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Kaye's Quilting Friends Quilting and Sewing Newsletter, Tues, Jan 17, 2006

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  • Terrye Kinch
    _____ Kaye Wood s Quilting Newsletter Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday,
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      Kaye's Quilting Friends Quilting and Sewing Newsletter, Tuesday, Jan. 17th.

      Kaye Wood's Quilting Newsletter

      Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***Tuesday, January 17th.***

      I don't know about anyone else, but by the time January hits here at Kaye Wood Inc., you've got some girls who are sick and tired of winter! Lack of sunshine, shorter days and cold, really put the wear and tear on us. So for us and for you, here are some great pick me ups to beat the winter blues! Try them out, it could really help.

      1)Wrap up and go for a brisk walk or try a winter sport. Exercise is a sure fire way to beat the blues in any weather!

      2)Learn something new. Start a new hobby and make a new friend.

      3)Wear bright colors. Adding color to your life, will really give you a lift!

      4)Bring color into where you live. Paint a room, buy flowers, anything to set a cheerful tone.

      5)Be good to you! Eat right, sleep in, take time for that long bubble bath, anything to give yourself a little lift!

      I don't know if these will all help, but they certainly can't hurt! We're all going to try these and we hope you do too!

      To download this newsletter, just click on the link.


      Quilts For A Cause!

      New from Ami Simms is this announcement about the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, a program to raise awareness and fund research for Alzheimer's disease. This will be a two part program with one being a traveling art quilt exhibit, interpreting Alzheimer's in fiber art. This exhibit will tour the US for three years. The second part will be an on-going sale of small art quilts, with all proceeds going to Alzheimer research.I'm sure we all know someone who has been affected by this terrible disease, so this is a wonderful way to show your creativity and support a worthy cause. You can submit a quilt for the traveling exhibit or donate any small quilts, no bigger than 9" x 12", for the auction. Just click on the link for more information on how to submit or donate your quilt.


      Free Pattern!

      To show everyone our appreciation, here is a new free pattern called Dream Catcher. Just click on the link and enjoy!


      Check This Out!

      If you are a hand quilter or ever dreamt about being one, this is the "must have" book for you! Fine Hand Quilting, by the ever popular Cindy Walters and Diane Leone, has everything you need to become the hand quilter you've always aspired to be! Regardless of whether you are a beginning or an advanced quilter, you can gain such personal satisfaction and the great sense of accomplishment when seeing your finished hand quilt. With over 100 new color photos, this book covers the supplies you will need, how to prepare the quilt top, the actual quilting technique and how to bind the quilt. Also included are several quilting line patterns for borders or center areas of your quilt, and step-by-step instructions for three wall hanging quilts, so you can practice on these projects, before undertaking a large quilt. For more information, click on the link.

      A few of the beautiful projects in Fine Hand Quilting!

      New Special!

      Have you ever thought about quilting your own quilt top but have been too intimidated to try? With the Bold Beginnings Block Pack, you won't believe how easy it can be! Whether you are a beginner or experienced, hand or machine quilter, these continuous line quilting stencils are for you! This pack has 30 quilting designs ranging from 4-9 inches. Just pick out your design and trace it onto the quilting paper. Stitch through several layers of paper without thread to perforate. Pin your papers to the quilt and sew following the perforated design that you picked out! When done, tear off the paper and you have a perfectly quilted piece! It's just that easy and now when you purchase the block pack for $15.95, you can purchase the roll of Golden Threads Quilting Paper for 1/2 price! This paper comes on a convenient roll and measures 12 inches wide by 20 yards long, plenty to make several layers for several quilts. For under $20, this is definitely more cost effective than sending your quilt out to be done. But most of all, you will have done it all by yourself! Order today!


      Check out this great monthly special!

