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Oct 6, 2004. Kaye's Quilting Friends Email Newsletter

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  • kincht
    Hey everyone! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend! Mine consisted of moving my Mom to her new place of residence. Can you say pack rat? How one person can
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2004
      Hey everyone! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend! Mine consisted of
      moving my Mom to her new place of residence. Can you say pack rat?
      How one
      person can accumulate so much stuff is beyond my comprehension, that
      until I get home and see all my piles of "must haves". What is that
      "People who live in glass houses should not throw bricks"! I guess I
      by it honestly!

      Weekly Special
      Does candy corn bring back sweet memories for you of days gone by?
      would you say if I could give you candy corn that has no calories, no
      and is totally approved by the FDA? Are you curious yet? Well,
      we've got a
      sweet deal for you this week with our new bi-weekly special!
      You'll be right on target with Kaye's, "Pieces of Eight" book
      featuring her
      8-Sided Bull's-eyes and Fray-Away Appliqué quilts! This book has 16
      and is packed with 19 different projects! It has complete how-to
      instructions with color illustrations, tips on accurate centering and
      layering, perfect mitered bindings along with projects for the
      people! If you don't care for the raw edge look, not to worry as Kaye
      features two other finishing options to take care of those edges. Also
      featured is Kaye's View & Do Octagon shape. With this shape you can
      make 2", 4", 6" and 8" octagons. They come nested one inside the
      other and
      remove very easily. Made of hard plastic, these shapes are suitable
      rotary cutting. Not only does work with the projects in this book,
      but you
      will find them useful for scrap booking and many other crafts! For
      the next
      two weeks, you can get these both for $19.95. That's $5 off our
      retail price
      and with a deal as good as this, to fray or not to fray, will be your
      So now you're probably wondering where the candy corn fits in. Well,
      you buy "Pieces of Eight" along with the Octagon shape, both for
      $19.95, we
      will also send you the pattern for Kaye's candy corn quilt free.
      This quilt
      was featured on program K1701. We also have the video or DVD of that
      available to order.
      So buy the book and tool at a discounted price and get a sweet treat
      when we
      also send you the candy corn pattern for no extra charge.

      Monthly Special
      Alright people, it's time to drag out those scraps, to check out those
      fleece and flannels and think gifts. Now how about quick and easy
      It's October and we're talking cold, we're talking Christmas, we're
      a mere two months away. Now is the time to plan if you haven't
      already and we're here to help. For the month of October we're
      the "6 Hour Quilt" book, the Ragtime Quilt pattern and the Square
      Knot Quilt
      pattern. Why these you might ask? They make great gifts and are
      quick and
      easy to do. Whether you make a couch quilt, lap quilt, kids quilt,
      these patterns are going to make it a whole lot easier. You can
      choose 1
      pattern or choose them all, for this month only, your shipping will
      be 99
      cents! Add a video or DVD of the show which featured these patterns
      your shipping will still be 99 cents. So let the creative juices
      flow and
      give the gift of love, people love to get. With these patterns,
      it'll take
      you no time at all and you'll still have time to bake those cookies!

      What's Happening?

      A big congratulations goes out to Kaye Wood for being presented with
      prestigious, Teacher Of The Year Award at the American Sewing Expo,
      in Novi,
      MI! (horns, whistles, beeps, confetti) How great to be awarded such
      a fine
      title for doing something you truly love! Maybe that's the key to
      why she's
      so good at it. Hmmm. We are very proud of her and know she'll keep
      on doing
      an expert job! Way to go Kaye!

      Speaking of Novi, MI, Kaye and Kathleen had a wonderful weekend down
      at the
      American Sewing Expo! People were fantastic and they just want to
      say thank
      you to all who stopped by the booth!
      For more information on the events Kaye will appear at in the future,
      click on any of the links below.

