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Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter, July 2, 2008

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  • Terrye Kinch
    Kaye Wood s Quilting Newsletter July 2, 2008 Home Page Access to all the goodies on our Kaye Wood website! http://www.kayewood.com Hey everyone! As you can see
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      Kaye Wood's Quilting Newsletter

      July 2, 2008

      Home Page
      Access to all the goodies on our Kaye Wood website!

      Hey everyone! As you can see with the upcoming 4th of July holiday, we're feeling very patriotic! You're sure to see a lot of flags this weekend in parades, the yards of neighbors, even on cars! But do you know that everything thing about our flag has a meaning? Things like flags and seals were very symbolic back in the start of our country, and they were meant to have great significance. For example, the red stripes in our flag represent strength and valor. The white stripes signify innocence and purity. The blue band above the stripes represents justice, perseverance and vigilance. The stripes themselves are symbolic of the rays of light glowing from the sun. The stars serve as a symbol of the heavens and the goal of man, which is to have great ambition, reaching beyond tradition or history. So there you have it! The next time you see a flag just think about all the knowledge you can pass on! Have a great and SAFE 4th of July!
      If you'd like to download this newsletter, click the link.

      Check This Out!
      Take a look at this unique pattern from our new friends at Maple Island Quilts called Jam Art!
      Don't just make a quilt, create a work of art with the Jam Art pattern! Jelly Rolls are the rage and you can find them in most every quilt shop online or in your town! With their increasing popularity, Maple Island Quilts has the perfect pattern for making a 36" x 40" quilt, using your favorite Jelly Roll combinations! Quick and fun to do, because your strips are already cut for you! Pattern contains full instructions with tips on how to do your own creative, curved cutting! The unique border gives your quilt an interesting look as it widens at the top and narrows at the bottom. If you've been looking for something a little more modern, that still says WOW, this is the pattern for you! Click the link for more info.

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      Buy any one of these Lazy Girl Designs patterns and get the accompanying Bag-E-Bottom for half price!

      Gracie Handbag

      Whimsey Bag

      Towne Purse

      Veronica Pocketbook

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      Free gift with any shipped purchase!
      For this month only, any purchase made will receive a View-a-Strip by Kaye Wood, absolutely FREE! Now you can view fabric as it will look, after it is cut and sewn into strips, measuring 1/2" up to 3" wide. Especially helpful for large florals and striped fabric. No need to do anything, we will automatically add this to your order when it is shipped. E-patterns and E-books alone, are not valid for the free gift.

      Take a look at KayeWoodTV.com!

      Make sure to visit KayeWoodTV.com for new and exciting tips from the Sulky design team! You definitely won't want to miss what they have in store for you this week!
      Check it out here.

      After you've enjoyed the new Sulky segment, watch all 37 of our programs available to you, absolutely FREE! You'll find lots of fun and new projects!

      FYI...Programs are viewed best with a high speed connection.

      Original Creative Festival News
      Kaye and Brenda just got back from Cincinnati and the Creative Festival. They told us they had a riot seeing old friends and making lots of new ones! Thanks to everyone who came to the Festival and helped to make it a huge success!

      Also a big thank you to Mary Kaeser for all her help and support, not only with the LoveQuilt, but in any capacity we needed! You are remarkable and we truly appreciate it!

      Another big thank you to all the helpers and volunteers that worked on the LoveQuilt Connection! Without all of you, this wonderful event would not continue! We appreciate each and every one of you!

      We want your tips!
      Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you, that you'd like to share? We are always open to new things and would love to hear about them! Just e-mail your tip to me at the address below, and it will find a place in our newsletter!

      1) I have been doing a lot of paper piecing recently and found another way to use the "quilt in the ditch" foot for my machine. It follows the line on the paper and makes it much easier to get a straight seam. This may have been shared before but I am just discovering it's use. Loretta C.

