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618KayeWood.com Weekly Email Newsletter Week of 4.9.14 - Happy Apple and Hemma, Tips on Choosing The Right Batting and A FR** Pattern!

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  • Terrye Kinch
    Apr 9, 2014

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      In This Issue....

      • Today at the Cabin
      • What's On Sale - Happy Apple Quilts and Hemma Designs
      • New in the Shop
      • FR** Pattern - Tumbling Winds
      • Choosing the Right Quilt Batting
      • DVD of the Week - Pointed Star Pillow Technique
      • List Your Event
      • Flower of the Month for April - Daisy Pattern and Template
      • Facebook
      • June Beehive Wool Applique Pattern
      • August Beach Puppy Wool Applique Pattern
      • YouTube Video - Kaleidoscope Technique
      • This Week in History
      • Tips From Our Readers
      • Reader's Show and Tell

      Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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      Welcome to the 15th Annual Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival

      September 27 & 28, 2014




      Hi Quilters!

      Today at the Cabin:

      Greenhouses are full, and producing lots of, well, green! It will be awhile before anything is ready to go into the ground, the garden is still under snow, but slowly and surely, it is melting. And then, the cleanup! A big tree fell across the garden, so that's got to be cut up and stacked, pick up sticks, pick rocks and get some raking done. Then peas and some lettuces will be ok to go in. In the meantime, we wait (and quilt!)


      New in the Shop...Voyager Bag.... HERE


      This week we have a few of our quilting fabrics left. $4.00 a yard in 1 yard cuts; while they last. Hemma Designs and Happy Apple Quilts patterns are featured this week. Don't forget all of our clearance and HURT items too.

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      What's On Sale....

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      Sunflower Sky Quilt Pattern

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      Seasonals Tablerunner Pattern

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      Stashville Stars Quilt Pattern

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      Grandma's Joy Pattern

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      Down by the Reef Patterns

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      Frog Heaven Quilt Pattern

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      Twister LadyBug Quilt Pattern

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      Eva Sewing Basket Pattern

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      New In The Shop....


      Big Sable, MI Lighthouse Block Pattern

      On Our What's New Page


      Classic About Trouts Quilt Pattern

      On Our What's New Page


      July Fireworks Wool Applique Quilt Pattern

      On Our What's New Page


      Bold Bags Pattern Booklet

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      Suzy's Sack Bags Pattern

      On our New Page this week


      Rhapsody Quilt Pattern

      On our New Page this week

      FR** Pattern....

      Tumbling Winds by Kaye Wood!


      The winds and sagebrush that tumble across the prairie will lull you to sleep as you create your own personal haven in your bedroom. These Quarter Quilts and coordinating pillows are easy enough to make, and fast too, with Kaye's techniques, that you can change them out as often as you change your mind. Tumbling Winds uses the View & Do Octagon Shapes as well as the Starmaker 8 Master Template (sold separately) Tumbling Winds


      Quilt Batting - Types and Choosing the Right One....

      Quilt batting is used in various sewing and quilting projects, is also known as wadding. It is used as a layer of insulation between fabrics, most often used in quilt making. Batting is the filling of quilts and makes them warm and heavy. It's usually manufactured from cotton, polyester or wool, and recently manufacturers started to use bamboo fibers.

      Types of Batting

      • Cotton batting - because it's made from natural fibers is favored for its soft texture and comfort. 100% cotton batting is usually 1/8" thick.
      • Polyester batting holds its shape and thickness compared to other fibers. Polyester fibers are preferred for cribs and bedding. Polyester is thicker but lighter, keeps you warm without the weight. It's non-breathable but resists mold and mildew. Polyester batting thicknesses are 10 oz is 1" thick, 6 oz is 1/2", 8 oz is 3/4", and 4 oz is 3/8".
      • Wool batting is very lightweight and is used for its warmth. Wool batting is a natural and lofty option. Wool batting is 1/2" thick and resistant to creases. It holds its shape and it springs back. It's excellent for hand and machine quilting, and can also be tied.
      • Cotton/Poly blends are typically 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It has the benefits of cotton, but with more loft.
      • Bamboo batting is made from 50% bamboo and 50% organic cotton blend batting. Bamboo batting is very breathable and ideal for machine quilting. It's machine washable with 2-3% shrinkage. Bamboo is processed into luxurious fiber using pollution-free methods with little waste.
      • Bonded batting has a light adhesive on both sides to hold fibers together. This helps so the batting won't shift or beard. Bearding is when batting fibers push through the fabric.
      • Fusible batting contains a fusible web so you can baste layers together. When using fusible batting layer quilt backing, batting and quilt top together. Use the wool setting on your iron, press from the center out pressing each area 3-4 seconds. Once finished, allow quilt to cool, and repeat on other side.
      • Needle punch batting is mechanically felted together by punching them with lots of needles. Because of this it's firmer and denser. Needle punch batting is used for durable quilt backing, apparel and blankets.