      This is a must have book for any quilter! Kaye truly believes "Everyone Can Quilt", and she doesn't hesitate to show you how! From beginner to expert, pointed or pointless, this book has something for everyone! With over 24 unique patterns from pot holders to bed quilts, Kaye shows you how to do it quick and easy! Great time-saving tips and techniques, along with paper templates, gives you everything you need to make your quilting dream a reality! Beautiful pictures of Kaye's work are included to inspire you. Also including humorous stories of Kaye's adventures in quilting, told only as Kaye can, will give you a chuckle as you quilt! Purchase Everyone Can Quilt through the month of January and your s/h on this book will be only $1.99! Sorry, this offer good only in the Continental US.


      Some of the beautiful quilts from Everyone Can Quilt!

      Show & Tell

      This week our featured Show & Tell person is Dorothy M. She has one lucky grandson to receive a beautiful quilt like this! Thank you for sharing it with us Dorothy!

      "Here is a picture of a quilt I made for my grandson, Zachary, who is 20 months old and is in his own bed now pending the birth of his little brother in March. As Zachary is such a "boy", I decided that trucks suited him. I started this quilt in early October, and wanted it to be completed by Christmas when I visited my daughter in Ontario, Canada. Each truck is composed of about 38 individual pieces. I had a great time making this quilt, and I worked nearly round the clock to complete it on time. It was quilted by machine doing the "stitch in the ditch" method. The windshields and steering wheels were hand embroidered. My most proud project yet."


      If you'd like to submit your quilt for our Show & Tell page, read on!

      Don't be out of the loop! We now have a page to feature your favorite quilts called Show & Tell! Just snail mail or e-mail us a non-returnable picture, along with a description in 50 words or less of the story behind your quilt. What inspired you? Was it for a special person or event in your life? Each week we will feature a different one in our newsletter! Don't miss out on the chance to, "toot your own horn" a little bit! You can send us your letters to the address below, or e-mail your picture and story to Terrye, at the e-mail address below.

      Kaye Wood

      C/O Show & Tell

      PO Box 456

      West Branch, MI 48661


      Links 4-U


      Can't get Kaye's Quilting Friends on your television? Well, how about seeing Kaye on your computer?! You can catch Kaye's Quilting Friends at least 5 times a day on QNN! Each show a different episode, QNN is the only online programming dedicated to quilters. 24/7, you can get your quilting fix at QNN.


      Kaye Wood Inc. Catalog

      Our catalog is available online at anytime, 24/7! Convenient for you whenever you want to check things out!


      Our Home Page


      Message Boards

      http://www.kayewood.com/forums or here: http://bbs.cartserver.com/bbs/a/8058/index.cgi

      Quilting Cruise

      Have you ever wanted to cruise Alaska, hang with Kaye Wood and do some quilting? Have we got the trip for you! Join Kaye's Alaskan Quilting Cruise, June 6th thru June 11th, 2006! For more info e-mail the link or call the number.

      http://www.cruiseone.com / 1-800-784-4480

      Upcoming Events

      Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival

      Phoenix, AZ***Arizona State Fairgrounds

      1/26 thru 1/28, 2006


      Creative Festival

      Denver, CO

      2/3 thru 2/6, 2006

      http://www.creativefestival.com or 505-323-0025

      Sewing and Stitchery Expo

      Puyallup, WA

      3/2 thru 3/5, 2006

      http://www.sewexpo.com or 253-445-4632

      Ottawa, Canada/St. Mary's Church

      Saturday- 3/25, 2006

      1 Canfield Road Nepean, Ontario

      Contact: Jody Taylor at 613-828-1183

      Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada/Clarington Beech Centre

      Sunday- 3/26, 2006

      26 Beech Ave.

      Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada L1C 3A2

      Contact: Cheryl Wray at 905-623-3589

      Check out Kaye's entire schedule by clicking the link.



      Well gang, I guess that's all for this week! Let us know if you need anything or if we can help you out in any way! From all of us at Kaye Wood Inc., keep smiling, keep loving and above all .......keep quilting!

      Take Care, Joyce Horn

      Mailing address and ordering info.

      Kaye Wood, Inc., PO Box 456 , West Branch , MI 48661

      If you prefer to place your order by phone, you can call us toll-free at:

      (800)248-5293, Monday thru Friday, 9-5 p.m., EST

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