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Kaye's Quilting Friends Sept 19, 2006

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  • Terrye Kinch
    HYPERLINK http://www.kayewood.com/1.jpg Kaye Wood s Quilting Newsletter Tuesday, September 19th***Tuesday, September 19th***Tuesday, September 19th***Tuesday,
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      Kaye Wood's Quilting Newsletter

      Tuesday, September 19th***Tuesday, September 19th***Tuesday, September 19th***Tuesday, September 19th***Tuesday, September 19th***Tuesday, September 19th***Tuesday, September 19th***Tuesday, September 19th***Tuesday, September 19th***Tuesday, September 19th***

      Hey everyone! I apologize for the problems with the newsletter last week. Hopefully, the bugs have been worked out. For that reason though, we are going to run pretty much the same letter. There is a different sale and a few other things, so take a look!

      Hey everyone! Have you ever wondered how long quilts have been around? Well, after a little digging, this is what I found. It is believed that quilting originated in Egypt and China, about the same time. The earliest recorded quilted garment was found on a carved, ivory figure of a pharaoh, dated to be from around 3400 BC! Quilts can be traced all the way back to the 13th century! Soldiers had a duo role for them back then. Not only did they use them for warmth, but also to protect themselves from chaffing when wearing their heavy armor. Quilted bedding, called a culcita or stuffed sack, was used by the Romans as a mattress. In colonial times, quilts were seen as a status symbol and only wealthy women made quilts. Poor women, didn't have the time or the money to quilt. Quilting has come into it's own. Right now, it is one of the leading industries in the sewing and crafting world! So if you have the time, teach someone to quilt! You'll be carrying on a time honored tradition.

      To download this newsletter, just click on the link below.


      Check This Out!

      This week we have a great combo pack for you to check out, at a special, one time great savings! Directly from Clover, so you know it's high quality, we have the Clover Rotary Cutter Value Pack! What it includes is a Clover 45mm Rotary Cutter, a Clover 12" x 18" Cutting Mat, and a Clover Rotary Cutter Collectors Lapel Pin, for the all time low price of $21! This is $10 off the original retail value! Makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for the quilter you know and love! You too can own the tools that Kaye Wood swears by for guaranteed success! Clover is definitely one of her brands of choice! Just click the link for more info on this great value pack!


      New Sale-Two discounts in one sale!

      Just in time for fall, we have 20 % off the Autumn Splendor Table Runner and Sew Easy Triangles! Buy one or both and get the discount. Plus, you get a shipping discount also! Buy the Autumn Splendor pattern and your s/h will be $1.99. Buy the Sew Easy Triangle Pack with the Autumn Splendor pattern, and your s/h will be $2.99! This offer good for US and Canada.

      Just in time for fall is the Autumn Splendor table runner! Just think how beautiful this would look on your table at home! The perfect blend of fall colors, will definitely put you in the fall mood! Easy to do with the Sew Easy Triangles, it would make a wonderful gift for your friends or yourself! Keep reading for more information on the Sew Easy Triangles.

      What are Sew Easy Triangles and how do they work? Sew Easy Triangles are a printed grid on fusible paper that enables the sewer to make precise half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles, and reversible prairie points. Sandwich two fabrics right sides together and fuse a page of Sew Easy Triangle Paper in place, with a hot dry iron. No pinning is necessary! Stitch on the dotted sewing lines, no marking is necessary, cut on the cutting lines, peel the paper, and press open. No squaring up! Your triangles are ready to go into a project. Sew Easy Triangles can be used with any pattern, but you will need to know the finished size of the triangle units you will be making. You can make 240 triangles from one package of the Sew Easy Triangle pack. Click the link for more information.


      Monthly Special

      This special is quickly running out of time!

      99 cent s/h for the Springtime Hearts Pattern-US and Canada only.

      $1.99 s/h for Springtime Hearts Pattern and View & Do Heart Shape-US and Canada only.

