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Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter, Aug 29, 2006

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    Kaye s Quilting Friends Newsletter, Tuesday, August 29th. Kaye Wood s Quilting Newsletter Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August
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      Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter, Tuesday, August 29th.

      Kaye Wood's Quilting Newsletter

      Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***Tuesday, August 29th***

      Hey everyone! It's winding down to the end of August and fall is already starting to move in. Some of the leaves are still green, but are tinted with the tell tale gold and red around the edges. The ones that have fallen, are golden brown and crunchy to walk on. The pumpkins are turning orange, the corn is turning brown and regrettably, my flowers appear to be on their last leg. The nights are cooler, mornings are mistier and rain pretty much decided to be our best friend, all of last week. All classic signs of fall. Now, this is just fine with me because fall is my favorite season. I just hope it's early appearance doesn't spark an even earlier appearance of winter. Have a great week!

      To download this newsletter, just click on the link below.


      Check This Out!

      Just in time for fall, we have another wonderful bag from Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Design called, the Sassy Bag!

      If you are shopping, traveling, or just prefer not to carry a big, bulky purse, the Sassy Bag is for you! Big enough to carry the essentials, small enough to lie firmly next to your body, the Sassy Bag is approximately 8" x 9" and has 2 inner pockets and one pocket on the back. Say good-bye to the days of rummaging through a big bag to find your important items! Do you know any kids? Get some funky fabric and little girls and teens alike, will love this bag! If you need a quick but stylish gift, this bag would be great for anyone you know! This pattern is available for a short time, so order today!


      Last Week for this Sale!

      Special shipping charges on any of our jacket patterns.

      Hey, summer is winding down and fall is just around the corner. Time to think about a new jacket! To help get into the swing of things, this week if you buy any jacket pattern, your s/h for that pattern, will be 99 cents! All shipping adjustments will be made in the office at the time of processing. Here is a list of our jacket patterns.

      Twin Star Jacket***Jacket Tabulations***Junk Jeans Upside Down Jacket***Junk Jeans Cardigan Jacket***Made With Faith***Buttons Up***Confetti Jacket***M2 Again***Woodland Hooded***Watercolor Jacket***Rag Fur Jacket

      To view these jackets, just put the name in the search engine on our home page. (link below)

      99 cent shipping for US residents.

      $1.99 shipping for Canadian residents.

      Overseas customers, actual s/h.


      Monthly Special

      Last week to get your Pattern Tracing Fabric***FREE!!!

      Buy any of Kaye's patterns in her pattern line and get 1 Pattern Tracing Fabric FREE!

      Kaye has 14 fabulous patterns now in her pattern line! When you order any of these patterns, you will receive 1 package of Pattern Tracing Fabric absolutely FREE! (Please note, only 1 package of Pattern Tracing Fabric per order.)

      How does Pattern Tracing Fabric work? Draw the image on the PTF and sew it, right sides together with your fabric. Turn right sides out and applique the fabric to a backing with a blanket or blindhem stitch. Those turned over edges will not have the bulk or puckers they used to. Use it once and you'll want to use it on all of your appliquéed items!


      To check out all of Kaye's quilt patterns available, just click the link!


      Quilting For A Great Cause

      Time is running out to participate in this wonderful cause!

      Announcing something brand new, quilters are doing to help support breast cancer research. On September 30th, quilt shops across America will be holding a Quilt Pink Day! On this day quilters of all skill levels, from novices to veterans, will come together at participating quilt shops, to construct pink and white quilt blocks and piece them together. The shops will then send the finished quilts to American Patchwork & Quilting for photography and an online auction set for May 2007! Net proceeds from the auction will be presented to the Susan G. Komen Foundation the following October. Plus, selected quilts will be showcased in a soft-cover book, due for publication in the fall of 2007. To help publicize the event and bring in the quilters, participating shops will receive a package of promotional materials. Also, the Meredith Corporation, publisher of American Patchwork & Quilting, is showcasing Quilt Pink Day nationally in ads and editorial content in multiple magazines and e-newsletters, as well as through http://www.quiltpink.com. The cut off date for registration was June 1st, but they will still welcome any other shops that want to participate. Just send an e-mail to mailto:quiltpink@... or call 515-284-3575 for more information. Visit http://www.quiltpink.com for a list of participating shops, event sponsors and other Quilt Pink Day info.

      Show & Tell

      To me, one of the best ways to let someone know how much you care, appreciate or admire them, is to make them a gift from the heart! Quilters get this concept tenfold, being in my experience, very giving people. Read on to see how a couple of our quilters honor a deserving educator and co-worker.

      I wanted to share with you, another one of my quilts I made this year. This one was made for my son's principal at his elementary school. The name of the quilt is "blossoming butterflies and bees". We surprised his principal with it, at the 5th grade recognition night. It has all of the fifth graders names on it. Butterflies for the girls names and bee wings for the boys names. Ramona


      I wanted to share this quilt with all of you. I made it for a friend I used to work with, before I retired. He is a very caring person to all, and I wanted to make this quilt as a thank you, from all of us who worked with him. Juju

      To check out more of our readers wonderful quilts, just click the link!


      If you'd like to submit your quilt to our Show & Tell page, you can mail a non-returnable picture, along with the story about your quilt, to the address below. 50 words or less please. Your other option is to e-mail your picture and story to Terrye, at the e-mail address below. We'd love the chance to show off your work, so send them in!

