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Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter, June 13, 2007

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  • Terrye Kinch
    HYPERLINK http://www.kayewood.com/1.jpg Kaye s Quilting Friends Newsletter Wednesday, June 13, 2007 Our Home Page HYPERLINK http://www.kayewood.com/
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      Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter

      Wednesday, June 13, 2007

      Our Home Page

      Hey everyone, it's really nice to be back. I apologize for the lack of a letter last week, but sometimes circumstances are beyond our control and this was one of those times! But we're back on track this week, with all your favorite things, so read on and enjoy!
      To download this newsletter, click the following link.

      Check This Out!

      A Mariner's Compass made EASY and ACCURATE? You bet!
      Mattie from Quiltsmart takes this difficult design and makes it simple, just for you! Start with printed interfacing, (included) sew on the lines, fuse and zig-zag to create this fantastic 47 inch Mariner's Compass! Full instructions and printed interfacing, enough for one 47 inch quilt, included.


      Last week for this sale!

      Buy the Just Country Pattern (templates included) and get the DVD of that show, absolutely FREE!!!

      This is the final week to take advantage of this fabulous sale! Brought to you by our good friend Brandy, check out the Just Country Pattern, aka Crazy Strippin! This pattern is so much fun, you will just love it! No extra tools to buy, the acrylic templates are included with this pattern, so you can make blocks in 4, 6, 9 and 12 inches. Plus, you will receive instructions for 4 different quilt sizes, wallhanging, baby, twin and queen! These quilt sizes can easily be adapted to be as small or large as you desire, by using fewer or more blocks. A detailed supply list is provided for each quilt size, along with a FREE Brandy's key chain! So, let's review. 1 pattern to make 4 different sized quilts, with variations, acrylic templates included, FREE DVD of this show and a FREE key chain! How can you pass this up? Click the link and order today!

      Monthly Sale

      Free shipping on this fabulous book by Kaye Wood!
      Read on for the review of this book below, by guest author Kim Noblin, as printed on the site Bellaonline.

      Everyone Can Quilt by Kaye Wood, offers projects and techniques that will make anyone, regardless of quilting experience, successful! With over 30 years of teaching experience and as hostess of her own quilt show, Ms. Wood has led thousands of quilters through the beginning steps of quilt making!

      Chapter 1 serves as an introduction and begins by helping you decide if you are a pointed or pointless quilter. Next, you'll find a list of the supplies that you will need to get started, along with some really good advice on how much fabric to buy, and how to feed your fabric stash. All of this info is delivered with a nice blend of wit and wisdom. There are over 20 projects included in this book ranging from "No Problem" quilts to more complicated star patterns. There are small quilts, large quilts, pillows, potholders and table toppers. All patterns have accuracy built into the construction process, making them virtually fool-proof! If you've ever watched Kaye's Quilting Friends on television, you've seen her use her Starmaker rulers to simplify the construction of her blocks. For the patterns in this book, Kaye has included paper templates, that will allow you to make your own Starmakers.

      As a bonus, there are lots of great tips, humorous stories and photos, from Kaye's long career as a quilt teacher and television personality, that will have you chuckling while learning.

      I highly recommend this book for anyone who is just learning to quilt or who wants to learn an easier way to make quilts. I have no doubt that everyone CAN quilt, with this wonderful book by Kaye Wood!
      Some of the projects from Everyone Can Quilt!

      Share With Us

      Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you, that you'd like to share? We are always open to new things and would like hear about them! Just e-mail your tip to me at the address below and it will find a place in our newsletter!

      1) I came up with a pretty good idea. I have an outside clothesline. I took my quilt backing and quilt top, and pinned them together while they hung on the line. It was easier, because all of the fabric, etc., hung down because of gravity! Pam M., Homer City, PA

      2) Hi Kaye, I was in a quilt shop last week and picked up a little trick using two mirrors. If you place the two mirrors at a 90 degree angle on a quilt block, you see a vision of how the quilt block will look with multiple blocks! I saw this with a log cabin block I was working on and it opened up all kinds of ideas for me! Thanks for the opportunity to share ideas. I especially like the idea of cutting up my loose thread for the birds!
      Gin K. in Westminster, MD

      3) Hi, I was trying to find a way to keep my fusible web and steam a seam neat and tidy, when I came up with the idea to roll it and put it in cardboard tubes, from paper towels and toilet rolls. I just write on the outside of the tube what it is, so it's easy to grab. Cynthia, Nova Scotia

      4) When buying fabric for quilting, if you are not sure if the color will run or not, add some vinegar to your cold wash cycle. Several run-throughs might be necessary. This is what my Mom used to do back in, "the day". Happy quilting! Jacqueline W.

      KayeWoodTV.com is here!

      BIG NEWS on the KayeWoodTV.com website!

      Take a look at the new featured show, Stacking My Blocks by Kaye Wood!