      Hey everyone! Kaye has another new pattern to introduce to you and what better way then with a sale! Springtime Hearts is fresh off the press and you are going to love it! Plus, when you buy it within the next 2 weeks, the s/h on that pattern will be 99 cents! If you buy the accompanying View & Do Heart Shape with Springtime Hearts, your s/h will be $1.99! Take a look!

      Springtime is here all year round with this wonderful new pattern from Kaye called, Springtime Hearts. Time to bring out those beautiful floral fabrics and put them to some good use! Floral hearts are fussy cut using Kaye's View & Do Heart shape, and then framed by the larger, solid colored hearts. Appliqué the hearts to a background block and there you have it! Sound easy? That's just because it is! This pattern comes with full instructions and fabric requirements for a wallhanging, up to a king sized quilt! Tips include two different appliqué techniques and complete binding directions for mitered corners. The weather might be changing, but keep spring in your heart with Kaye's, Springtime Hearts pattern!


      Show & Tell

      Here are a couple more beautiful quilts for you to check out! I love to look at the quilts, then read the story behind them. It always gives them so much life, don't you think? Enjoy!

      I've been quilting for a little over a year, and made this quilt for my sister-in-law who just found out that she may have epilepsy. It is a variation on the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I used the fabric, "Heaven Can Wait" from Northcott. It was a lot of fun making it, and she loves it! Jolene T.

      The name of the quilt is Seaquest and was made by Shirley Reinhart. I made this quilt for my grandson Ian, who turned 16 this July. He has always been interested in the ocean and sea life. It was made beginning with a panel and I designed several of the blocks myself. I then hand quilted it. He was very pleased with it. Jenny O.


      If you'd like to submit your quilt to our Show & Tell page, you can mail a non-returnable picture, along with the story about your quilt, to the address below. 50 words or less please. Your other option is to e-mail your picture and story to Terrye, at the e-mail address below. We'd love the chance to show off your work, so send them in!

      Kaye Wood, C/O Show & Tell

      PO Box 456

      West Branch, MI 48661


      Share With Us

      Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you that you'd like to share? We are always open to new things and would like to hear about them. Just e-mail it to me at the address below and it could find a place in our newsletter!


      My tip is one I came across recently and it is truly a stress saver for me! I have no idea why it works, but it does. When ready to sew, with material lined up as wanted, insert the NEEDLE where the seam will begin and THEN put down the presser foot. Take a couple of tiny stitches to lock the thread and then proceed sewing. You'll never end up with a spiders web of tangled thread with this procedure. Babbie

      Did you know newborn babies respond best to black and white objects? When I make a baby quilt for newborn or unborn babies, I make the backing black and white. My favorite was one that had wild, primary colored cats on one side and black and white log cabin blocks on the other. Nancy M.

      I learned another way of "starting" from a tip newsletter. I keep a supply of 2" pieces by my machine, right sides together, and sew onto them. This way I am sewing pieces for another quilt, in the time it would take me to sew across a scrap. Eileen, MN

      I made a great desk to use for holding my hand applique projects. You take a lap desk with a plastic top, scratch it with rough sandpaper, and then glue a different 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" piece of sandpaper to the plastic surface. The sandpaper holds the fabric while I trace or hand applique around my applique templates and backgrounds. While using my desktop, I don't have to worry about accidently sewing my project to my pants or scratching up my thigh with my needle. Betty J. in OKC

      Another Site You May Enjoy

      Charlotte 's Sew Natural, Unique Fabrics for Fashion & Quilting.  Charlotte 's stocks name-brand, top-quality 100% cottons for quilting as well as a variety of natural fiber fabrics including rayons, wools, silks, linens and blends of these fibers.  Check out Charlotte 's original patterns using 5" charm packs!  Pictured here is a UNIQUE PATTERN, Primrose Posies, designed by Charlotte using 5" squares and pre-printed interfacing from QuiltSmart.  No curved piecing in this project!  Charlotte 's web site, http://www.sewnatural.net has lots of "store" pages with secure on-line ordering abilities.  In addition, rather unique to the web, Charlotte also has lots of pages which include special inspirations, detailed instructions for special time-saving techniques and lots of other neat stuff, just like her brick-&-mortar store in downtown Newton Kansas .    Check out:  http://www.sewnatural.net/tips.htm

      What's New?

