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Kaye Wood's Quilting Newsletter, Tuesday, May 2, 2006

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  • Terrye Kinch
    _____ Kaye Wood s Quilting Newsletter Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday,
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      Kaye's Quilting Friends Newsletter, May 2, 2006

      Kaye Wood's Quilting Newsletter

      Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***Tuesday, May 2nd.***

      Hey everyone! It's the beginning of May and I'm starting my list. You know the one. Take out the summer clothes, pack up the winter clothes, clean out the flower beds, clean out the attic...yada, yada, yada, you get the idea. I found as I made my list, I was becoming overwhelmed with the expectations I set for myself. The more I wrote, the more distraught I got. My daughter happened along right in the middle of my despair, and stopped to see what the problem was. As I explained about my list, she put a hand up to stop me. Confused, I told her I hadn't even hit the half way mark yet. She shook her head and said, "Mom, every year I watch you go through this. You drive yourself crazy thinking you have to get all of this stuff done. Just do what I do". I watched in amazement as she took my precious list, balled it up and threw it away. "See? The world is still turning and your list isn't done. Go take a walk and enjoy the day". The walk was great and not one person mentioned my messy flower beds! You know, for eleven, she's wise beyond her years!

      To download this newsletter, just click on the link.



      Check This Out!

      Here is another great pattern, just added to the new Kaye Wood line, called Four Patch Hearts. Four patch blocks are combined with two color hearts, which are cut with the View & Do Heart Shape, and appliqued to a two color, background block. Techniques are included for turned under edges, divided and centered hearts, sashing and applique stitch. Directions are included for a small quilt all the way up to a king sized quilt! So easy to do, so fun to make, you'll be doing Four Patch Hearts for all your loved ones! DVD and VHS tapes are available of Kaye doing this pattern on Kaye's Quilting Friends. For more information on this fun project, just click the link!



      All new sale!

      Buy either Petal Play patterns, the Cardinal or Straw Wreath, and get the accompanying stencil FREE!

      Whether you are a beginning quilter or an expert in appliqué, Joan Shay with her 3-D Appli-bond© technique, will allow you to add realistic, three-dimensional appliqué to your quilts. This technique allows you to create dimension, without turning any edges. Comes complete with fabric requirements, paper templates, illustrated stitch sheet, and a list of all the items you need to make your project a success. Plus, when you buy either of these patterns, you will get FREE, the Petal Play Plastic Stencil that goes hand in hand with both patterns! This stencil enables you to cut the varying sizes of feathers and scales, used for both of these patterns. Please understand, one stencil per household. If you decide to order the patterns, I suggest you consider the needles Joan Shay recommends. Each needle has 3 bayonette cutting edges and pierces the bonded fabric with ease. They are also helpful when doing the button-hole stitch on fusible applique. Joan promises, you won't be sorry you ordered them. When bonded the Joan Shay way, these quilts can go into the washer and dryer and will not lose their shape or curl. Makes a great gift! Click the link to check out these items and place orders.


      New monthly special for May!

      Due to the overwhelming response to the Kaye Wood Star Potholder project, that appeared in the magazine, For Love of Quilting by Fons and Porter, we are offering the complete, Stars Made Simple Book and the View & Do Hexagon Shape, at the value price of $22.95 for both! This is a savings to you of over $5! Stars Made Simple includes the star potholder project, plus 26 other fun projects! Projects include potholders, placemats, tablerunners, Christmas tree skirts and of course, quilts! With Stars Made Simple and the View and Do Hexagon Shape, you'll soon be making stars that you've only dreamed about! This book is great for beginners and the advanced alike and totally suitable for the pointless person in all of us! So check it out and order it while you can, it'll be on special through all of May! Makes a great Mothers Day gift!


      Here are some of the wonderful projects in Stars Made Simple!

      Please note some of the projects are made using the Starmaker 6. Click the link to check out this great tool!


      Share With Us!

      Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you that you'd like to share? We are always open to new things and would like to hear about them. Just e-mail it to Terrye at the address below and it could find a place in our newsletter!


      Here are some tips our readers sent in. Thanks for taking the time to share them with us, we appreciate it!