      How to Choose the Best Quilt Batting for Your Needs:

      • Loft - The weight and thickness of batting is measured by its loft. Low loft means thin, high loft means thick. Choose low loft if you want your finished project to have a flatter appearance, like for wall hangings and place mats. For a fluffier quilt or comforter, choose a high loft batting. Wool batting is usually the thickest batting. Bamboo is the lightest loft of batting. Batting typically comes in white and off-white colors. Polyester and bamboo batting drape batter than cotton and wool batting.
      • Price - polyester is the least expensive, followed by cotton and wool is the most expensive.
      • Warmth - Wool is the warmest, followed by polyester and then cotton. Cotton and wool breathe better than polyester.

      Standard Batting Sizes

      Craft 36" x 45"

      Crib 45" x 60" x 108"

      Twin 72" x 90"

      Full 81" x 96"

      Queen 90" x 108"

      King 120" x 120"

      Popular Quilt Batting Manufacturers

      • Bosal
      • By Annie
      • Fairfield
      • June Tailor
      • Pellon
      • The Warm Company

      Cotton Batting
      Recommended quilting distances (The minimum distance stitches should be from each other.)

      Polyester 2-4"

      Bamboo up to 8"

      Cotton up to 8"

      Wool 2-3"

      Article courtesy of Create For Less

      Many more helpful articles here: http://www.createforless.com/buying-guides.aspx

      DVD of the Week....

      Pointed Star Pillow Technique DVD

      Watch Kaye create this matching 6 pointed star pillow and quilt with her Starmaker 6 Master Template.


      Technique DVD on sale, HERE

      Book on sale HERE


      Everyone Can Quilt Book

      Pointed Star Pillow Technique DVD


      Assateague Island Lighthouse Block Pattern

      List Your Event....

      Kaye Wood's Quilting Friends Yahoo Group will hold the annual Quilt Retreat in Conway, MO, April 24-28, 2014

      All across the land, Quilt Guilds and Groups are gearing up for their shows. Get yours listed!

      Looking for a Quilt Show to attend? Check out our listing. If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!


      Flower Of The Month For April....

      Daisies Pattern

      LOVE Daisies!

      Click on More Details to watch this technique.

      More Details

      On Our Sale Page

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      June Beehive Wool Applique Pattern

      on our What's New Page


      August Beach Puppy Wool Applique Pattern

      on our What's New Page

      This Week On Our Youtube Channel....


      Kaleidoscope Techniques

      150 (ish) shows. Check them all out... HERE

      Watch the Kaleidoscope Techniques HERE

      This Week in History, April 9-15

      Apr 09, 1865 - Robert E. Lee surrenders

      Apr 10, 1866 - ASPCA is founded

      Apr 11, 1814 - Napoleon exiled to Elba

      Apr 12, 1861 - The Civil War begins

      Apr 13, 1997 - Tiger Woods wins first major

      Apr 14, 1865 - Lincoln is shot

      Apr 15, 1947 - Jackie Robinson breaks color barrier


      Tips From Our Readers....

      When I do paper piecing, I use dryer sheets instead of paper. They are easier to work with and can be left after piecing for stabilization. Plus, you get a pleasant smell to your fabrics!

      I learned this from some ladies in our guild, as a way to restore old blocks or quilts. Just mix 1 gallon of water with 1 qt. of buttermilk. Add 1 tbsp. of lemon juice and stir. Soak your quilt in the mixture and wash in mild detergent. Your colors will be as vibrant as they were in the beginning.

      To keep your thread 'in line' when sewing or doing applique, fold a fresh dryer sheet over your needle and thread, and pull them through. You'll be so glad when you have no tangles and none of those nasty, tiny little knots in your thread.

      When I have to wash my flannel fabric, I do it in a pillowcase. I just put it in the pillowcase and wash and dry as I normally would. It comes out beautiful, but without all the ends being a tangled mess when I'm done.

      Reader's Show and Tell....


      I used the Starmaker 8 and 45 degree line to make the two part divider strips. Each hexagon was changed to a square from watching her technique. This is my first quilt and it is half way there in about 4 days. Will use her technique for flying geese down the center of the two halves once I repeat this again and then flying geese on both sides flying in opposite direction. I was careful with all the bias edges too just like she teaches.


      Send in your creations. Include a picture or two and a short story about your quilt/tablerunner or wallhanging (or other) and we'll put it on our Show and Tell Page!

      Send to terrye@...


      Have a great week everyone.





      Terrye Kinch