      Kansas City, KS, Original Sewing and Quilt Expo---10/14/04 thru

      Houston, TX, International Quilt Market---10/29/04 thru 11/1/04

      Minneapolis, MN, Original Sewing and Quilt Expo---11/11/04 thru

      Phoenix, AZ, Phoenix Craft/Sewing Festival---1/20/05 thru 1/22/05
      Call 1-800-71RUSTY

      Denver, CO, Denver Creative Festival---1/27/05 thru 1/30/05
      Call 1-541-245-1296

      To check out the rest of Kaye's teaching schedule, just click the link

      Questions and Answers with Kaye
      Q: How do you add more inches to the width of a quilt that is already
      A: You have to add strips of fabric and batting. First you have to
      the binding either by taking out the stitches or cutting it off.
      Then sew 1
      strip right side to the top, sew 1 strip, right side to the back with
      batting underneath. Open up the strips and the batting is in the
      Continue to add in this manner until the quilt is as big as you
      Bind as usual.
      Q: What is the best way to wash a large amount of flannel before it's
      for quilt backing?
      A: Before you wash, accordion fold the fabric together and pin the
      edges using large pins. This will make it easier to handle before
      and after
      it is washed.
      Q: Why would your needle break while machine quilting?
      A: My experience is that when this happens you are usually going too
      It also helps to make sure the quilt is completely supported.
      Message Board
      As some of you already know, we have a new message board. The same
      people, same great place to post things, but a little bit different
      the one you have always used in the past, so Terrye has given me a
      tip to
      pass on.

      At the top left of the message board is a link that says: "View
      posts since
      last visit". Clicking on this link should make it easier for you to
      track of where you are and what you've already read.

      As with anything when it is new, it might seem to be a little strange
      first but I promise, within a month, you'll be a pro getting around
      Here is the link.

      What's New?
      In case you haven't heard, Kaye Wood has a new book out! "Everyone
      Quilt" has just recently hit the market with a huge response! To
      check out
      this new book and look at the peek pages, just click the link below.

      It's October which means it is also breast cancer awareness month.
      The best
      way to prevent it is early detection so please, please, make your
      appointments today. The life you save, could be your own! For more
      click the link below.

      Other Great Links

      You really need to check out our new online catalog! It's so much
      easier to
      navigate with convenient thumbnail pictures to click on, you can read
      it on
      the web or download it to your computer. Check it out here:

      PBS stations across the U.S. are showing Kaye's Quilting Friends. If
      not available in your area or to check out viewing times, just click
      link below.

      Hailing all Direct TV, Dish Network and cable subscribers. Did you
      Kaye's Quilting Friends is on BYU TV? To check out program times,
      click the link below.

      Did you know you can quilt and cruise at the same time? Well, you
      can and
      you can do it with Kaye Wood too! They are taking bookings now for
      "Cruise the Caribbean with Kaye Wood", quilting cruise. Scheduled to
      the dock in May of 2005, it's never too early to make your plans.
      For more
      information, just click here:

      Check out our Quilting Dictionary! Filled with terms and definitions
      to help
      you understand your quilting world.

      To check out quilting and sewing events all over the U.S. just click
      link below.

      Let us announce your quilting and sewing events! If you have an
      event you'd
      like to put on our event page, just e-mail Terrye at the link below.

      You can now take a look at What's Happening in your "neighbors" back
      This page is filled with quilting articles from around the U.S.
      daily, take a look here:

      Kaye's Teaching Tip
      In last weeks newsletter, the link I gave you for the tube sewing
      ended up being a dead link. The link below should work just fine. I
      apologize for the mix up and any inconvenience.
      Tired of sewing all those triangles together? Learn to cut and sew
      square triangles with Kaye's tube sewing technique. You must have
      Reader installed to view this. Just click on the link below.


      Well gang, I guess that's all for this week! Let us know if you need
      anything or if we can help you out in any way! From all of us at Kaye
      Inc., keep smiling, keep loving and above all .......keep quilting! :-

      Take Care, Joyce Horn

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      Copyright 2004
      Kaye Wood, Inc

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