      In my love of quilting, I receive several publications. When I spot a quilt I must make, of course this means when I retire, I simply cut the picture out and glue it onto a page in my 3 ring binder. It is already labeled with "types" of quilts, (patriotic,babies,pastels,etc) and I have much less bulk then keeping all of the publications I receive. Darcy Blankenhorn

      I read this somewhere and tried it. To my surprise it really does work! To help releave backstrain, buy a couple of cheap doorstops and elevate the back of your machine. Works like a charm! Julie

      My thimble is just a bit too large for my finger. To help it stay on, I lick my finger than put the thimble on. It doesn't fly off unless I want it to! Brenda


      Show & Tell

      We have so many beautiful quilts on our Show & Tell page, for a while I'm going to feature two in the weekly newsletter.

      Our first quilt comes from Joany, who definitely became a favorite of her great nephew when she presented him with this! As big as Harry Potter is, this quilt is sure the envy of all of his friends! You're the kind of great aunt a boy loves to have! Great job Joany and thanks for sharing it with us!

      My Great-Nephew Nathan, is Harry Potter and Halloween crazy so I combined the two for him. The front has an owl panel with names of Harry Potter characters and his name along with 8 special "huggles", our name for a cuddle and a hug, hidden in it.

      The back is made with Halloween backing. At present, the back is his favorite! Boys!

      Our next quilt is from Laurel H. You better be careful Laurel, with this beautiful quilt on display, you might have to start your own decorating business! What a gorgeous eye catcher for your daughter's office! I'm sure she loves it as much as we do. Thanks for sharing it with us!

      My daughter has a CPA business and her office has stark white walls, she has no time especially this time of year, to even hang a picture, so I made her a wall hanging for one of the rooms in her office and gave it to her on her 40th birthday. She was thrilled. It is a Kaleidoscope quilt and I have put little crystals in each of the squares, but they are difficult to see in the picture.

      To check out more of our readers wonderful quilts, just click the link!


      If you'd like to submit your quilt for our Show & Tell page, read on!

      We now have a page to feature your favorite quilts called Show & Tell! Just snail mail or e-mail a non-returnable picture, along with a description in 50 words or less of the story behind your quilt. Each week we will feature a different one in our newsletter! Don't miss out on the chance to, "toot your own horn" a little bit! You can send us your letters to the address below, or e-mail your picture and story to Terrye, at the e-mail address below.

      Kaye Wood

      C/O Show & Tell

      PO Box 456

      West Branch, MI 48661



      Upcoming Events

      Kaye and the girls had a great time in Kentucky, visiting with old friends is always fun! Thanks to everyone who helped to make this event successful!

      Kaye barely rested up and she's on the road again! This time she's headed to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin! Come join Kaye and everyone from Nancy's Notions! It's a guaranteed great time!

      Nancy's Notions

      Beaver Dam, WI

      5/4 thru 5/6, 2006

      Call 1-920-887-0391or e-mail http://www.nancysnotions.com


      Quilt Market (wholesale only)

      Minneapolis, MN

      5/19 thru 5/21, 2006


      Alaskan Quilting Cruise

      6/4 thru 6/11, 2006

      Call 1-800-784-4480 or e-mail http://www.roundbobbin.com/cruise2006.htm


      PCM - Sew Quilt Festival

      Saratoga Springs, NY

      7/7 thru 7/9, 2006

      Call 775-856-3224 or e-mail http://www.pcmexpo.com


      PCM Expo

      Reno, NV

      8/18 thru 8/20, 2006

      Call 775-856-3224 or e-mail http://www.pcmexpo.com/

      Check out Kaye's entire schedule by clicking the link.



      Useful Links

      Kaye Wood Inc. Catalog

      Kaye Wood Inc. Catalog - Now in a Different, Easier to Read and Print Downloadable Format!


      Our Home Page


      List Your Event

      Shows and events are going on all over the U.S. To have us list your event or to check and see if there are some in your area, just click the link below.


      Message Boards

      http://www.kayewood.com/forums or here: http://bbs.cartserver.com/bbs/a/8058/index.cgi



      Well gang, I guess that's all for this week! Let us know if you need anything or if we can help you out in any way! From all of us at Kaye Wood Inc., keep smiling, keep loving and above all .......keep quilting!

      Take Care, Joyce Horn

      Mailing address and ordering info.

      Kaye Wood, Inc., PO Box 456 , West Branch , MI 48661

      If you prefer to place your order by phone, you can call us toll-free at:

      (800)248-5293, Monday thru Friday, 9-5 p.m., EST

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