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Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter, Week of 1.20.10

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  • Terrye Kinch/Kaye Wood Inc
    Hi Quilters, This has certainly been a week to give thanks for our many blessings and to offer prayers for the hundreds of thousands of people suffering in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2010

      Hi Quilters,

      This has certainly been a week to give thanks for our many blessings and to offer prayers for the hundreds of thousands of people suffering in Haiti. At this point all we can do is offer prayers and send cash donations for them.

      I hope it will make me reconsider when I want to complain about a power outage that lasts an hour or so, especially when we have a gas fireplace, lots of flashlights, and a computer with a large battery.

      I've just returned from Oklahoma City and we how have 17 new Certified Teachers. Our numbers are growing fast. Next week we will be in Denver for another Teacher Certification class. Hope to see lots of you at the Denver show.

      Have a great day and take time to remember your blessings.

      You've probably guessed that this week's theme is "Flour Sacks". We'd love to see pictures of your flour sack projects. Please send them here!

      New Sale....
      Romantic Heart Tablerunner and Sweetheart Tablerunner and Topper.
      Each, regular price is 7.97, this week, on sale $6.00

      Romantic Heart Tablerunner

      Ideal for Valentine's Day or any romantic occasion, this table runner is based on a simple and attractive heart block. Just six blocks make up the 16.5- by 50-inch table runner. Detailed color illustrations take you through the paper piecing techniques. Designed by Rebecca Anderson

      Sweetheart Table Runner and Topper

      Ideal for Valentine's Day or any romantic occasion, this table runner is based on a simple and attractive heart block. If you've ever wanted to learn paper piecing, this is the pattern for you. The equilateral triangle heart block is simple and attractive. Eight blocks make a 14" by 49" table runner and six blocks make an attractive 19" diameter table topper. Detailed color illustrations take you through the paper piecing techniques. Designed by Rebecca Anderson

      Sale Items Are Here

      More new items in our store!

      Also, be sure to check out our HURT items, on the sale page. Deep discounts on scratched and dented, torn and ripped covers, but the patterns and books are intact.

      Hurt Books Are Here

      Kaye's Schedule....


      Denver, CO, (short seminar) Feb 4-6, 2010, register here

      More Info on The Denver Rocky Mountain Show Expo

      Kaye Wood Certification
      All-Day Workshop Wednesday Feb 3, 2010.
      Quilting Teachers, start with a one day class from Kaye Wood and Become an independent Kaye Wood Teacher. A list of available classes will be sent to you. Something for everyone—beginner to more advanced classes.
      Sign up Now, space is limited!


      Puyallup, WA, (short seminar) Feb 25, 2010, register at www.sewexpo.com

      Teacher Certification Classes....

      Our Deal of the Day is back....

      It may not be every day, but it's always going to be a real good deal!

      Check it out on our sale page. Bookmark it and check back every day!

      Quilting Shows on your computer - Free - 24/7....

      Pinwheel Hearts Using Kaye's View & Do Hearts Shape


      See the Video, free, here: KayeWoodTV.com
      FYI: Programs are best viewed with a high speed connection.

      I made this wall hanging using the Stained Glass Diamonds Pattern and the View & Do Diamond Shape. The embroidery pattern is Geisha – spirit of Japan from www.orfeus.com.au. I gave the completed wall hanging to my nephew and his fiancé as a wedding present.

      - Sue
      Show and Tell....

      Send me your Show and Tell pictures and stories (50 words or less, please)

      More Show and Tell Quilts

      This is a Stitch and Flip Strip quilt I made for my daughter.

      - Jackie

      Tips From Our Readers....


      I've found working with slippery, "Minkee type"  fabric can be difficult, but so rewarding for a loved one. If you baste with light adhesive basting spray, instead of trying to safety pin the layers, you will have better results. My youngest son absolutely loves the "feel" of this type of material, so I made him an early Christmas present which he is using during these very frigid, single and low double digit temps.


      So many of you asked for the Quilts Of Valor contact info, so here it is....

      Barbara Winkler, Chairman, So Cal Quilts of Valor
      Bellflower, CA


      We want your tips....

      Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you, that you'd
      like to share? We are always open to new things and would love to hear
      about them! Just e-mail your tip to me at the address below, and it will
      find a place in our newsletter!

      Quilting Events in January and February...

      It's a new year! Has your guild or quilting group scheduled a show? Let us know the wheres, whens and hows and we'll put you on our Quilting Events Page.

      Oregon Gardens presents Stitches in Bloom Quilt Show and Innovative Traditions Workshop, Jan 27th-30th, For more information go to www.oregongarden.org/Events or call 503-874-2536

      Manatee Patchworkers in Bradenton, FL, February 6 & 7, 2010, Bradenton Municipal Auditorium, www.manateepatchworkers.org.

      Funny Stories From Our Readers....

      Whether funny, touching, or mysterious you all have your stories, and we want to hear them. Come on, fess up.... you can't possibly think that you're the only one whose done........

      Send them to us, here and we'll include them in our newsletters.

      I have a long-haired cat who loves to sit by the sewing machine. My machine is old with an open bobbin case. When I had finished sewing my piece, I noticed a bunch of black on the underside. I was very puzzled until I realized what had happened. Loose fur from my cat's tail had been sucked into the bobbin case and had been sewn into the item. The cat never moved during this time so she was unaware of what was happening. Now, I move Clara out of the way before I sew.....Edith

      It would be a perfect quilting world, if all of our rows were equal in length. But...we live in the real world, where rows may not be the same length and that's fine. Quilting is supposed to be fun and we all know, "ripping out" definitely is not! To help improve your skills, here are some thoughts to consider when you're having problems.
      1) Were all the strips cut the same width? If not, maybe you need to practice your rotary cutting.
      2) Were all the seam allowances the same? Once again, practice makes perfect when it comes to sewing.
      3) Did you press your strips without steam, from the right side of the fabric?
      4) If you do have to trim your strips, make sure you trim the top and bottom, equal amounts.
      Checking these things can save you a lot of time and maybe a big headache too!

      The Flour Sack

      By Colleen B. Hubert

      In that long ago time when things were saved,
      When roads were graveled and barrels were staved,
      When worn-out clothing was used as rags,
      And there were no plastic wrap or bags,
      And the well and the pump were way out back,
      A versatile item, was the flour sack.

      Pillsbury’s best, Mother’s and Gold Medal too
      Stamped their names proudly in purple and blue.

      The string sewn on top was pulled and kept;
      The flour emptied and spills were swept.
      The bag was folded and stored in a sack
      That durable, practical flour sack.

      The sack could be filled with feathers and down,
      For a pillow, or t’would make a nice sleeping gown.
      It could carry a book and be a school bag,
      Or become a mail sack slung over a nag.
      It made a very convenient pack,
      That adaptable, cotton flour sack.

      Bleached and sewn, it was dutifully worn
      As bibs, diapers, or kerchief adorned.
      It was made into skirts, blouses and slips.
      And mom braided rugs from one hundred strips
      She made ruffled curtains for the house or shack,
      From that humble but treasured flour sack!

      As a strainer for milk or apple juice,
      To wave men in, it was a very good use,
      As a sling for a sprained wrist or a break,
      To help mother roll up a jelly cake,
      As a window shade or to stuff a crack,
      We used a sturdy, common flour sack!

      As dish towels, embroidered or not,
      They covered up dough, helped pass pans so hot,
      Tied up dishes for neighbors in need,
      And for men out in the field to seed.
      They dried dishes from pan, not rack
      That absorbent, handy flour sack!

      We polished and cleaned stove and table,
      Scoured and scrubbed from cellar to gable,
      We dusted the bureau and oak bed post,
      Made costumes for October (a scary ghost)
      And a parachute for a cat named jack.
      From that lowly, useful old flour sack!

      So now my friends, when they ask you
      As curious youngsters often do,
      “Before plastic wrap, Elmer’s glue
      And paper towels, what did you do?”
      Tell them loudly and with pride don’t lack
      “Grandmother had that wonderful flour sack!”

      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way

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      That's all for this week....

      Have a great week everyone from

      The staff at Kaye Wood, Inc!


      Terrye Kinch
      Web Design and Internet Customer Service
      Kaye Wood, Inc
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