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Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter, 12.9.08

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    Kaye Wood s Quilting Newsletter December 9, 2008 Home Page Access to all the goodies on the Kaye Wood website. http://www.kayewood.com Hey everyone! The
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      Kaye Wood's Quilting Newsletter 

      December 9, 2008

      Home Page

      Access to all the goodies on the Kaye Wood website.


      Hey everyone! The holidays are bearing down on us and I hope you're having more luck then myself when it comes to getting prepared. I'm usually the girl who has her holidays together. Gifts done, lists checked, cookies baked...but not this year! I don't know if it's all the stress surrounding the season or life in general, but my "ho, ho, ho" just isn't what it's cracked up to be this year. Not one present is wrapped, not one cookie is baked and my decorations, well I guess I'm waiting for them to put themselves up, because I sure haven't gotten it finished! I try to excuse my conscience by saying these are not the things that make Christmas important, but I certainly seem willing to let tradition go to the wayside this year! I guess I'm just going to have to give myself a swift kick in the pants and get it done...or not! Either way, Christmas is a coming and it doesn't care the slightest whether I have a cheese ball available or homemade cookies waiting to be eaten. HO HO HO!

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      We want your tips!

      Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you that you'd like to share? We are always open to new things and would love to hear about them. Just e-mail your tip to me at the address below and it will find a place in our newsletter!


      1) I cut two strips of the rubber shelf liner and hot glued them to the bottom of the foot pedal. This stops my pedal from moving. I also got cup suction hooks and stuck them to the sides of my machine to hang my scissors and seam ripper on. It works great and keeps them right at hand. My last tip is this; I got a good neck lamp with a clip on base and attached it to the handle of my machine. It has a halogen bulb in it so when I am sewing, I can put the light exactly where I want it and have lots of light on my projects! Merry Christmas one and all! God bless. Tammy G.

      2) Here's another idea for raising your dining room table to an easier work table height. Put a one gallon paint can under each leg of the table. They are easy to slip out and hide away when you need the table for a meal. Ann

      3) I also have PVC pipes on my sewing table legs. (A Formica topped dinette table.) The bottom has a PVC cap glued on. My pipe stays on my table, though it is not permanently installed. My table has angled supports at each leg. The PVC pipe has slots that accommodate the supports when it is at regular height. When I want to make it taller, I lift one end of the table, swivel the pipe and I have a cutting height table. When I'm done cutting, I just lift, turn the legs and it's down at regular height. Judy

      Kaye Wood girls are thankful!

      I asked the girls at work to send me something about what they are thankful for. Here are some of their responses.

      I am thankful for...Family and friends who love me just the way I am. A warm home, hugs and giggles from children, fabric and paint, calculators and my job. Service men and women who protect this great country and parents who taught me life skills. I could go on for hours, and thank God that I could....I am blessed. Brenda

      I am thankful that I can go outside my front door, breathe in fresh air, see trees & wildflowers, hear the animals munching on their hay, smell the fresh pine in the air, and look up into the night skies and touch the stars. Terrye

      I am thankful for...Family I can count on and their unconditional love. Friends that are fun, caring and supportive. Children and the innocent things that come out of their mouths, humor and being able to laugh at things that could break a person. Freedom and being able to live the way I want, not the way I am forced. The values that were instilled in me at a young age and have formed me to who I am today. Faith and knowing that everything happens for a reason. Memories that make me smile and laugh. My job, vehicle and home...though not my dream job, vehicle or home, they are so much more than what some people have. Hobbies and interests that inspire me to be creative. Lori

      I am thankful for my daughter who is the absolute joy of my life and the apple of my eye! For my family who drive me nuts, but that I wouldn't trade for anything. For rainbows, sunrises and sunsets, flowers, blue skies, stars, giggling little kids with mischief in their eyes, my job and my health. But mostly for just being alive, especially after losing my wonderful brother a year and a half ago, it was way too soon for him to leave us. Joyce

      Free tip for you!

      Here is a free tip for you using Kaye's Quick Fold technique for making binding strips.






      Kaye is coming to Arizona!

      Two separate locations, two times the fun with Kaye and her Lecture/Demo/Trunk Show!

      El Mirage, AZ

      Monday, February 2, 2009

      Pueblo El Mirage RV and Golf Resort

      Reserve your spot by calling 1-800-248-5293

      or click the provided link.


      Mesa, AZ

      Wednesday, February 4, 2009

      Windemere Hotel and Conference Center

      Reserve your spot by calling 1-800-248-5293

      or click the provided link.


      Christmas Holiday Facts

      • Christmas became a national holiday in American on June 26, 1870.
      • Oklahoma was the last state to declare Christmas as a legal holiday, not passing it until 1907.
      • More diamonds are sold during Christmas than any other time of the year.
      • Those who kiss under the mistletoe have the promise of health and good luck for the upcoming year.
      • Gingerbread houses became popular after the Brothers Grimm released the story of Hansel & Gretel.
      • The worlds most famous Christmas carol is Silent Night.

      Show & Tell

      Here is a beautiful quilt from one of our readers. Thanks to all of you that submit and share your quilts and stories.

      After pacing the floors for the first year and a half of retirement, a friend introduced me to piecing and away I went. My family has received many interesting quilts as I continue to teach myself. This is my first on-point quilt, let alone diamonds, made for my future daughter in-law. Christine

      If you'd like to check out even more wonderful quilts made by our readers, go to our Show & Tell page.


      If you'd like to submit your quilt to our Show & Tell page, just e-mail your picture and story, 50 words or less please, to Terrye at the following address.


      You can also mail a non-returnable picture along with your story to the following address.

      Kaye Wood c/o Show & Tell

      PO Box 456

      West Branch, MI 4861

      We'd love the chance to show off your work, so send them in!


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      Talk to Mary Kaeser about the LoveQuilt Connection


      Kaye Wood Forum

      Post questions, check the message board, make a new friend, the forum has it all.



      Well gang, I guess that's all for this week. Let us know if you need anything or if we can help you out in any way. From all of us at Kaye Wood Inc., keep smiling, keep loving and above all...keep quilting!

      Take care, Joyce Horn

      Mailing address and ordering info.

      Kaye Wood Inc.

      PO Box 456

      West Branch, MI 48661

      If you prefer to place your order by phone, you can call us toll-free at:

      1-800-248-5293, Monday thru Friday

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