      Kaye Wood, C/O Show & Tell

      PO Box 456

      West Branch, MI 48661


      Share With Us

      Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you that you'd like to share? We are always open to new things and would like to hear about them. Just e-mail it to me at the address below and it could find a place in our newsletter!

      1) One of the most useful tips I have ever received was the use of eyebrow trimmers as seam rippers. They take out stitches much faster than conventional seam rippers and are much cheaper to buy. A package of 3 at Wal Mart is only about $2.50. Also, look for them at dollar stores. Linda Y. from North Carolina

      2) I have been using a "starter" cloth since Kaye introduced it on one of her TV shows. Rather than use just one "starter", I use several. When chain stitching, I can quickly grab another. The beginning "starter" is usually hidden under the long strip of blocks making it hard to find and time consuming. Phyllis C.

      3) I loved the idea of the tea light but you might want to recycle a dryer sheet instead - the wax of candles can melt if your sewing room gets hot.

      I have a yard stick glued on the edge of my cutting table - it keeps my rotary cutting mat from sliding off and is a wonderful reference when I'm measuring longer pieces. Thanks for the newsletter, Kaye. Love the tips and patterns. Anne in Winnipeg

      4) My tip is for constructing a design board. I don't have enough wall space to use for a design area, so I had to come up with a way to have the design area and then stow it away. I bought one of those cardboard cutting boards (the kind I used a long time ago, way before rotary cutters came into being). I covered the fold away board with inexpensive flannel. You can use duct tape, pins, whatever works for you to attach the flannel. Prop this board up wherever you find the space. When done, simply fold the board and slide under the bed or in a closet. Love the web site! Lynne W.

      5) I use very small "pony tail" bands on my spools of thread, large and small and bobbins to keep the ends in place. I got 300 for one dollar at a "dollar store".

      I was also having a problem keeping my one yard pieces of fabric under control. I rolled each and put a band on it. I stand mine on end in a bin so I can pull it out to see the colors at a glance. Ruthie M., Three Rivers, MI.

      The Survey Says...

      Hey everyone, here's another one of our fun little surveys! These usually draw a wonderful response from you, our readers, and it really helps us to know you and your quilting needs.

      Q. What do you like most about quilting?

      Click the link to respond and thanks for participating. Results will be in next weeks letter.


      Ad Swap

      If you haven't been to Quiltropolis, you don't know what you've been missing! http://www.quiltropolis.com/kw.asp Please join us to shop any time of the day or night at Online Quilt and Fabric Stores in the MALL area: http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/kw.asp Join other quilting and sewing enthusiasts in sharing their knowledge or ask for help with your latest project via the Email Discussion Boards. http://www.quiltropolis.com/kwm.asp List or locate items for sale in the Classified area for FREE! List your shop or guild in our Shop/Guild Locator for greater visibility. And LOTS MORE! http://www.Quiltropolis.com

      Special Announcement!

      Be looking for another new pattern coming soon to the Kaye Wood pattern line called, Springtime Hearts! We'll let you know as soon as it's available!

      The new series of Kaye's Quilting Friends is already airing and you won't want to miss it! Contact your PBS station, to make sure Kaye's Quilting Friends is on their schedule!


      To check out the info on Kaye's new series, just click the link!


      Upcoming Events

      Wisconsin Quilt Expo

      Presented by Wisconsin Public Television, Friends of WHA TV and Sewing With Nancy!

      Madison, WI

      9/14 thru 9/16, 2006



      American Sewing Expo

      Novi, MI

      9/29 thru 10/1, 2006

      Call 248-889-3111 or http://www.americansewingexpo.com/


      Quilter's Retreat

      Hillman, MI-Thunder Bay Resort

      11/15, 2006

      Call 800-729-9375 or http://www.quilterretreat.com


      Come Cruise the Mediterranean with Kaye in 2007!

      Join Kaye Wood and Sew Many Places for a great Mediterranean quilting cruise!

      If the thought of quilting, cruising the Mediterranean and hanging with Kaye, sounds like a lot of fun, than you should get on board! Starting August 28, 2007, spend 13 glorious days on Carnival's brand new cruise ship, the Freedom, cruising the Mediterranean and visiting 10 different ports! Your ship will leave from Rome, Italy and take you to explore other Italian ports such as: Tuscany, Florence, Pisa and Liverno. From there you head to Greece to explore the wonderful sites of Athens and Katakolon. Next, you head to Turkey where you will check out the exotic ports of Istanbul and Izmer. Heading back towards Rome, you will stop again in Greece to the port at Rhodes. From there it's Naples, Italy and once again, Rome. Just think of all the famous landmarks, filled with history, you can visit and explore. Imagine you, standing in the Vatican, seeing the Sistine Chapel or getting a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa! This is the trip of a lifetime and you will be shocked how affordable it can be! Plus, the added bonus of honing your favorite craft, with Kaye Wood by your side, makes this trip even more memorable! You can request more information about this fabulous trip by calling toll free, 1-877-887-1188 or visiting the Sew Many Places web site at:



      Check out Kaye's entire schedule by clicking the link.


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      Our catalog is available online at anytime, 24/7! Convenient for you whenever you want to check things out!


      Our Home Page


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      Well gang, I guess that's all for this week! Let us know if you need anything or if we can help you out in any way! From all of us at Kaye Wood Inc., keep smiling, keep loving and above all .......keep quilting!

      Take Care, Joyce Horn

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      PO Box 456 , West Branch , MI 48661

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      (800)248-5293, Monday thru Friday, 9-5 p.m., EST

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