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Kaye Wood's Quilting Newsletter Wednesday, December 13th.

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  • Terrye Kinch
    HYPERLINK http://www.kayewood.com/3.jpg Kaye Wood s Quilting Newsletter HYPERLINK http://www.kayewood.com/6.jpg Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday,
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      Kaye Wood's Quilting Newsletter

      Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***Wednesday, December 13th***

      Hey everyone! I hope you're all having an easy time getting your holidays in order. It's hard to believe in two weeks it will all be over. I'm trying to teach my daughter to think less of the preparation and presents, and more of the, "reason for the season" and family. But it's sooo easy, to get caught up in all the commercialism and hoopla. Traditions that have been passed down for generations, seem to be getting harder to do. I don't know if everyone is so busy, or if they just don't want to be bothered. But, I for one am going to keep trying. I still have a cookie decorating party for my nieces and nephews, that I started before I even had a child. My daughter and I baked cookies last weekend and every tasty morsel was made by scratch. I know it's not a big deal but it's a start. These are just a part of the little things I do and hope my daughter will some day pass on. So keep the spirit alive and your traditions going strong! Sometimes it may seem like work, but I think it's worth it in the end.

      To download this newsletter, just click on the link below.


      New Sale!

      10 % off any pattern, book or notion by Cheryl Weiderspahn or Luveta Nickels!

      This week our special features two wonderful quilters, that have both appeared on Kaye's Quilting Friends television show, Cheryl Weiderspahn and Luveta Nickels. They're some of our favorite people and we know you love them and their designs too! So, for the next two weeks, when you buy any pattern, book or notion, by either of these talented ladies, you will receive 10% off each one! Cheryl from Homestead Specialties is known for her products that can be changed and worn in numerous different ways, from the same beginning items! Luveta, is known for her "Junk Jeans" way of life and incorporates it into most everything she touches! So just click the link, to check out all the different products we carry from these two fantastic ladies and place your order today!


      Monthly Sale!

      Free shipping on the Starmaker Master Template Set!

      This offer available in the U.S. only. The s/h fee will be taken off at the time of processing.

      Now you too can own the set Kaye uses for just about all of her books and projects! It comes complete with the Starmaker 5, 6 and 8 rulers, a Starmaker Design Concepts technique book, and a 77 minute Starmaker Design Concepts Video or DVD, your choice! Order now and your s/h will be FREE! Buy it for a friend and if you wish, we will ship it directly to them at no extra cost. Here are just some of things you can do with your SMMT!

      * Use the Starmaker 5 to strip-piece 20 piece Dresden Plates, 5 piece fans/tumblers, 9 degree wedges with the 20 angle, 5 pointed stars, diamonds, wedges, and triangles with the 5 degree angle.

      * Use the Starmaker 6 to strip-piece 12 pointed stars and diamonds, 6 pointed stars, diamonds and wedges, tumbling blocks and triangles.

      * Use the Starmaker 8 to strip-piece 16 point Dresden Plates and 4 piece fans with the 16 degree angle, 8 pointed stars, diamonds, and wedges with the 8 degree angle, squares, rectangles, triangles, half-squares, wedges, and triangles with the 4 degree angle.

      * Starmaker Design Concepts Book- A total technique book on how to use your Starmakers. Over 140 different design concepts.

      * Starmaker Design Concepts Video-Available in VHS or DVD format, join Kaye as she takes you step by step through your new template set. Kaye shows and explains her techniques on this handy video.


      Share With Us!

      Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you that you'd like to share? We are always open to new things and would like to hear about them. Just e-mail it to me at the address below and it could find a place in our newsletter!


