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Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter, 6.16.609

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  • Terrye Kinch/Kaye Wood, Inc
    Quilting The Kaye Wood Way Hi Quilters Have you discovered Wii? For my birthday, I treated myself to a Wii and the Wii Fit. It is great fun and great exercize.
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      Quilting The Kaye Wood Way

      Hi Quilters

      Have you discovered Wii? For my birthday, I treated myself to a Wii and the Wii Fit. It is great fun and great exercize.

      Do you Wii? Wouldn't it be great if we had a quilt game on Wii? What would you put on your quilting game?

      How is your Hexagon Challenge coming along? I am really anxious to have you compare techniques. Your next challenge will be coming soon.

      Keep quilting........Kaye

      On Sale This Week....

      Kaye's Quilting Friends DVD, demonstrating the Stacking My Blocks technique, is on sale for only $11, that's a savings of $7. Topless triangles and strip piecing with the Starmaker 6 are demonstrated. There are NO Y-seams with this technique, so it looks difficult, but is relatively easy!

      Regular Price is $18.00 This week they are only $11.00 each!


      Order the accompanying pattern here

      New On Our Site

      Kaye's Picks....Randomly Kaye will pick a pattern to feature in our newsletter. These are limited quantities - first come, first served.

      This week, Kaye picks the Autumn Roses Pattern. Only a handful available, be sure to order quickly!

      This lovely piece just boasts fall colors, however would be beautiful in any color combinations. The outside border and the center are made up of striped blocked and the rose motif is machine appliqued. Order yours today!


      New Teacher Training Class Scheduled

      Our last Teacher Training class was so successful, we've scheduled another one!

      This one will be in West Branch, MI July 22, 2009 from 9-4

      Go here for all of the details!


      Search Our Site....

      Looking for something in particular? Try the search box at the top right hand of virtually every page. Just enter what you're looking for and see what pops up!

      Kaye's Quilting Friends Discussion List....

      This list, sponsored through YahooGroups is a lively, high volume list. Join the fun!


      Quilting Events This Month.....
      • Central Oklahoma Quilter’s Guild, Inc.  OK State Fairgrounds, June 18-20th, 2009.
      • Vermont Quilt Show, June 19-21. 2009, St. Michael’s College, Colchester, VT, info@...
      Original Creative Festival, June 25-27, 2009, Sharonville Convention Center, Sharonville, OH, www.pcmexpo.com


      Hurt Books

      We still have a few "Hurt Books" in our inventory. These are scratched and torn copies of our popular books. Although they are scratched or torn, they are intact - there is no information or pages missing. Deeply discounted, but quantities are limited.

      Go to our Sale Page!

      Tips From Our Readers


      Send us your tips.......

      We have a Plexiglas company here where we live, and when I need a template I go and ask them to cut out, on scrap Plexiglas, the size template I need including the seam allowance, it doesn't matter to me what color, plus you can see through it, and you can choose 1/8", 1/4" thickness whatever you would like....Karlen
      Wood is not the best thing to use for templates but if it is all you have, you can put a coat of poly. on it and it will last forever. You can also recycle all kinds of things as Kaye said. I save every piece of cardboard I get, if it has a ruff edge I use tape on the edges. Thanks. Just thought I would put my two cents in... Sharon

      I don't know if this tip has been suggested, but I use left over batting depending on the size of the left overs to make baby burp cloths or changing pads, and the small pieces I put in the dogs bedding for a softer feel....Sue

      Our readers show off their quilts....
      This is a quilt pattern I found online. It did not include the lion and tiger. I made the tent an 18″ block so I could fussy cut the interior action and the flags on top have the baby’s name embroidered on them. All the tails and ears are 3-D so he can play with them during tummy time....CyberBrat
      At a rummage sale, in a paper sack marked “fabric scraps-25¢,” there were many small fabric pieces with these squares of vintage ladies quilting at the bottom.  A few months later I had this black and white quilt done.  It hangs in the place of honor in my sewing room....Arlayne
      If you have a quilt or wallhanging you've made and would like us to see it, send us a picture, along with a 50 or so word description of what makes your project special! Send to:terrye@... To unsubscribe from this newsletter, click here.....

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