      Attention: Quilters in the Prescott, Arizona area!

      Kaye has added a new date to her event calendar and she's coming to your town! You won't want to miss the fun and excitement, as Kaye shows you how to "strip" the Kaye Wood way! Always informative, always entertaining, Kaye will have you in stitches with her lecture/demo! The date for the event is February 16, 2007 at the Elks Opera House in Prescott, Arizona! Space is limited, so get your group together and plan for a fun day with Kaye! Call 1-800-248-5293 for additional information and prices!


      Attention to all satellite subscribers! Kaye's Quilting Friends is now available on KBYU TV! Along with being on your regular PBS channel, you can now watch Kaye on KBYU and your satellite system. Be sure to check in on Fridays at noon!



      Are you missing the new segments of Kaye's Quilting Friends? Then you are missing out on all the new info and fun! Don't let this happen! Contact your PBS station and request that Kaye's Quilting Friends is on their schedule.


      To check out the info on Kaye's new series, just click the link!



      The US Postal Service is now offering stamps honoring the Quilts of Gee's Bend. Read more about this fascinating area and history of their quilts.


      Order your Quilts of Gee's Bend stamps by mail by going to the US Postal website or stopping in your local post office! They are available for a limited time only.


      Upcoming Events


      American Sewing Expo

      Novi, MI

      9/29 thru 10/1, 2006

      Call 248-889-3111 or http://www.americansewingexpo.com/


      Quilter's Retreat

      Hillman, MI-Thunder Bay Resort

      11/15, 2006

      Call 800-729-9375 or http://www.quilterretreat.com


      Come Cruise the Mediterranean with Kaye in 2007!

      Join Kaye Wood and Sew Many Places for a great Mediterranean quilting cruise!

      If the thought of quilting, cruising the Mediterranean and hanging with Kaye, sounds like a lot of fun, than you should get on board! Starting August 28, 2007, spend 13 glorious days on Carnival's brand new cruise ship, the Freedom, cruising the Mediterranean and visiting 10 different ports! Your ship will leave from Rome, Italy and take you to explore other Italian ports such as: Tuscany, Florence, Pisa and Liverno. From there you head to Greece to explore the wonderful sites of Athens and Katakolon. Next, you head to Turkey where you will check out the exotic ports of Istanbul and Izmer. Heading back towards Rome, you will stop again in Greece to the port at Rhodes. From there it's Naples, Italy and once again, Rome. Just think of all the famous landmarks, filled with history, you can visit and explore. Imagine you, standing in the Vatican, seeing the Sistine Chapel or getting a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa! This is the trip of a lifetime and you will be shocked how affordable it can be! Plus, the added bonus of honing your favorite craft, with Kaye Wood by your side, makes this trip even more memorable! You can request more information about this fabulous trip by calling toll free, 1-877-887-1188 or visiting the Sew Many Places web site at:



      Check out Kaye's entire schedule by clicking the link.


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      Our catalog is available online at anytime, 24/7! Convenient for you whenever you want to check things out!


      Our Home Page


      List Your Event

      Shows and events are going on all over the U.S. To have us list your event or to check and see if there are some in your area, just click the link below.


      Message Boards

      http://www.kayewood.com/forums or here: http://bbs.cartserver.com/bbs/a/8058/index.cgi


      Well gang, I guess that's all for this week! Let us know if you need anything or if we can help you out in any way! From all of us at Kaye Wood Inc., keep smiling, keep loving and above all .......keep quilting!

      Take Care, Joyce Horn

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