      Be the first of your friends to enjoy Kaye's Quilting Friends, right from your computer! The show you know and love can be accessed at the click of a mouse! You will find that Kaye and her guests provide exceptional TV programming, that will offer a variety of quilting and sewing projects, for every skill level! Furthermore, you pick the right time for you to watch! You can access Kaye's show anytime it's convenient for you! So what are you waiting for? Click that link and enjoy!
      FYI: Programs are best viewed with a high speed connection.

      Show & Tell

      Check out these beautiful quilts from our readers! Thanks to all who share your quilts and stories with us!

      Hi, this is my version of a signature quilt. This was made for a woman in my Bible study group for her birthday. The basket is a pocket that we each wrote a special note to her. Each square represents each person in the group. The flowers are embroidered. Marie

      I am sending you my photo of the Gracie Bag as seen on KayeWoodTV.com. I had such fun making it and it was accomplished in a few hours. I am thrilled with it and I found your program most helpful as I am a visual learner. I had to make it as soon as I received the pattern from you! Jocelyn

      The Buffalo Quilting Gals were asked by the Big Horn Basque Club, to make a quilt for the Basque Festival that was held in Buffalo, WY in July of 2006. The quilt interprets the Basque heritage here in Johnson County, WY. The individual blocks in the quilt reflect the life of the Basque people here in the West. Sheep ranching became their livelihood, so the blocks show a herder, a sheep wagon, his sheep and companions, a dog and horse and also sheep shears for shearing the wool. The church represents their strong faith. The Basque dancers show their love of music and dance. The cards are from their game Muz and the bread, wine and cheese, reflect their love of food and friendship. At the bottom center, is a coat of arms representing the seven provinces of their home lands in Spain and France. The Basque flag is top center and to it's left is the emblem of the North American Basque Organization. Kathleen Bishop chaired the group of ladies who worked on the quilt and the historical background was given to the group by members of the local Basque community. The Buffalo Quilting Gals do at least one quilt a year as a service project, for an organization in the community. We are especially proud of this beautiful quilt!

      If you'd like to check out more wonderful quilts made by our readers, just click the link!

      If you'd like to submit your quilt to our Show & Tell page, just e-mail your picture and story, 50 words or less please, to Terrye at the following address.

      Another option is to mail a non-returnable picture along with your story to this address;
      Kaye Wood, c/o Show & Tell
      PO Box 456
      West Branch, MI 48661
      We'd love the chance to show off your work, so send them in!

      A new quilting cruise is in the works!

      Join Kaye and the Roundbobbin group, for a fantastic Mother's Day Sew Fun Cruise!
      May 10th thru May 18th, 2008
      What better way to celebrate motherhood, than on a great cruise just for you!
      Pack a bag, grab your passport and set sail to these wonderful ports of call!

      • Ft. Lauderdale
      • Panama
      • Costa Mayo
      • Costa Rico

      For more info, call Bonnie at Cruise One!
      Or go to

      Did You Know?

      There are many things to look for when picking out your fabrics. Here are just a few items of interest.

      • Check the weave. You want your fabric to be strong, especially if you want it to last for years to come. If it is not strong enough, you could have problems with tearing and damage over time.
      • Cotton is always a good choice. Especially if you're just starting out, it's easier to work with then other fabrics. Plus, cotton just feels good to the touch!
      • Make sure it's a colorfast fabric. You are eventually going to have to clean your quilt and you don't want your colors to run! If you're not sure about your fabric, test it before you use it in your quilt. You can trim a piece off and wash it or wash all of the fabric by itself. That way, if it does run, you won't ruin any other fabrics.
      • You can really get caught up in all the fabulous fabric choices once you hit the fabric store, so make sure to keep your goal in mind. Remember the project at hand, who it is for or where it is going. Color can make or break the whole look and feel of your quilt, so take your time. Try different colors and patterns side by side to see how they work together.
      • Too much is better then not enough. Buy extra of the fabric you're planning to use. There is nothing worse then needing more, going to your store and finding they are either out of it, or it's not available any longer.
      • Don't forget the fabric for the back of your quilt. It too should mesh well with your color scheme.
      • Be careful if you have a pattern on your fabric when cutting. You want them going the same way, not hither and dither.

      Useful Links

      Kaye's all new blog!
      It's all new and written totally by Kaye, just for you! Keep in touch with Kaye and find out what is going on in her life and the world of quilting!

      Kaye Wood Inc. Catalog
      Our brand new catalog is available online, anytime, anywhere! Convenient shopping day or night!

      Our Home Page
      Access to all the goodies on our Kaye Wood website!

      Message Board
      Have a question or want a quilting buddy? This is the place for you! Tons of quilters are just waiting to talk and share!


      Well gang, I guess that's all for this week. Let us know if you need anything or if we can help you out in any way! From all of us at Kaye Wood Inc., keep smiling, keep loving and above all...keep stitching!
      Take care, Joyce Horn

      Mail address and ordering info.
      Kaye Wood, Inc.
      PO Box 456
      West Branch, MI 48661

      If you prefer to place your order by phone, you can call us toll-free at:
      1-800-248-5293, Monday thru Friday, 9-5, EST

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