      1) Before I wash my new materials, I serge the cut edges, then when they come out from the washer and dryer there are no frayed threads and I always know that they have been washed because of the serged edges. Susan S., Sun City West, Arizona

      2) Another use for old needles from your sewing machine is to use them as picture hangers...they are strong and make only a small hole in your wall...(Keeps husbands happy when we put ANOTHER nail in the wall) Janice T., Climax, MN

      3) I was just in a sewing machine showroom and the ladies there shared with me a new use for the stitch-in-the-seam foot. They use it to butt up against an applique and use the button stitch (hem stitch, applique stitch, whatever it's called) to go around the applique. It sounds great to me and so easy. Joan S., Lehi, Utah

      4) I have had trouble keeping my 1/4" seam to the end of the material. I had no luck with a stiletto. I found if I keep my left hand to the side of the pressure foot to the end it stays straight. Maybe some other sewers have had this problem. Love the hints page and the old message board. Phyllis A.

      More Quilt Sayings!

      Share the Love of Sewing!

      Stitch your stress away.

      And the quilt tells a story and the story is our past.

      A fat quarter is not a body part.

      Anytime is stitchin' time.

      One quilting project, like one cookie, is never enough!

      My soul is fed with needle and thread.

      Pray for Pieces!

      When life throws you scraps, make a quilt.

      Show & Tell

      Here are more beautiful quilts for you to check out, from our readers! Thanks to all of you that submit and share your quilts and stories with us! I know everyone enjoys them as much as I do!

      This is a quilt I made for my sister after she lost her husband in a truck wreck. I made it totally out of his clothing. It was a real joy to be able to make this for her & she loves it. Linda

      This is a quilt I just finished for a friend who just lost everything in a house fire, she was lucky to escape with only her slippers and housecoat on.

      The pattern used is called Santa Anna Winds. Val

      If you'd like to check out more wonderful quilts submitted by our readers, click the link.


      If you'd like to submit your quilt to our Show & Tell page, you can mail a non-returnable picture, along with the story about your quilt, to the address below. 50 words or less please. Your other option is to e-mail your picture and story to Terrye, at the e-mail address below. We'd love the chance to show off your work, so send them in!

      Kaye Wood, c/o Show & Tell

      PO Box 456

      West Branch, MI 48661


      Upcoming Events

      These are some of the scheduled events for 2007. We will add more events and links as they become available.

      Lecture/Demo/Trunk Show by Kaye Wood

      Prescott, AZ, 2-16-07

      For tickets call: 1-800-248-5293

      Attention: Quilters in the Prescott, Arizona area!

      Kaye has added a new date to her event calendar and she's coming to your town! You won't want to miss the fun and excitement, as Kaye shows you how to "strip" the Kaye Wood way! Always informative, always entertaining, Kaye will have you in stitches with her lecture/demo! The date for the event is February 16, 2007 at the Elks Opera House in Prescott, Arizona! Space is limited, so get your group together and plan for a fun day with Kaye!

      Call 1-800-248-5293 for additional information and prices!


      Sewing Expo, Puyallup, WA, Mar 1-4, 07 http://www.sewexpo.com


      AQS, Paducah, KY, April 25-29, 07



      Come Cruise the Mediterranean with Kaye in 2007!

      Join Kaye Wood and Sew Many Places, for a great Mediterranean quilting cruise!


      Check out Kaye's entire schedule by clicking the link.


      Useful Links

      Kaye Wood Inc. Catalog

      Our catalog is available online at anytime, 24/7! Convenient for you whenever you want to check things out!


      Our Home Page


      Message Boards

      http://www.kayewood.com/forums (currently being upgraded) or here: http://bbs.cartserver.com/bbs/a/8058/index.cgi


      Well gang, I guess that's all for this week! Let us know if you need anything or if we can help you out in any way! From all of us at Kaye Wood Inc., keep smiling, keep loving and above all .......keep quilting!

      Take Care, Joyce Horn

      Mailing address and ordering info.

      Kaye Wood, Inc.,

      PO Box 456, West Branch , MI 48661

      If you prefer to place your order by phone, you can call us toll-free at:

      (800)248-5293, Monday thru Friday, 9-5 p.m., EST

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