.
      5. Handle your scissors with care. When you drop them, it can knock them out of alignment, break the tips and nick the edges.
      6. Respect your scissors and their uses, they are not for metal, plastic, etc. Keep the ones you use to cut your fabric in a certain spot, and use them for only this purpose.

      That's all for this week

      Have a great week everyone from

      The staff at Kaye Wood, Inc!