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Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter, Week of 1.5.10

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  • Terrye Kinch/Kaye Wood Inc
    Hi Quilters, This time of year, it s all about the ice! Jeff Foxworthy once said something to the effect of, You might be a redneck if you sit on an ice
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2010

      Hi Quilters,

      This time of year, it's all about the ice!

      Jeff Foxworthy once said something to the effect of, "You might be a redneck if you sit on an ice covered lake for hours waiting for your dinner to swim by". For a few more months anyway, this will be a popular scene on the area's lakes and rivers. But, while the guys are out fishing, we prefer to stay inside, working on our quilting. Do you have a new design you're proud of? We want to see it! Email pictures along with any stories and we'll put them on our Show and Tell page!

      Enjoy our decorations this week, as they depict our Great Lakes all dressed up for winter.


      New Sale....
      Have you heard? Postage Rates are going up, but here at Kaye's Quilting Friends, we're going to hold steady for as long as we can.

      On the survey last week, you asked for it, so you get it! Free Shipping (US only, please) on 4 of Kaye's most popular patterns! Last week you got the Starmaker 6 and/or the View & Do Diamond Shapes. This week, 2 patterns each designed for the View & Do Diamonds Shapes and Starmaker 6 Master Template are available in this sale.

      Sale Items Are Here

      Also, be sure to check out our HURT items, on the sale page. Deep discounts on scratched and dented, torn and ripped covers, but the patterns and books are intact.

      Hurt Books Are Here

      Kaye's Schedule....

      Oklahoma City, OK, (short seminar) Jan 14-16, 2010


      Denver, CO (short seminar) Feb 4-6

      Denver, CO, (short seminar) Feb 4-6, 2010, register here

      More Info on The Denver Rocky Mountain Show Expo

      Kaye Wood Certification
      All-Day Workshop Wednesday Feb 3, 2010.
      Quilting Teachers, start with a one day class from Kaye Wood and Become an independent Kaye Wood Teacher. A list of available classes will be sent to you. Something for everyone—beginner to more advanced classes.
      Sign up Now, space is limited!

      Teacher Certification Classes....

      Print a coupon for admission,here



      Glacier Ice!

      Quilting Shows on your computer - Free - 24/7....

      This Glacier is Warm and Cozy!

      From the book, Strip Cut Quilts, here

      See the Video, free, here: KayeWoodTV.com
      FYI: Programs are best viewed with a high speed connection.

      Affair of the Heart.. Just loved making it.. Won a blue ribbon at  the Canfield, Ohio Fair. Took me a year in all but loved hand appliqué, and hand quilting it.

      - Fran
      Show and Tell....

      Send me your Show and Tell pictures and stories (50 words or less, please)

      More Show and Tell Quilts

      This quilt is a first time quilting project on recycled materials.  Interior batting is an old blanket, which made the finished project rather odd shaped & stiff like a saddle blanket-which is how it will probably be used!

      - Donna

      Tips From Our Readers....

      When you are doing quilting in the hoop using your embroidery designs be sure to remember to bring your bobbin thread up just like when you are doing free motion quilting to preventing nesting underneath your hoop. It makes for a much nicer look and again no nesting....Virginia

      When putting my blocks together I use binder clips instead of pins. The small size works well. I can also add a scrap of paper to tell the direction for pressing, row number, or other information that I might need when I get a chance to sew later....Carolyn


      We want your tips!
      Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you, that you'd
      like to share? We are always open to new things and would love to hear
      about them! Just e-mail your tip to me at the address below, and it will
      find a place in our newsletter!


      I was binding a king size quilt and had over 500 inches of bias binding to control. After preparing it, I wound it up into a jelly-roll using my index finger to hold the middle open. Once it was completed, I found an old, long strand of cheap pearls, opened the clasp and put the necklace through the opening. I then put the necklace on being sure the raw edges of the binding were going to align with the quilt. Putting the quilt edge under the sewing machine needle, I then matched the raw edges of the bias binding to the quilt, lowered my pressure foot and began sewing the binding in place. It worked like a charm. It was a no pain way to keep the binding feeding along with the quilt without it running away from me. 

      Did you know.....

      Podcasts are all the rage, and we've done several. Go to the Podcast section of our blog to access these. Joan Hawley, Beth Ferrier and more quilters talk about their own unique processes and designs.


      Quilting Events in January and February...

      It's a new year! Has your guild or quilting group scheduled a show? Let us know the where's, when's and how's and we'll put you on our Quilting Events Page.

      Manatee Patchworkers in Bradenton, FL, February 6 & 7, 2010, Bradenton Municipal Auditorium, www.manateepatchworkers.org.

      And The Survey Says.....

      The question was: When you order online, what would you rather get and listed below in the order of popularity are your answers, with Free Shipping the winner by a LANDSLIDE!

      • Free Shipping
      • Free Pattern
      • Free Fabric
      • Coupon for next purchase
      • Free Surprise Gift

      Funny Stories From Our Readers....

      Whether funny, touching, or mysterious you all have your stories, and we want to hear them. Come on, fess up.... you can't possibly think that you're the only one whose done........

      Send them to us, here and we'll include them in our newsletters.

      We'll start off with one from Kaye, from her book, Everyone Can Quilt (which incidentally sports quite a few of Kaye's "tales"!)

      The Fabric Police

      There is a law that you cannot leave a state without buying fabric. Soon after I mentioned this in a seminar, I got a phone call from a man who said, "My wife was at your seminar and I understand there is a fabric law."

      "Every quilter knows about this law," I said.

      "Well, I'm a state trooper, and no one at the post knew about this law, but when we checked with our quilting wives, they all knew."

      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way

      Skate Along With Us On Twitter

      That's all for this week....

      Have a great week everyone from

      The staff at Kaye Wood, Inc!

      Terrye Kinch
      Web Design and Internet Customer Service
      Kaye Wood, Inc
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