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Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter, Week of 12.15.09

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  • Terrye Kinch/Kaye Wood Inc
    Hi Quilters, As I sit in my sewing studio, I can look out my wall of windows and see the fresh snow on the trees. The snow will probably still be there in the
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      Hi Quilters,

      As I sit in my sewing studio, I can look out my wall of windows and see the fresh snow on the trees. The snow will probably still be there in the spring-just more of it. The best part is that it doesn't get dirty, so it is always nice to look at.  We have several evergreen trees and they are the prettiest of all at this season. The snow will stay in the trees until we get a blizzardy wind.

      Occasionally some deer and wild turkey cross the yard on their way to our trout stream. It looks like a Christmas wonderland.

      Why doesn't the snow disappear from the spots where it isn't wanted, like the driveway and the sidewalk, and stay fresh and nice out my sewing room window? Oh well, I can dream.

      This time of year, I love to look at all the Christmas fabric. It just shouts, "sew with me".  But I am a procrastinator and it is time to put that aside and do some decorating for Christmas.

      Have a great Christmas and holiday season


      Don't forget to take pictures of your finished or "almost finished" Christmas projects and email pictures of them to us. Simply email us here and we'll put them up on our Show and Tell page.

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      Easy Hexagon Designs Ebook - 1/2 price!

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      Kaye's Schedule....
      • Oklahoma City, OK, (short seminar) Jan 13-16, 2010, register here (seminars on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and a special "It Funny To Be Famous" talk on Sunday.
      • Denver, CO, (short seminar) Feb 4-6, 2010, register here
      • Puyallup, WA, (short seminar) Feb 25, 2010, register at www.sewexpo.com
      • Loveland, CO, (short seminar), Aug 20-22, register here
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      Show And Tell:

      More and more pictures of quilts are being sent in, along with their stories. Is yours listed? Check them out and send a picture of your creations, here

      Please list my quilt for Show and Tell

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      Show and Tell....

      I started a quilting group 3 years ago as there was not one that met all day anywhere near where I now live. I ended up being the ‘teacher’ as most ladies who joined were complete beginners. Here is a small quilt (21 x 18) that I made to demonstrate one method of quilting landscape wallhangings. My son and his girlfriend wanted it so I had to get it finished. I am rather pleased with how it turned out....Shirley

      Send me your Show and Tell pictures and stories (50 words or less, please)

      More Show and Tell Quilts


      FAQS on our ebooks

      We were among the first in the quilting industry to present some of our books and patterns in electronic format and we continue to do so. These ebooks are immediately available to you as a download and there's no shipping. Just click on the download link after you complete your order and save them to your computer (adobe reader is required). Then you can print them to store with your other patterns and books, or choose to keep them on your computer. Cool!

      Go here for a listing of our current ebooks and epatterns....

      Tips From Our Readers....

      I have more than one sewing machine and each one takes a different style bobbin. To eliminate confusion, especially on the clear colored plastic ones, I assign a color to each machine and permanent marker the side of the bobbin with that color. I also keep the separate bobbins in a well marked bobbin holder so that I know which one is which....Joanne

      I often go to sewing classes that require you to bring your own machine. There are times when the same model of machine is in the classroom. I put an address sticker on both the machine and the carrying case for identity purposes. I also label patterns, rulers and other equipment. This eliminates the "Who's is this?" questions at clean up time and helps getting borrowed items returned....Joanne

      We want your tips!
      Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you, that you'd
      like to share? We are always open to new things and would love to hear
      about them! Just e-mail your tip to me at the address below, and it will
      find a place in our newsletter!

      Quilting Events in December...

      Is your quilting event listed on our site? Send me your info and we'll get you listed...

      Tips and Techniques from Kaye.

      This week....Envelope Finish:
      An envelope, or pillow finish requires a backing fabric cut the same size as the quilt top. The two pieces are then sewn, right sides together, with or without batting. Sew around 3-1/2 sides of the quilt, if batting is sewn into the seam line, the batting should be next to the quilt top – this will eliminate the seam allowance showing through from the top of the quilt.

      Christmas Traditions Around The World
      In Scandinavia a little gnome called Julenisse puts the presents under the Christmas tree in the night. The children leave a bowl of porridge out for him.
      It is from Scandinavia that most of our Yule log traditions derive. The dark cold winters inspired the development of traditions concerned with warmth and light. Yuletide, meaning "the turning of the sun" or the winter solstice, has traditionally been a time of extreme importance in Scandinavia. For a long time, it was considered dangerous to sleep alone on Christmas Eve. The extended family, master and servant, alike would sleep together on a freshly spread bed of straw.

      The Yule log was originally an entire tree, carefully chosen, and brought into the house with great ceremony. The butt end would be placed into the hearth while the rest of the tree stuck out into the room. The tree would be slowly fed into the fire and the entire process was carefully timed to last the entire Yule season.

      In Scandinavia an important part of Christmas is the candles. It is said that the presents are brought by gnomes who live in the attics of houses all the year round.

      From Santas.net

      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way

      That's all for this week....

      Have a great week everyone from

      The staff at Kaye Wood, Inc!

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