      2) Old wooden thread spools make great bird toys, when tied together with natural twine and bells, or old metal hoops. Anything natural that won't hurt the bird. Bonnie S.

      Show & Tell
      Here is a beautiful quilt from one of our readers to view! Thanks to all of you that submit and share your quilts and stories with us. I know everyone enjoys them as much as I do!

      I made this quilt for my little cousin to be. I really enjoyed making it! Fran

      If you'd like to check out even more wonderful quilts made by our readers,
      just click the link.

      If you'd like to submit your quilt to our Show & Tell page, just e-mail your picture and story, 50 words or less please, to Terrye at the following e-mail address.

      You can also mail a non-returnable picture along with your story to this address.
      Kaye Wood, c/o Show & Tell
      PO Box 456
      West Branch, MI 48661
      We'd love the chance to show off your work, so send them in!

      More about color.
      Well, last week I wrote about using a color wheel for picking out fabric groups for your quilts. Here is a little more info you might find useful.
      Most color wheels you see show pure colors, meaning they aren't altered in any way. A lot of the quilting fabrics you use however, are versions of the pure colors on the wheel. This is how a lot of them are altered.
      Tones-Tones are created when gray is added to pure colors, making them less vibrant.
      Shades-Shades of color are created by adding different amounts of black to a color, to make it darker.
      Tints-Tinting happens when you add white to a pure color, making it lighter.
      You will always have a dominant color in your quilt. They are the first colors you notice when you look at a quilt and kind of jump out at you. This can be tricky though, because different combinations of fabric colors, can make finding the dominant color a bit more challenging. Here are some different factors you might want to note.

      1) Out of all of the pure colors, yellow is the most dominant. But pure colors overall are more dominant than toned colors that have some gray added.
      2) Warm colors on the right side of the color wheel, are more dominant then cool colors that appear on the left.
      3) Dark swatches are usually easier to notice than light ones, but warm colors can make darker ones recede.
      4) Very light fabrics used sporadically as accents, can make them more noticeable than the dark colors.
      5) Neutral colors are great for allowing other colors to be seen better in a pattern. Neutrals are often used for backgrounds or other places on a quilt, that don't have to be very noticeable.

      Submit a quilt block to the American Pain Foundation!
      The APF is a national nonprofit, educational, research and advocacy organization, working to eliminate the epidemic of the under treatment of pain in America. The APF is appealing to quilters who are either living with pain or are caregivers, to create and submit a quilt block, to be used in a Pain Quilt. This quilt will be on display and auctioned at APF's annual celebration and awards banquet in Baltimore, on October 23rd.
      Submissions should be a 10" x 10" block or blocks, made of fabric, that is a reflection of the quilt makers journey with pain. Beads, fibers, feathers, etc, may be used for embellishment. The blocks may be pieced or appliqued, by hand or machine. They may be a traditional or original design, but must be unfinished and not quilted. Entrants are also asked to leave a 1/4" seam on all sides for the squares to be joined together.
      No blocks will be returned to the maker and will become the property of APF. The finished quilts will be exhibited at the APF's annual celebration and awards dinner, and will be used for fund-raising purposes. All quilt block submissions must be received by August 15, 2008.
      Blocks should be sent to the following address.

      American Pain Foundation
      201 N. Charles St., Suite 710
      Baltimore, MD 21201-4111

      For more information, visit www.painfoundation.org

      Words of Wisdom
      The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is just that little extra.
      If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.
      An ego trip won't get you anywhere.
      Count your age by friends, your life by smiles.
      A natural tendency is to want to be understood rather than to understand.
      Don't prepare for rainy days while enjoying today's sunshine.
      Keep your heart a little softer than your head.
      The key to happiness and success is to have a dream.
      All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.

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      Well gang, I guess that's all for this week. Let us know if you need anything or if we can help you out in any way! From all of us at Kaye Wood Inc., keep smiling, keep loving and above all...keep quilting!
      Take care, Joyce Horn

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